Skype suffers outage, delivers quick fix

Skype was down for some users this morning, but the VoIP provider fix seems to have quickly set things straight.

Around 5:00 a.m. PT this morning, Skype posted to its Twitter account that "some" of its users were having trouble signing in to the service and placing calls. The company didn't say what was causing the trouble. An hour later, Skype updated its Twitter account to inform users that it had discovered the issue and would roll out a solution as quickly as possible.

That fix, which the company posted to its blog shortly thereafter, … Read more

Expert: Skype for Mac hole can be used in remote attack

A security researcher said today that he found a serious hole in the Mac version of Skype that could be used by an attacker to remotely take control of someone else's computer.

In response, Skype says it released a "hotfix"--a quick fix to hold users over until a full update is ready--for the issue in a minor update released in mid-April, but did not prompt users to update their software because there were no reports that the hole was being exploited in the wild and it was planning on issuing another update early next week.

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VoxOx reaches out to iPhone

An app that offers a range of features including low-cost SMS and international calls, phone callback, voice mail with transcription, and conversation-recording features sounds a bit like a magic bullet for many of the ailments that plague smartphone users. A new iOS app released today by Southern California-based VoxOx includes those features and others, and it's offering them for free in a partial port of its desktop software called VoxOx Call (iTunes Store link).

Following the desktop program revamp that the parent company Telcentris Inc., released at CES 2011, VoxOx Call offers a stunning range of free features. Users … Read more

T-Mobile suspends Facebook 'chat' service

T-Mobile has temporarily shut down its newly introduced voice-chatting service for Facebook users.

The company launched the new VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) chat service, which it calls Bobsled, less than a week ago. The service is embedded into Facebook and allows Facebook friends to call each other through the Facebook Chat window.

T-Mobile is suspending the service because the company believes that in Facebook's current design it's not clear that the service is from T-Mobile.

"We are voluntarily and temporarily suspending the Bobsled service as we work with our partners at Facebook to address their design … Read more

T-Mobile launches voice chat for Facebook

T-Mobile USA wants to offer more than cell phone service. The company is getting into the voice over IP market with a new application that will allow people to make voice calls from Facebook.

T-Mobile USA today announced the Bobsled by T-Mobile service, which will offer voice calls via Facebook. This new application will provide Facebook's more than 500 million users worldwide with free, one-touch calling to their Facebook friends from a personal computer and through the social platform's chat window.It's available now for download here.

T-Mobile's move to expand its service offering is yet … Read more

Network, don't fail me now!

Everything in IT depends on the network.--and not just in an abstract, "need it occasionally" sort of way. The packets must flow for virtually every operation, every job, every transaction. Whenever packets drop, or links go down, we're disconnected and isolated. Information doesn't flow; apps don't work; users don't proceed. We need the network up and running, millisecond by millisecond, every millisecond of every day.

Our utter, urgent dependency won't lessen in the coming years. It will intensify--redoubling and redoubling again. Cisco calls its vision of the future "together." HP … Read more

CES: VoxOx attempts communication unification, again

LAS VEGAS--VoxOx debuted several years ago as a high-powered multi-protocol chat alternative that incorporated some nifty VoIP features thanks to its parent company, a small telecom outfit called TelCentris.

Today at CES 2011, TelCentris announces a revamped VoxOx with an emphasis on simplicity and messaging unification.

The big improvement to the latest version of the program, available for Windows and Mac, is the unified messaging window. People will be able to interact via instant message, SMS, VoIP phone calls, and social networking all from the same communications stream. This includes voice mail transcriptions similar to Google Voice, although TelCentris … Read more

Could Skype, other VoIP get blocked in China?

Skype still operates in China, and the Chinese government has not indicated publicly that it intends to ban the service there.

Yet a week after media sources in China and in the West erroneously reported that China had begun blocking Skype, rumors continue to surface that the software, which enables users to make phone calls via the Internet, will be banned. At a time when Twitter overflows with posts about the controversy, CNET received a tip that China's government was testing ways to block Skype and that officials would announce a ban next week.

A spokesman for Skype declined … Read more

Skype: Millions still without service

Skype is still working to right itself from a major outage that began yesterday.

The company said earlier this morning that about 5 million people were able to access its Internet telephony service, and "that number is increasing all the time." The only issue is, that figure puts total use at about 30 percent of its normal amount.

Skype then followed that posting up with another this morning, saying that it's seeing "evidence of a significant increase in the number of people online." It currently estimates that 10 million people are using its service, which … Read more

Skype outage affecting users around the globe

Skype appears to be suffering an outage.

Twitter users around the globe are taking to the social network to report that Skype is down for them. The tweets started hitting Twitter this morning and continue as of this writing. Users are also reporting that their mobile applications, including those on Android and on the iPhone, are inoperable.

I tested the Skype app on my Mac and it is down as of this writing. My Skype iPhone app is also down. CNET's Rafe Needleman had been experiencing outage issues this morning, but said that his service was soon restored.

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