Yahoo Mail gets a welcome face-lift for iOS 7

Yahoo Mail for iOS received a face-lift for iOS 7 in the latest version, and with new themes and conversation views, it's a must have for anyone whose primary e-mail account is with Yahoo.

Improved look and layout Following the new simplified design schemes of the main Yahoo app and Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Mail now has a new look to fit with iOS 7. But in Yahoo Mail, you have the ability to change the theme by selecting a premade background. Most of the themes are photos and patterns that show up in the background, and your inbox takes … Read more

An iMessage prank every iPhone owner needs to know about

One of the advantages that iMessage has over text messaging is that an indicator is displayed when the other person in the conversation is typing a message. This simple animation gives you a heads-up of an incoming message; I often find myself staring at the dancing dots until the message eventually comes through.

That same feature can also be the center of a prank. Yesterday I spotted a tweet from @Panzer linking to a GIF-based iMessage prank. I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked on the link, but I was not disappointed.

What you'll need to … Read more

Google's Hangouts for Android could get text-message support

It looks like Google's Hangouts app could soon absorb new communications abilities with integration of text and picture messaging, according to screenshots and a report that surfaced Monday.

Hangouts originally debuted as a video chat tool for Google+, but Google built into it the instant-messaging ability that formerly shipped in the Google Talk app for Android. Now it's possible that SMS and MMS services also could be built in, according to a report at Android Police.

Google has promised SMS integration into Hangouts, so the biggest question about the feature was when and how it would arrive.

The … Read more

How Snapchat will make us more honest

Before yesterday, I had sent less than five messages using the Snapchat app. To be honest, I didn't even know that a photo or video sent through the app and equipped with its risk-encouraging countdown clock was called a "snap."

But with the introduction of the Stories feature Thursday -- the ability to collect viewable moments in a personal timeline that sticks around for that day only -- Snapchat has become an overnight fascination of mine. It is, in my eyes, one of the most pivotal social-networking additions in recent memory.

While Instagram preps its network for the introduction of photo and video adsRead more

How to delete, forward messages in iOS 7

One of the most common questions I've received about iOS 7 beyond that of where Spotlight went, or how to force-close apps, is how to delete for forward messages.

The method to carry out either task has changed a bit from previous versions of iOS, but it's still just as easy.

When in a conversation in the Messages app and you want to delete or forward a message that was sent to you, you simply tap and hold on the message bubble until the options "Copy" and "More..." come up.

Tapping on "More...&… Read more

Apple promises iOS update to fix iMessage delivery issues

Apple confirmed on Tuesday that a software issue is disrupting the normal delivery of iMessages, but the company said it was readying a software update to resolve the issue.

For the past several days, iOS 7 users have complained about being unable to send texts on Apple's instant-messaging service, which provides free texting between iOS devices. A frequent complaint is that while messages appear to have been sent successfully, they later appear with an indication that delivery failed.

"We are aware of an issue that affects a fraction of a percent of our iMessage users, and we will … Read more

Unofficial Apple iMessage app removed from Google Play Store

An app that let Android users tap into Apple's iMessage protocol on their devices has been removed from Google's Play Store.

That app made waves after being discovered late Monday, and raised security concerns over how the service operated without Apple's permission. That included the security behind users offering up their Apple ID in order to log into the service. Such credentials could be used to access various other Apple services, and potentially even make purchases.

Despite such concerns, the application worked as promised -- allowing iMessages to be sent between Android and iOS devices.

According to … Read more

Review: Color Text Messages helps create colored and image-based messages

Color Text Messages lets you change the background image, font style and color, and more before sending a text message. By creating a small image of text that you can tweak with numerous options, you can adjust and then copy/paste the message directly into your SMS or e-mail, ensuring it looks exactly as it did in the app.

When you open Color Text Messages there are quite a few options onscreen. To start you must enter the text you want to send. Then you can use the random button on the right to create a random text effect, or … Read more

Unofficial iMessage app for Android appears, likely unsafe

A functional version of Apple's iMessage has arrived on Google's Android platform, though not with Apple's blessing, or without potential security risks.

The software is called iMessage Chat and was created by developer Daniel Zweigart. Users enter their Apple ID and password credentials and can text with registered iMessage phone numbers and e-mail addresses freely.

CNET has tested the software with dummy accounts and confirmed it works.

Per iOS developer Adam Bell, the service appears to be tricking Apple's iMessage server into thinking it's a Mac Mini -- Apple's entry level Mac desktop -- … Read more

You can block people from contacting you on iOS 7

One of the biggest complaints echoed by many iOS users since the introduction of iMessage and FaceTime with iOS 5 has been the inability to block people.

All it would take was one person getting your iMessage or FaceTime phone number or e-mail address, and you were an open target to constant messages and calls.

With iOS 6 Apple added the ability to silence messages originating from addresses not stored in your Contacts, but there was still no way to block a user.

With iOS 7, Apple has added the ability for people to block phone numbers and e-mail addresses … Read more