Listen to the 4M songs never played on Spotify with Forgotify

Over 4 million songs of the 20 million or so on Spotify have apparently never been played -- not even once. Now, a new service is trying to change that.

Dubbed Forgotify, the service launched this week and lets music fans stream a playlist of roughly 4 million "neglected" Spotify song. The site uses an embedded Spotify player and runs a program that searches for songs on Spotify with a zero popularity rating, Forgotify's Lane Jordan explained to Time. The program will be run on a daily basis and will remove any song that has been played, … Read more

Great Scott! It's 'Back to the Future,' the musical

We're going the future!

A full 30 years after the original "Back to the Future" film debuted, the time-traveling adventure is set to return, this time as a musical. Director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale, who created the original films, will team up with British theater director Jamie Lloyd to write the book for the new production, Variety reported on Friday.

Lloyd will direct the stage version, which will gear up to open in London in 2015, just in the nick of time for the film's 30th anniversary. Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres reveals Beats Music Super Bowl spot (featuring her)

I hardly slept all night, for fear I'd miss the big reveal.

No, not the live-cam of Atlanta's streets slowly melting. This was far more important. Ellen DeGeneres would be revealing her new Beats Music Super Bowl ad. Yes, on her show.

I know that Super Bowl ads aren't supposed to be revealed until the game itself. But that's so analog.

In any case, as you know, Thursday was DeGeneres' birthday, so she can do what she wants. So she did.

In this opus, Ellen doesn't pretend to be cool (I hope). Instead, she is … Read more

After delay, Beats Music lands on Windows Phone

A Beats Music app quietly popped up Thursday in the Windows Phone app store, roughly one week after the new streaming service made its debut. Beats Music competes with Spotify and Rdio and first launched for Android and iOS on January 21.

The app is free, but to actually listen to music, you need to pony up $10 per month. Unlike other music-streaming services, there's no free limited or ad-supported option. Beats Music for Windows Phone looks nearly identical to the other apps, and appears to come with all of the same features.

While you can download the app … Read more

Music apps pumped up the volume -- and dollars -- in 2013

An influx of new music apps may be raising the competition, but they're raising money as well.

App Annie, an analytics company that monitors app rankings, found music app revenue jumped 77 percent last year from 2012, in a review of app data. The category moved up to the third most popular type of app last year, after being ranked seventh in 2012. Social networking apps moved up the same number of steps in the rankings to the No. 2 spot, with games continuing to dominate the chart.

That music-app growth was led by Pandora. Worldwide, the Internet's … Read more

Review: PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner lets you easily tune different string instruments

PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner for Mac offers precise tuning for ten different string instruments via a clean and easy-to-learn interface. The app uses any available audio input device, even a built-in microphone, to listen to your instrument, and provides a catalog of the different tuning options available. Whether you're an amateur or professional musician, this app can be useful.

Unlike many specialized apps, PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner for Mac provides you with an uncluttered interface. A scrubber detects your current pitch and places the target pitch, updating itself in real time as you tune the instrument. You will also … Read more

More countries can Shazam songs and listen on Rdio

Music subscription service Rdio and song-recognition app Shazam are expanding their partnership that connects songs you Shazam to an instant, full-length play in Rdio and builds a playlist based on what you tag.

The companies announced that the feature in Shazam -- users of the Shazam app in iOS and Android can listen to entire songs after tagging them by clicking a "Listen Free on Rdio" link within the app -- would be available in 35 countries, including most of Western Europe and South America.

New Rdio users can listen to the tracks free with a two-week mobile … Read more

Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, and more: How to get started with subscription music services

Subscription music services date all the way back to 2001, but it wasn't until Spotify hit the scene that they finally started to go mainstream.

They're the latest breed of digital music services, offering that early Napster feeling of being able to listen to nearly anything -- instantly -- but for a small monthly fee. You're in total control of what you're listening to with these services, making them feel entirely different from streaming-radio services like Pandora and iTunes Radio, which are free (with advertising), but pick which tracks to play based on your preferences. And … Read more

Chrome extension turns YouTube into your own personal radio station

There is no shortage of Internet radio services. From freeware like Pandora and Rdio to premium services like Spotify and Google Music, you can listen to all the songs you want, when you want them. Streamus allows you to search for songs by tapping into the world's largest music database, YouTube.

Just download and install the extension and start listening to your favorite tune. You can search directly from the Omnibox (the address/search bar) by typing in "Streamus" and hitting Tab, or you can search within the extension and create your own playlist.

You can get … Read more

Twerking for Vader: Stormtroopers get down

Stormtroopers may not be able to hit the broad side of a barn when aiming at rebel scum, but they can at least hit the dance floor with impressive moves.

This fan-made "Star Wars" video -- "Stormtrooper Secrets - Hip Hop Twerk" -- features stormtroopers dancing and twerking their cold little hearts out until Darth Vader puts a kibosh on their Imperial jig.

Dancing stormtroopers are nothing new. Tokyo Dance Trooper (aka Danny Choo) has entertained tourists on the streets of Japan, Paris, and London for years with his impressive dance moves. … Read more