Intuitive image stitcher

ArcSoft Panorama Maker Pro is a simple and elegant way for users to convert multiple images into one panoramic image. Its sleek design and ease of use place it among the best programs we've seen.

The program's interface is quite sleek and attractive. The first screen that users encounter upon opening the program contains information about how to shoot photos that make good panoramic images, including information about camera settings, tripod use, and photo overlap. Past that, to the left is a tree-structured view of the computer, allowing users to quickly locate the images that they want to … Read more

BookArc Desktop Stand for the MacBook: Is a $50 stand worth it?

Apple has created a monster. No, we're not talking about growing iPhone sales or the success of its imposing chain of retail stores. We're talking about the almost oppressively beautiful design of the product packaging and marketing of Apple products. In addition to the acclaimed look of Apple products themselves, their boxes and accompanying packaging border on the obsessive. Laptop boxes unfold gently and present fitted trays. iPhone boxes unfurl like Chinese puzzles.

It's no surprise, then, that Apple accessories have gotten in on the game, too. TwelveSouth's BookArc Desktop Stand for MacBooks promises a "… Read more

BookArc turns your MacBook into a desktop

If you want to use your MacBook as a desktop (and I don't see why), there's now an easy and pretty way.

Mac accessory maker Twelve South released BookArc, a metal stand designed to hold any Apple MacBook, from the MacBook Air to the 17-inch MacBook Pro. The stand is designed to hold the laptop in a vertical position and therefore supposedly should free up your desk space. The BookArc has a compact footprint of just 10 inches long by 4 inches wide, which is significantly smaller than that of any MacBook.

The BookArc is equipped with a … Read more

You, too, can rock a singing tesla coil

If you've never seen a singing tesla coil, an 8-foot-tall mash of circuitry and electronics that matches firing lightning bolts to the beat of DJ music, you are seriously missing out.

These days, your best bet might be to catch Austin, Texas, troupe Arc Attack as it plays events like the anime festival Metro Con in Florida. Or, if you happen to be in Abu Dhabi, you might be able to see the group do its electric best there.

If you can't hop an A380 to the United Arab Emirates, however, you can still get your singing tesla … Read more

Arc Attack's tesla coils rock SXSW

AUSTIN, Texas--If you wanted to see tesla coils rocking out, Dorkbot was the place to be Saturday evening at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference here.

The local art collective Arc Attack had its singing tesla coils turned up loud and it put on several demonstrations of its machines at this celebration of "people doing strange things with electricity."

The highlight of the group's show was either a rendition of the "Dr. Who" theme or perhaps the Imperial march music from "Star Wars" (see video below--and give it a few seconds to get … Read more

Microsoft expands its hardware line

Microsoft is introducing a new technology to help keep laptops cooler. Unfortunately, it's not software.

The company on Tuesday introduced its first Notebook Cooling Base, an inch-thick stand with built-in fan. Available in white and black, the laptop-chiller is powered over a USB connection.

The product will sell for $30 when it hits the market in July and represents a new direction for Microsoft's hardware unit, which is best known for its mice and keyboards.

At one point, the company sold wireless networking gear, though it got out of that business in 2004.

Microsoft on Tuesday also announced … Read more

Virgin Mobile kicks out new colors for Flare, TNT, and Arc

Aside from the new Shuttle, Virgin Mobile is also churning out new colors of some of its existing phone offerings for the fall season. The LG Flare will now be available in silver, the Kyocera TNT will be available in lavender and espresso (with matching earbuds as an option), and the Arc will be released in a rather audacious gold. The silver Flare will be offered via Best Buy Mobile with a dollar of each purchase going to benefit a nonprofit. The lavender and espresso TNTs are exclusive from Wal-Mart, and you can get a gold Arc at Target stores. … Read more

ArcAttack brings singing Tesla coils to the masses

When you think of things related to science, music may not make the top of your list.

But the folks involved with a small collective called ArcAttack would like you to change your associations.

ArcAttack is all about one thing: building singing Tesla coils and crafting entire musical performances around them. For some time, at events like Dorkbot and other geekfests, the team--Joe DiPrima, Oliver Greaves, and Tony Smith--had been pulling off straightforward demonstrations of their creations. But they were synchronizing the machines to other people's music and not adding much in the way of their own innovations besides … Read more