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Rotate your wallpaper with 100dof Wallpaper Rotator

Most versions of Windows do a pretty good job of changing your wallpaper, whether once a day or every few seconds. But if your version of Windows lacks those features (some do) or you're running an older version of Windows (some do) or you just don't like the Windows tool (some don't), you can use aftermarket freeware like 100dof Wallpaper Rotator.

It's a simple tool that can rotate your wallpaper at startup or manually. It stretches images to fit, and it handles the most common image types. What sets it apart from the crowd is its … Read more

Functional problems plague AVD Slide Show

Slideshows are a great way to display your digital images at parties, presentations, family gatherings, and many other events. There's no shortage of software designed to help users create slideshows, and with so many to choose from, it makes no sense to compromise with substandard software. Unfortunately, that's exactly what AVD Slide Show is. We wanted to like this program, but functional problems made that all but impossible.

AVD Slide Show has a simple but attractive interface, with a toolbar across the top and a navigation pane down the left side that lets users select the images they … Read more

Luxembourg CIRC develops LaunchAgent monitoring tool for OS X

LaunchAgent scripts in OS X can be used to automatically run programs and scripts and are a common route that malware developers use to run their malware in OS X once either the system is exploited or the user has been fooled into installing malware.

Because of this, I recently wrote a procedure for how OS X users can set up notifications that warn whenever changes are made to the various LaunchAgent folders and thereby help detect such attacks, which have been used in some recent and notable malware scams in OS X including DNSChanger, MacDefender, and the most recent … Read more

Folder Colorizer for Windows

Whether you're just sick of always seeing the same yellow color on your Windows folders or you want to organize your folders to make things easier to find, this free application from Softorino makes it easy to customize your folders with just about any color.

Folder Colorizer, once installed, will add a Colorize option to your Windows Explorer context menu. The application is simple and easy to use. Just right click on the folder you want to colorize, and either choose from the default color options or access the Color circle and pick a custom color using your mouse. … Read more

Search faster with NeoSearch

Searching is one area where Windows leaves room for improvement; indexing is another. KoshyJohn's NeoSearch can help with that. Its unique algorithms index (and re-index) your system very quickly, and it searches much more quickly than you can type, returning results immediately. It supports wildcards and indexes and searches network shares as well as your regular and removable drives, as you specify. As with any search tool worth its bytes, it arranges and sorts results in various ways. Its Super Navigation feature quickly accesses found items at the source.

The first time we opened NeoSearch, the program's Read … Read more

How to share Dropbox folders with your Facebook friends

Dropbox is a great way to share files and folders with co-workers, as well as friends and family. Sometimes, though, you may not be sure what e-mail address to use when inviting someone to a shared folder.

To share a Dropbox folder with a Facebook friend, log in to your Dropbox Web site. Next you will need to select or create the folder you wish to share.

You will notice that if you haven't already linked your Facebook account with Dropbox, then a link will appear above the name field. Click on the link and follow the prompts to … Read more

Compare two folders with Compare Advance

Keeping multiple copies of critical files and folders is good practice, but it's usually not very long before small differences begin to creep in. If you don't keep them synced, the differences will pile up until there are too many to mess with. Whatever the reasons you might have for wanting to view the differences between two folders, Compare Advance from BauerApps makes the job easy. This free tool analyzes two folders for differences in content and color-codes the results for easy identification. It can also synchronize and back up your folders. It's customizable and also integrates … Read more

New Folder Removal Tool zaps the New Folder virus

If you thought the New Folder virus was an unfortunate tendency to pepper your system with empty New Folders (not to mention New Folder (2), etc.) then you're probably lucky. But if you've got new folders popping up all over the place faster than you can delete them, your system has been infected by the New Folder virus, also called Iddono. Help is available from Security Stronghold's Newfolder Removal Tool. This simple, standalone freeware removes all instances of newfolder.exe and related viruses with a single click. It also immunizes removable drives against the virus, a useful … Read more

OS X Lion Finder bug deletes moved files

When you move files from one location to another in the OS X Finder, if their names are the same as existing files or folders, the system will ask you whether you wish to keep both files, replace the existing file, or cancel the move operation. If you replace the file, then the one you are moving should be the only one left in the new location; however, a bug in the Finder in OS X might result in both files being deleted.

Earlier today, Mac OS X Hints posted steps that show the Finder deleting both the original and … Read more

Moving your home folder in OS X

The home folder in OS X is the default location where your account's settings and data are stored. By default your home folder is located in the Users directory at the root of the main boot drive, will be named the same as your account's short username, and will have a house icon when you are logged into your account.

Having the home directory located on the main boot volume is a convenient option for quick and easy setup; however, there may be instances where you would like to have it on a separate partition, or better yet … Read more