GPGTools offers quick encryption options for OS X Mail

If you regularly send confidential information via e-mail and wish to make it as secure as possible, one option for OS X users is GPGTools, which provides encryption and decryption services for any of your e-mail accounts.

GPGTools is a free and open-source encryption project for OS X, based on OpenPGP, which gives OS X users quick access to options for signing and encrypting e-mail messages, as well as offering file-level services for encrypting documents and folders. The project has been around since 2011, but was recently updated to version 2, and supports a number of new features. The suite … Read more

Review: Work with multiple e-mail accounts in one program with Postbox for Mac

Postbox for Mac's streamlined interface and automatic syncing to existing accounts makes it a good e-mail manager. Additional features, including social media integration, further add to the program's appeal.

Postbox for Mac's main menu includes a row of buttons along the top that operate all of the common e-mail features. These include syncing to the Internet for new mail, archiving, replying, and forwarding, among others. A bar on the left side allows users to see which e-mail accounts are active, and to switch between them. The response time for changing accounts was quick. The main window contains … Read more

How to set up e-mail alerts on your Pebble Watch

On Thursday, Pebble released an update to its iOS app for the Pebble Watch that added a workaround for e-mail alerts. Up until now, iOS users would have to go to Notification Settings and toggle the "View on Lockscreen" setting any time their phone and watch lost Bluetooth connection. So if the phone was restarted, or you simply wandered out of range for the two devices to stay connected, you'd have to do "the finger dance" (as named by Pebble users) in order to get alerts back. Even then, e-mail alerts were hit or miss. … Read more

MLB boss: I've never sent an e-mail, but I just got an iPhone

Baseball tries to hold onto traditions more fiercely than a jilted husband holding onto his mistress.

There are rituals and songs. There are retributions so basic that medievalists smile down upon them from heaven.

Yet technology tries to drag the game forward with a base stealer's insistence.

The game now has instant replay, but instead of an off-field umpire relaying a decision, we see dark-shirted beer bellies bounding off the field at the rate of an inebriated tortoise.

Who can be surprised, therefore, that the man who runs the game has never sent an e-mail? This is the claim … Read more

Can Yahoo recycle your username -- and protect your data?

If you haven't signed into Yahoo in the past 12 months, the tech giant wants you back and it's using some tough love to get you.

Yahoo has set 11:59 p.m. PT on July 14, 2013 as the deadline for users to sign into the site or their Yahoo mail. Those who don't will lose their Yahoo IDs, and the usernames will be put for grabs so others can try to claim them.

How many Yahoo IDs are we talking about? Dylan Casey, Yahoo's senior director of Consumer Platforms, wouldn't specify other than … Read more

Xbox Music expands to Web browsers

CNET Update is hailing a helicopter:

In this episode of Update:

- Rock out to Xbox Music from your Web browser free for 30 days.

- Find a deal for date night on Groupon Reserve -- no voucher required.

- Speculate why Apple filed a trademark for "iWatch" in Japan.

- Prepare for a future with self-destructing e-mail messages.

- Keep an eye out on Twitter for English translations of tweets, powered by Bing.

- Live like the rich and famous with Uber's helicopter-ride service in New York City on Wednesday.

CNET Update delivers the tech news … Read more

Getting started with Boomerang for Gmail on Android

Boomerang is a service that works with your Gmail to send e-mail later, give you follow-up reminders, and notify you if you don't hear back within a specific time. To use the service in the past, you had to install an extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Now there's Boomerang for Gmail on Android, an app that allows you to use all of the same features you expect from the Web versions on your smartphone or tablet.

One big reason for using the app alongside the desktop version is that you don't have to wait until you're … Read more

This e-mail will self-destruct in five seconds

Ever lose sleep over e-mails you've sent? Messages of an embarrassing nature that make you wish you hadn't clicked on "send"?

AT&T is thinking of you. It applied for a patent for self-deleting e-mail. Once sent, these missives won't hang around in some inbox waiting for someone to do what he pleases with them. They'll disintegrate, so to speak.

"Method, System, and Apparatus for Providing Self-Destructing Electronic Mail Messages" is U.S. patent application number 20130159436 and was recently made public. … Read more

Yahoo: Don't fret about hack attacks on recycled user IDs

Yahoo's plan to recycle old user IDs has prompted some concern among security experts who fear hackers could take advantage. But Yahoo says their fears are unfounded.

Speaking to Reuters in an interview published on Thursday, Yahoo senior director for consumer platforms, Dylan Casey, said that he's "aware" of the concerns over identity theft, but his company has "gone through a bunch of different steps to mitigate that concern."

Yahoo announced last week that it's resetting all user IDs that have been inactive over the last 12 months starting in July. The company … Read more

Microsoft swaps Outlook.com linked accounts for aliases

"It's a new world" out there in terms of digital identity and security, Microsoft said Monday. And, this world is far more dangerous than it used to be.

In order to mitigate e-mail infiltration by hackers and wrongdoers, Microsoft has announced that it's tossing linked accounts for its Outlook.com service and instead will be using aliases.

"There are a number of people who have more than one email address and want to manage these multiple email addresses from Outlook.com," Microsoft account group program manager Eric Doerr wrote in a blog post Monday. &… Read more