Asus Transformer Book Trio lives up to name as combination tablet, laptop, and monitor (hands-on)

BERLIN -- Trio! I want a Trio and I want one now, as anyone who was a child in Britain in the 1980s is no doubt thinking every time they see the dual-booting Asus Transformer Book Trio.

The Trio was first glimpsed at computer show Computex earlier in the year, but the outer paper wrapper and shiny silver paper has been officially taken off at technology extravaganza IFA in Berlin this week to reveal the sweet, sweet chocolate of a laptop, the soft, soft toffee of an Android tablet, and the crunchy, crunchy biscuit of a desktop -- … Read more

Asus Transformer Book T300 is half laptop, half tablet, all Windows 8 (hands-on)

BERLIN -- What's better than a Windows 8 tablet? Pipe down, whoever said "any other tablet." The correct answer is a Windows 8 tablet that's also a Windows 8 laptop -- like the Asus Transformer Book T300.

Revealed at top technology show IFA 2013 in Berlin, the T300 is the latest hybrid tablet, which unclips the screen from the laptop to become a tablet, giving you the versatility of a full keyboard and the portability of a slate.

But if you want the best of both worlds, you'd better be feeling strong. Both keyboard and … Read more

Join CNET on Wednesday for Asus' live media event at IDF

On Wednesday, Asus is hosting a media event in San Francisco and CNET will be there to bring you live coverage. Join me, my fellow CNET editor Xiomara Blanco, and photo man (or "photographer," as he prefers to be called) James Martin as we bring you on-point and insightful -- with equal doses of objectivity and good-natured pithiness -- coverage of the event.

This comes right smack-dab in the middle of IDF (Intel Developer Forum), so it's a good bet most of what we'll see will be of the Intel/Windows 8 (or 8.1) variety. … Read more

Samsung opens signups for its apps confab

Samsung isn't known for its software, but maybe that will change if it can generate a good head of steam among developers.

One big log on the fire will be the electronics giant's first-ever developer conference coming up in October, for which Samsung officially opened up registrations on Monday. The event is intended to foster the creation and cultivation of apps for gadgets near and dear to consumers' hearts and hands.

"Samsung is excited to offer developers a single place to learn how to develop, market, and monetize applications and services that may span smartphones, tablets, and … Read more

Apple dev site hack linked to remote code vulnerability

The security issue that made Apple shut down its developer site for more than a week, and left other remaining services offline for longer, has been linked to what the company says was a "remote code execution issue."

On Tuesday, Apple updated its Web Server Notifications, a public document listing credit for people who have tipped the company off to security issues on its Web servers. Under a heading for July 18, which was the same day Apple's developer services went dark, Apple notes that it addressed a remote code issue that was spotted by two security … Read more

Amazon bolsters app makers' push efforts

Amazon is now making it easier for developers to push notifications to mobile devices.

The company on Tuesday announced a new platform called Amazon Simple Notification Service with Mobile Push. The application programming interface allows developers to send push notifications to iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices.

According to Amazon, its service helps to solve an issue developers run into when bringing push notifications to apps. The different mobile operating systems come with different notification-relay options, according to Amazon. Its new service simplifies that by working across multiple platforms.

Amazon will not charge for the first 1 million notifications sent … Read more

Apple restores developer site after weeks-long outage

After a three-week absence, Apple's developer site has been restored to working order.

Apple had said last Monday that it was just days away from restoring the remaining down services at the site, which was taken down on July 18, following what Apple described as a security intrusion. While it acknowledged that there was unauthorized access to some developer information, Apple said the site was "not associated with any customer information."

The outage left countless developers in the lurch, unable to equip new devices to run prerelease versions of Apple's software or test out new apps. … Read more

Fifth iOS 7 beta comes just a week after last release

Just about a week after releasing its fourth iOS 7 beta, Apple has rolled out another version of the upcoming operating system to developers.

iOS 7 beta 5 went out to developers Tuesday morning, with Apple only saying to expect the usual handful of "bug fixes and improvements." In its last beta, such tweaks included reworked call buttons, along with updates to its Spotlight search and lock-screen interface, and support for photo filters on older iPhone models.

iOS 7 brings an overhauled design for every part of the operating system, while remaining largely the same in terms of … Read more

Apple to restore most remaining developer services this week

Apple says it plans to restore most of its remaining downed developer services this week, following several weeks of unavailability.

That list includes tools to let people sign up and renew subscriptions to its annual paid developer programs -- something that's been offline since July 18.

"We plan to reinstate most of the remaining services this week: Xcode automatic configuration as well as access to license agreements, TSIs, program enrollments, and renewals in Member Center," Apple said in an e-mail that went out to developers Monday morning.

Apple's developer site was taken down on July 18, … Read more

Apple releases fourth beta of iOS 7 to developers

Apple's rolled out another beta version of iOS 7 to developers, its fourth so far.

The software went out to developers Monday morning, though was originally anticipated for a release last week. The release was believed to be delayed given downtime of Apple's developer site, which is still coming back online following a security breach earlier this month.

Per Apple's mysterious change log, the software brings "bug fixes and improvements." More specifically, the company's made some changes to the look and feel of the lock screen, camera and call functions. BGR has posted a full change log here. … Read more