Google Drive for iOS adds sorting, searching

Google Drive for iOS continues to take small steps in becoming more like its Android counterpart.

Yesterday, Google updated the app with two small but welcome additions: file sorting and a find/replace feature for documents.

Now, when viewing your main file list, you'll see a Sort button in the upper-right corner. Tap it to access the following new options:

Last edited by me Last modified Last opened by me Title (the default)

Google Drive also offers a helpful new tool for anyone who relies on the app for document editing: find-and-replace.

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How to transfer large amounts of data between Macs quickly

If you need to transfer a file or two from one Mac to another, you may use a service like Dropbox, or copy them to a USB drive and move them manually; however, there are some built-in options that can be substantially faster, especially if you are transferring large amounts of data up to numerous gigabytes.

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Review: FileSalvage for Mac recovers deleted files on your Mac OS X

With its clean, accessible user interface, FileSalvage for Mac allows you to search and recover accidentally deleted documents from working as well as damaged hard drives with ease. It's a premium app that comes bundled with several useful features, including a file viewer and the ability to save your scanning progress. If you're willing to pay for those features, you'll like this app.

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Review: Batch File Rename for Mac lets you easily change filenames

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Review: Araxis Find Duplicate Files for Mac quickly locates and removes file copies

Araxis Find Duplicate Files for Mac quickly locates and removes files you don't need on your computer, saving disc space. Notable for its speed, drag-and-drop functions, and easy-to-use interface, this program will be of use to you if you have a large number of files cluttering your hard drive. The only major downside is that it's a premium app.

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Review: Browse, manage Android files on a Wi-Fi PC with WiFi File Explorer for Android

Browse and manage your Android phone's files on your Wi-Fi-equipped PC with Dooblou's free WiFi File Explorer. You can download, upload, delete, copy, stream, zip, and unzip files without removing your SD card or hooking up a USB cable. You don't need to download any software on your PC or add anything to your browser, either. WiFi File Explorer 1.4.8 adds multiple file copy and download capabilities. It's for Android 1.6 and up.

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Review: Bring some Windows style to your Android desktop with FX

NextApp's FX File Explorer is a file manager app designed to enhance your phone's functionality. FX's high-quality look and smooth performance make it a good choice for the job. This free file manager is suitable for Android 2.1 or better. You can customize and enhance your FX installation with a variety of add-ons and upgrades, such as the free FX TextEditor and Root Access add-ons and for-pay upgrades like FX Plus, which adds network features such as FTP and cloud storage syncing.

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Review: Do more with less with Pixatel's File Manager

Pixatel's File Manager is a lightweight Android file manager. At 448KB, it's smaller than many images and dwarfed by the megabyte competition. File Manager isn't as stylish or feature-laden as the heavy hitters, but it's easy to use, fast, and uses fewer resources. It's free but displays banner ads.

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