Search Google anonymously with Firefox add-on Searchonymous

You have a few options to protect the privacy of your Internet searches. You could log out of your Google account before using Google to perform a search. You could use an alternate browser to keep your searches separate from your primary browser. Or you could use a service such as Duck Duck Go. If you are set in your ways (and use Firefox as your primary browser), however, and want to search using Google like the rest of the world and want to do so without logging in and out of your account or switching browsers, there is a … Read more

Octonius brings unified search to iPhone for Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive

I'm a disorganized person who uses an iPhone and various cloud services to store a variety of files. For someone like me, free app Octonius restores some order to my life. With it, I can search Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive from a single spot and share files or groups of files.

To get started, you must provide Octonius an e-mail address to create an account. Then, you can connect the app to your Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive accounts. Note: you can connect only one account per service.

Once you have linked your cloud accounts to Octonius, you'… Read more

Set up Google Alerts

Google Alerts has been around for ages, forgotten by many and overlooked by many more. That's a shame, because it's still one of the Web's best ways to keep tabs on any person, place, or thing.

Specifically, Google Alerts sends you an e-mail digest of new Web content related to any Google search. So, for example, if you're following the Sochi Olympics and want all the luge-related news you can get, you could set up an alert for that. Want to know when your favorite band starts touring or releases a new album? Set up an … Read more

Quick tip: Listen to the Google Sound Search history playlist

When you hear a song on the radio, or during a TV show, movie, or anywhere else, using the Google Sound Search widget is a quick way to identify it. Just tap the widget and it will start listening to the music. Once identified, you can find out more information.

The Sound Search widget also keeps a convenient history list of any tracks you've identified. To access it, just tap icon on the widget.

With the current Web version of Google Play Music, you would need to look up each track and add it to a playlist, since there'… Read more

Add a pop-up dictionary to Android

If you're familiar with the iOS pop-up dictionary, you may wonder why the same functionality isn't built into Android. On iOS, you can select words in most apps, and easily access their definition.

WordLookup is an Android app that can offer you that same convenient and omnipresent dictionary. The one restriction when using the app is whether or not the text will be available for long-press selection -- as not every app allows this. Ready to check it out? Let's get started:

Step 1: Grab a copy of WordLookup for your Android device.

Step 2: … Read more

Editing your Facebook Look Back video

This week, to celebrate turning 10, Facebook rolled out a sentimental campaign that automatically created videos for each user, based on photos and posts from the account, called Look back. My Facebook feed has been full of these videos all week.

The only problem with Look Back is that the photos aren't always that flattering or representative of what some users feel best represents their personal Facebook experience. Or, you know, maybe an ex or three are shown in the video.

When it first launched, Facebook didn't allow users to edit the videos, but as of today that'… Read more

Share context-free, full-screen YouTube videos with Surprise.ly

When you go to share a YouTube video that has a big payoff at the end, the surprise can be ruined by all of the information surrounding the video player, mainly the video's title, description, and comments. With Surprise.ly, you'll get a link that opens the video and the video only. No title. No description. No comments. Neither views count nor runtime nor related videos. And as an added bonus, Surprise.ly removes preroll ads and starts your chosen video as soon as the link is opened.

To share a video with Surprise.ly, head to its … Read more

Stream the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Coverage of the XXII Olympic Winter Games is scheduled to begin on Thursday, February 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC with preliminary rounds of snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and figure skating. A day later, NBCUniversal, which paid a whopping $4.38 billion for U.S. broadcasting rights through 2020, will air the opening ceremony at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Daytime coverage will begin on Saturday, February 8 on NBC Sports Network, with additional coverage spread across the company's other properties: NBC, USA Network, MSNBC, and CNBC.

Sochi is nine hours ahead of the eastern time zone, which … Read more

Change your Facebook privacy settings with a click

If you're a Facebook user who has never bothered to change the service's default privacy settings, you're not alone. In May 2012, Lance Whitney reported on a Consumer Reports study that found millions of Facebook users don't use, or aren't even aware of, the service's privacy controls.

The Facebook interface certainly doesn't make it easy to adjust your privacy settings. As I explained in last September's post on how to secure your Facebook account in six easy steps, the social network has 40 individual privacy settings listed in four separate categories.

Israeli … Read more

How to use Evernote for iOS's new customization options

Evernote received an overhaul for iOS 7 yesterday, introducing a new look for the app with a number of customization options. Let's have a look.

The first thing you might notice is about Evernote's new iOS app (version 7.3.0, if you are scoring at home) is that the New Note buttons have been moved to the top. There are still five of them, although the old quick-note button that let you create a list of checkbox items has been replaced by a simple Text button. (You still have the option within a note to create bullet-point, … Read more