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Yahoo testing app-install ads similar to Facebook's

It looks like Yahoo is taking a page from Facebook's advertising playbook.

The Sunyvale, Calif.-based company is testing ads on its mobile properties that prompt users to download apps onto their devices from third party developers. It's the same idea as Facebook has with its app-install ads, which appear in its own content feeds.

"We're testing in-stream ad opportunities with an initial group of advertisers who have mobile apps and want to connect directly with audiences across Yahoo mobile apps and sites. The purpose of these native ads is to help brands drive downloads of … Read more

Facebook Paper users can now share stories with anyone

Facebook has tweaked its Paper app to encourage more sharing.

Released on Tuesday, version 1.0.2 of Facebook Paper now lets you share certain Facebook posts by e-mail, text message, or Facebook Message. Previously, the app restricted you to only sharing posts with your Facebook friends.

To share a particular post, tap on the arrow key at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see several different options for sharing. You can't share every post by e-mail or text message -- only ones that link to actual online articles.

The latest update also allows you to turn … Read more

Facebook reportedly in talks for drone maker Titan Aerospace

Facebook is in talks to acquire Titan Aerospace, the maker of a solar-powered high-altitude drone that can stay aloft for five years, according to a TechCrunch report.

The acquisition would reportedly further the efforts of Internet.org, a coalition of mobile technology companies spearheaded by Facebook that is working to bring Internet access to the 5 billion or so people around the world without it. The acquisition is valued at $60 million, a source "with access to information about the deal" told TechCrunch.

CNET has contacted Facebook and Titan Aerospace for comment and will update this report when … Read more

Facebook releases ads to claim it's actually useful

Please admit it. Your relationship with Facebook has become stale.

You go there because you go there, a little like your local Starbucks or your penchant for personal anatomy jokes.

Facebook realizes this. It's just bought you a new toy called WhatsApp. Yet it fears that you've been looking around.

So, over the last few weeks, the company has been releasing ads to remind you why you're still together and why it will last forever.

You're not on Facebook in the hope that someone you don't like has endured a misfortune. Nor are you there … Read more

Daughter's Facebook foghorn blows dad's $80,000

Fathers, don't let your daughters anywhere near Facebook. Especially when you've just come into $80,000.

This is the painful moral from another day in Florida.

The story began so brightly for the Snay family. As the Miami Herald reports, Patrick Snay used to be the headmaster at Miami's Gulliver Preparatory School.

In 2010, his contract wasn't renewed. He claimed age discrimination. He also claimed there had been retaliation against his daughter, who was a pupil at the school.

At the end of 2011, Snay won a settlement, with $80,000 going to him personally, as … Read more

Why Facebook is suddenly smitten with Groups

With the private social network fad in the rearview mirror, Facebook appears motivated to remind us that not only did it think in smaller sizes long before it was cool, but it has quietly grown its private spaces audience to 500 million people over the years.

That Facebook has an astonishing number of people -- nearly 41 percent of the network's total audience -- cornering themselves off into nooks and crannies isn't surprising. Groups have long been a convenient way to converse in closed circles. Rather, the unexpected thing here is that Facebook is choosing to just now … Read more

Apple patches major security bug for Macs

CNET Update is patching holes:

In this episode of Update:

- Update your Mac and any iOS devices to patch the serious "goto fail" security flaw.

- Check out Samsung's Gamepad accessory for Android phones, coming later this year for about $80.

- Keep track of kids and pets with the I'm Tracer GPS bracelet.

- Get ready for your Facebook News Feed to show posts from pages you don't follow.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, … Read more

Google denies bidding on WhatsApp

Google's Sundar Pichai has denied at Mobile World Congress that his company bid on WhatsApp, the popular mobile instant messaging and SMS app.

Pichai, senior vice president in charge of Chrome, Android, and apps, said in Barcelona this week that it was "simply untrue" that Google had offered to buy WhatsApp, reported the Telegraph.

An earlier report indicated that Google was outbid by Facebook for WhatsApp, which Mark Zuckerberg permanently friended for $19 billion. Google had reportedly offered $10 billion, according to Fortune.

Though there may not have been a formal bid from Google for WhatsApp to … Read more

Facebook showing unsolicited Page posts in News Feed

You may not have asked for them, but you're going to start seeing posts in your News Feed from Pages you don't follow.

Facebook said Tuesday that it has tweaked its News Feed formula yet again, this time to include posts that Pages you've "liked" are tagged in. The alteration means you'll find stories from Pages you don't follow mentioning those that you do.

The social network is pitching the change as a way to help people "discover conversations around topics they've expressed interest in."

Specifically, when a Page tags … Read more

Say goodbye to Facebook e-mail

Facebook announced Monday that it's getting rid of its @facebook.com e-mail service.

E-mail service, you say? Yes, the social network actually had a service for e-mail addresses that users could get when they signed up -- not to be confused with Facebook Messages, Chat, or Messenger. Very few people actually used the service, according to the social network, hence, its retirement.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNET that the social network has started notifying people who use their @facebook.com e-mail accounts that the "feature is changing."

Now, when someone sends an e-mail to a Facebook address, … Read more