Review: InstaRecord streamlines recording on your iPhone for mobile uploads

InstaRecord is a fun-to-use video recording app that becomes surprisingly deep as you continue to use it. The video recording is as easy as pressing and holding a button; and because you can combine various bits of video into a single short clip, it allows for quite a bit of freedom in how you compose.

The app opens to the only screen you'll ever see, a recording screen. To record you'll tap and hold the big red button. Release the big red button and the recording stops. Tap again and it starts again, adding new segments to the … Read more

Review: RSSolid News Reader is a sometimes slow world news aggregator

RSSolid News Reader offers fairly standard RSS features with international sources but the at-times slow interface speed can be frustrating. While the app works as advertised and offers a decent reading experience, the slower load times between screens and limited options for customizing the reader without registering your e-mail address can be frustrating.

When you open the app for the first time, you'll be shown a list of top stories from sources selected by the developers. This includes numerous international sources from Europe in the fields of news and sports. There are other categories as well that you can … Read more

Review: My Wedding Planner organizes photos you've taken of wedding ideas

My Wedding Planner offers only a fairly bare-bones photo organization tool in place of anything more comprehensive for your wedding planning needs. The app allows you to take photos of things you find in magazines, in stores, or at other weddings so you can store them as "wedding ideas" that are then accessible at a later time. You can create a second album for other people's ideas but it doesn't go much further than this.

When you load up My Wedding Planner for the first time, you'll find a menu showing you where to add … Read more

Review: News Room Eyes Free Reader dictates the news to you when on the go

News Room Eyes Free Reader is a fairly standard RSS reader app with one exception; it will read your news to you and has a number of tools to make browsing as easy as possible. Integrated with the button on your iPhone microphone and some other hands-free options, this app manages to make it not only possible but enjoyable to listen to the news while on the bus, train, or at the gym.

When you load News Room Eyes Free Reader the first time, it will explain to you how to set up the options. Everything in the app is … Read more

Review: Paint Splash Effect FX is riddled with ads, low-quality filters, and few features

Paint Splash Effect FX is a disappointing photo editing tool with a stripped-down set of tools that make it hard to produce a decent-looking photo. From a plethora of ads that interrupt what you are doing to the minimal features, this app is not quite ready for your phone.

When you load Paint Splash Effect FX, you are greeted with three ad screens. It's a portentous start for an app that will throw ads at you frequently as you attempt to edit your photos. Ignoring the first two options on the home screen, which are upgrade paths, you can … Read more

Dell refresh of XPS 13 arrives with Apple in its sights

Dell has begun selling the refresh of a strong rival to Apple's MacBook Air, the XPS 13. It has also launched the super-svelte XPS 11 -- another Air-esque design -- and the Ubuntu version of the XPS 13.

The updated model sports a "Haswell" fourth-generation Core processor -- the power-efficient U series variety -- and comes for the first time with a touch screen option.

Specs for the $1,300 XPS 13 include 8GB of RAM, a 1,920x1,080 resolution 13.3-inch touch display, Intel HD 4400 graphics, Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 + Bluetooth 4.0, … Read more

Review: MyCalendar TopSecrete Free hides your photos, videos, and notes

MyCalendar TopSecrete is not a calendar app at all but a way to hide your personal images, videos, and more on your iPhone. The app uses a calendar overlay and a clever password system to lock out those images and "hide" them behind a facade that most people won't see through, over a casual glance. The setup process can be a bit confusing, but it generally works quite well.

When you open the app for the first time, there is no indication of what you're supposed to do. There is a blank calendar onscreen with no … Read more

Review: Defend your home stadium from intruders in Baseball Vs Zombies

Baseball Vs Zombies overcomes mediocre graphics and ads to become a solid tower defense game. Though it starts off incredibly easy and is somewhat repetitive, many people will love the goofy gameplay and the fun premise. It's definitely worth trying out if you're a big fan of tower defense games.

This game has you take the role of a popular baseball team, defending your home stadium from an onslaught of zombie invaders. In addition to protecting your home field, your team has to destroy the zombie base, each level, in order to succeed. As with most tower defense … Read more

Review: Human-to-Cat Translator plays back random cat sounds

Human-to-Cat Translator allows you to record your voice and play back any number of random cat sounds or play the cat sounds, manually, on your phone. The result will vary in its amusement factor depending on who is listening and how often it is used; but the cat sounds are varied and there are a lot of them, so if the joke plays well or if your cats enjoy it, this app could be a fun addition to your iPhone.

When you load up Human-to-Cat Translator, you get a telling warning. If the app drives your cats too nuts, use … Read more

Review: BattabattabattaSWING! Baseball Hero is big-league fun

Lots of us are great ballplayers in our minds, but now you can be a Baseball Hero on your phone, too, with Doodle Mobile's free 3D Android game. Batters face realistic pitches, and pitchers not only get to call the pitch but also the speed, since Baseball Hero responds to finger motion when you're at bat or on the mound. Smooth 3D motion adds to the realism, too. Quickplay, Practice, and Career modes let you hone your game in the batting cage or play an entire season. You start as a rookie but can work your way up … Read more