Lookout locks down your cam, lock screen

If somebody tries and fails to access your phone three times, Android phones running today's update to Lookout Mobile Security (download) will be able to take a photo of the culprit.

Two new features today bolster the app's already robust security options. The Lock Cam feature -- which Lookout said in a blog post announcing the changes will be rolled out over the next week to free users -- takes a photo using your phone's front-facing camera, records the location data based on your phone's GPS, and then sends the package to your e-mail account.

If … Read more

View your IP cameras with SuperLivePro

IP cameras are one of the most viable solutions offered to security-conscious small businesses and homeowners. You can access them from any computer with an Internet connection. SuperLivePro lets you watch some cameras from your Android-powered smartphone or tablet. However, you might not be able to tap into all of your camera's features with this app.

SuperLivePro app offers a neat interface, but it doesn't come with any support or documentation that tells you which camera models it works with. That means you'll have to download it and hope it works with your cameras. It touts support … Read more

360-degree camera captures head-spinning videos

The phrase "immersive experience" gets bandied about quite a bit when talking about technology. I wouldn't use those words to describe the online video experience... until now. The Making View 360-degree ViewCam video system brings you into the action much more than a regular clip.

Remember those panoramic house tours that were popular for a while on real estate sites? The ViewCam videos created with Red Bull are like that on steroids -- with a shot of adrenaline on the side. … Read more

Get old-school photographs with CamWow Retro

CamWow Retro is an iOS app that lets you take photos with antique effects applied to them. Whether a sepia-tint or grainy black-and-white images, there's a lot of effects you can apply. CamWow Retro is a free app and installs easily.

The CamWow Retro interface is based on a larger app called CamWow Pro and works the same way. When activated, the app opens an interface with four panes. One shows the image from the camera natively, and the other three panes show various effects in real time. You can scroll through a few screens of effects to find … Read more

Drift HD Ghost action cam packs problem-solving features

With Drift Innovations' Drift HD Ghost, you can add one more action cam to the increasingly crowded market. But at least this one's a little more than another "me too" model.

Not the wide blocky design of camcorders like the GoPro, the Drift HD Ghost has a slimmer and longer body, like the iON Air or Sony Action Cam. Though the shape makes it less ideal for chest mounting, it is better for POV mounting on the side of goggles, masks, and helmets. The shape also gives it room for a built-in Gorilla Glass-protected 2-inch LCD for … Read more

Make your iDevice act like a webcam for your PC

EpocCam is an iOS app for converting your iDevice's camera into a high-definition PC webcam. There's a free version and also an upgrade to the HD version for $4.99. To use EpocCam you need to download an app on your iDevice, as well as a driver for Windows or Mac OS X on your computer (laptop or desktop). We installed the Windows drivers from the publisher's Web site, then downloaded the iOS app on our iPhone. Both installations went easily, although we did go to the publisher's Web site to watch the how-to videos first (… Read more

Free effects app that will quickly become a favorite

CamWow is a photo effects app for iOS devices. It takes the input from the camera (front or back) and applies distortion effects with the resultant images saved or passed on to other apps. The CamWow app installs quickly.

The CamWow interface is simple to use. When launched, the screen shows the image from your camera in one of four panes, plus effects applied in the three other panes. You can swipe to the next or previous page of effects, always seeing your original in one pane. There's quite the variety of effects, from somewhat subtle to over-the-top, but … Read more

Get free multiuser video chat with OoVoo

So you Skype; do you OoVoo too? Because OoVoo is a free HD video, voice, and IM chat app that lets you chat with up to 12 friends at once (6 via video and 6 on the phone). It records voice and video on your hard drive, not an online account, so file size is unlimited. You can use OoVoo to share large files (up to 25MB) as well as make phone calls to landlines, text chat, record video messages up to 1 minute long, and do a whole lot of other cool things. Mobile and tablet users have a … Read more

Get an iZon remote room monitor for $64.99

Wi-Fi Webcams can be really cool, allowing you to stream live video to, say, a laptop or phone without having to run cables all over the place.

But many, if not most, of them are expensive, unattractive gizmos requiring complicated setup and delivering iffy results.

They're getting better, though, and for today at least, more affordable: Ben's Outlet has the Stem Innovation iZon Wi-Fi Webcam for $64.99 shipped. That's half the list price, and definitely the best deal I've seen on this product.

The small, white, cylindrical iZon stands about 4 inches high on its … Read more

IFA 2012: Big reveals for Sony, Samsung

Time to learn German for Wednesday's tech news roundup:

Tons of devices being unveiled at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The highlights from Wednesday include:

• Sony releases its first 4K TV, the 84-inch XBR-84X900. No official word on cost or availability, but expect to pay close to $30,000 to own one. Here's an explainer on what a 4K TV is, but no need to worry about new formats just yet. Afterall, what movies do you own in 4K? • Sony showed the Xperia S tablet, available Sept. 7 starting at $400. It has several TV-ready features, Android
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