How to bring back the missing Edit button for iPhone contacts

A friend of mine -- we'll call him Rich -- was complaining today that he can't edit the contacts on his iPhone. That ever since he upgraded to iOS 5, the Edit button in the top-right corner of the Phone or Contacts app went missing. After a quick search through Apple's forums, I found the cause.… Read more

Why a longer iPhone 5 screen needs to happen

For months, we've heard talk of an iPhone 5 with a longer screen. The latest stories around the Internet suggest not only that this is a likely reality, but that iOS 6 supports this new resolution: 640x1,136 pixels, to be exact. That's an extra 176 pixels longer than the current iPhone's 640x960 display.

When I heard of the next iPhone's longer screen, I thought: I'd just prefer a slightly bigger screen, not necessarily a longer one. My current iPhone 4S feels like it has a perfect aspect ratio. Why change it?

Then I thought about it, and quickly changed my tune.… Read more

New iPhone nano-SIM tray photos leaked

Translated by Google, tech lifestyle Web site nowhereelse.fr (via 9to5Mac) has posted photos of what appears to be the soon to be released iPhone's nano-SIM card tray. The photos come from China where many of the iPhone's parts are manufactured and assembled.

As you can see in the photos, the nano-SIM tray knocks a little off the micro SIM tray's width. In the world of mobile devices, especially ones that Apple produces, every bit of extra space counts.

Though Apple's design for the nano-SIM has been approved for use by ESTI, no official word has … Read more

Rumor Has It: iPad Mini launching in October? (video)

June was cruel to the iPad, which saw its tablet competition grow fearsome.

Microsoft showed off its Surface tablet, which is aimed squarely at stealing iPad lovers away with the lure of its keyboard case (though without pricing, launch date, or any real details, it's hard to know if the iPad has anything to fear). Not to be left behind, Google took the wraps off its much-rumored and ballyhooed 7-inch Nexus Tablet. All that excitement was enough to wake the dead; in this case, it reanimated the iPad Mini rumor, which had been laid to rest.

Not anymore! Analysts … Read more

Why Microsoft murdered the Start button in Windows 8

Do you use the Start button in Windows? If not, then you're supposedly the reason Microsoft got rid of it in Windows 8.

Chaitanya Sareen, principal program manager at Microsoft, told U.K. computer publication PC Pro that data indicated a decrease in the use of the Start button. Citing "telemetry" obtained by the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program, Sareen said the company found more users relying on the Windows taskbar for pinning and accessing their favorite software instead of going through the Start menu.

As a result of the reportedly dramatic drop in Start menu usage, … Read more

Google's +1 button to add content recommendations

Google is preparing a new +1 feature that will present users with other content recommendations when they hover over the +1 button with their mouse.

This could help deliver increased clicks for Web site as users will be presented with more content options similar to the content they just viewed. As an example, a visitor to Google's Chrome Web Store clicking the +1 on the Gmail app would see suggestions for apps like Offline Google Mail, Google Calendar, and Picasa:

"To keep these recommendations more relevant and on-topic, they will always refer to pages on the same domain … Read more

Panic Button Light Switch: Go ahead and panic

We've all had moments when we heard a mysterious shuffling in the dark. Or we got news that the in-laws were showing up unannounced. Or the Roomba finally became sentient and set out for revenge. Those moments call for a panic button.

The Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit from ThinkGeek will at least make you feel a little better in those moments before your Roomba sucks you into its robotic rotors of oblivion. … Read more

Google+ gets its own 'share' button

On the same day it released its Google Drive, the Web giant has introduced a Google+ share button.

Like Facebook's share buttons, the new red and white button will allow Web site developers to help Google+ users spread the site's content on Google's social network.

"When your visitors come across something interesting on your site, sometimes you want to encourage a simple endorsement (like +1)," Google+ Product Manager Rick Borovoy wrote in a blog post today introducing the new feature. "Other times, however, you want to help visitors share with their friends, right away. … Read more

Is this the new iPhone home button?

Last fall the Internet was abuzz about Apple's apparent iPhone redesign for what eventually became the iPhone 4S. Much to the dismay of the media and some louder consumers, the iPhone 4S retained the same design profile as the previous-generation iPhone 4.

At the time, the redesign was expected to feature a teardrop back casing, a bigger screen and, among other things, an ovular home button. If the shape of the home button is any indication of a complete redesign, the latest part leak from Chinese supplier TVC-Mall.com (via Apple Bitch) may not win over many of the … Read more

Facebook inserts 'listen' button on musicians' pages

The ways to listen to music on Facebook continue to grow. The social network launched a "listen" button on music artists' pages today.

On the top right corner between the "like" and "message" buttons on musicians' fan pages, users can click "listen" and be guided to songs on any of the music streaming services the user has signed up for, such as Spotify and Rdio.

This is different than the "listen with" buttons users can click when they see what their friends are listening too; those buttons were created by … Read more