Uninstall iTunes completely and then reinstall a new copy

Last week I started wondering whether there was a mini-epidemic of faltering iTunes installations. Three times in quick succession someone contacted me asking the same question: how to uninstall iTunes and their entire media library so they could reinstall the program as if for the first time.

They all used Windows' Control Panel to uninstall iTunes, and the program appeared to be deleted, but when they installed a new copy, their old library was still in place.

Wiping out all traces of iTunes in anticipation of creating a completely new media library isn't so simple. It requires removing several … Read more

Pandora CFO: We do Internet Radio 'better than anyone' (Q&A)

Pandora, the Internet's biggest radio service, is the company the recorded music industry loves to hate. Some artists have loudly vilified it, accusing it of paying piddling rates to play their work. Labels' acrimony over the service stoked its efforts to paralyze a bill that would have lowered the royalty rate Webcasters pay, and music publishers have singled out Pandora in an effort to withhold their catalogs. The Recording Industry Association of America has outright lied, Pandora claims, about how its payments work.

Amid the vitriol comes iTunes Radio, which, unlike Pandora, struck direct deals with the labels that … Read more

Review: Sync your iTunes library to an Android device via USB using SyncTunes

SyncTunes allows you to easily sync your iTunes library to an Android device via a USB device. The application is easy to use and offers an ideal solution for times when you need to quickly transfer iTunes music, playlists, videos, and podcasts from your PC to your mobile device.

Upon opening SyncTunes, you will be prompted to install the second part of the application, the SyncTunes desktop app for Windows, which is required to move items from your iTunes library to your Android device. This doesn't require you to download the companion app from another Web site, though as … Read more

Pandora's metrics miss biggest plot point, and it's not Apple

On Wednesday, Pandora released its latest performance metrics for the previous month, and as the percentages continued to grow tame, they're are only going to fuel debate about the future of the Internet's biggest radio service.

But Pandora's monthly metrics didn't tell us the most important element of its story.

The missing piece isn't how much iTunes Radio could be swiping away listeners -- though next month will give a better sense of that, when Apple's competing online radio service has existed longer than just 12 days.

Pandora's story now is about how … Read more

As Apple lets radio roll, Pandora listener growth tones down

Pandora's metrics for September, which were released Wednesday, showed the most widely used online radio service is still growing, but growth in listening hours slowed from recent months, as Apple's competing service rolled out about halfway through.

Last month, listener hours for Pandora were still on the rise, measuring at 1.36 billion; however, that was an increase of less than 1 percent from August. In August and July, listener hours had increased 5.5 percent and 2.4 percent from the previous months, respectively.

Pandora's total share of US radio listening was 7.77 percent, up … Read more

Netflix most popular online TV service but cable still king

Despite reports of cord cutting, a hefty number of people still rely on cable TV, at least according to a recent poll.

Based on a June 2013 survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers, a report released by eMarketer on Tuesday shows Netflix in second place among all pay TV services, with 41 percent of those surveyed paying to stream its TV shows and movies.

Satellite TV came in third at 26 percent, followed by Amazon Prime at 18 percent, iTunes at 16 percent, and Hulu at 8 percent.

In first place by a wide margin was cable TV, with 70 percent of those … Read more

Zynga settles suit with hookup app Bang with Friends

Bang with Friends has been no stranger to controversy in its short life span. But, it appears the hookup app could now be on the straight and narrow.

Not only has Bang with Friends ironed out a spat it had with Apple over its salacious name, the app has also settled a lawsuit with Zynga over alleged trademark infringement.

Here is a joint statement that Zynga and Bang with Friends sent to CNET:

Zynga Inc. and Bang With Friends, Inc. are pleased that they have reached an amicable resolution of their dispute. Although the terms of the settlement are confidential, … Read more

Justin Timberlake blesses iTunes Radio; Pandora should worry

The man in the suit and tie is getting chummier with iTunes, streaming the sequel to his "20/20 Experience" hit album on Apple's new iTunes Radio exclusively ahead of its release.

And that should be making Pandora uneasy, one analyst says.

Justin Timberlake's forthcoming album "The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2" is streaming exclusively on iTunes Radio ahead of release Monday. In addition to giving listeners of Apple's new Internet radio service early access to tracks from the album that play one after another, Timberlake "hosts" the program … Read more

Social TV app NextGuide moves to iPhone

NextGuide, the app that tells you when and where your favorite shows are on, is finally on the iPhone.

Designed for iOS 7, it brings a combined view of live TV guide services with streaming services -- like Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu Plus, and Netflix -- to the world's most popular smartphone.

It has many of the same functions as the iPad app and aims to bring together live TV and streaming videos. Users can pick their favorite shows and keep track of when, and where, the shows are available online or on TV.

As more and more television … Read more

Apple said to be promoting employee projects on iTunes

Apple's patting some of its employees on the back for work on various digital media projects, according to a new report.

9to5Mac said the company's launched a new internal site to promote some of the digital projects done by its employees.

The new section, called "Employees on iTunes" will promote books, songs, movies, and TV shows that Apple's staff have created, or otherwise been involved in. That's according to an internal memo from Apple SVP Eddy Cue, which was posted in full by the rumor site.

Those works are not currently published on any … Read more