Apple to begin production of new iPhone in August?

Apple will start making its next iPhone before the end of August and launch the device late in the third quarter, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

Following meetings in Taiwan last week, presumably with Apple suppliers, Huberty said in an investor's note yesterday that she expects Apple to start ramping up production of the iPhone "aggressively" in mid- to late August and on into the fourth quarter.

Following the August push, the analyst believes, Apple will launch the iPhone in September and ship 2 million units in the fourth quarter, a shift from her previous … Read more

Plan your Fourth of July barbecue on iOS

Independence Day is coming on July 4th, and that means people will be getting together to light fireworks or watch fireworks shows, and--perhaps most importantly--cook great food.

Though this might seem early with the 4th of July more than a week away, we wanted to make sure everybody had time to figure out their menus and get their supplies ready before the mad rush to the grocery stores. With these apps, you can start planning for the perfect Independence Day feast.

This week's app collection is all about cooking apps for iOS. The first lets you browse recipes from famous chefs on the Food Network; the second gives you a giant database of recipes and cooking guidance for any time of year; and the third is perfect for planning and cooking outdoors on the barbecue.… Read more

O, yes: Philips shows new Apple AirPlay speakers

The CEA had its yearly line show earlier this week and we spent a little time in the Philips booth checking out several new audio products the company intends to release this year, including a handful of AirPlay-enabled speakers.

In case you don't know what AirPlay is, it's a wireless-streaming feature found on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or any Mac or Windows PC running iTunes (see "10 things you need to know about AirPlay" for more info). Right now you can only stream video to your TV using Apple TV but lots of AirPlay-enabled speakers … Read more

The 404 847: Where Pottermore spells the end of bookstores (podcast)

J.K. Rowling is giving bookstores more reason to worry with her launch of Pottermore.com, which will soon offer the Harry Potter series in e-book format. On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, we're chatting about children's books, Barack Obama's new video diary on YouTube, Japanese "bagelheads," and a user-submitted "Dude...whoa" moment, not to mention another Tang that Tune!

The 404 Digest for Episode 847

Bagelheading is the latest fad in Japan. Obama has a video diary on YouTube. Harry Potter coming to e-books. The guy who voiced Tigger in Winnie the Pooh also invented the artificial heart? Whoa...dude.

Episode 847 Subscribe in iTunes (audio) | Subscribe in iTunes (video) | Subscribe in RSS Audio | Subscribe in RSS VideoRead more

Altec's Octiv 650 iPhone/iPod speaker delivers

We review a lot of iPod/iPhone speaker docks and most of them sound somewhere between fair and OK, which is why we initially scoffed at the promotional materials for Altec Lansing's $199 Octiv 650, which the company bills as "epitome of stylish audio performance."

It's not unusual for a company to speak highly about its own products, but the description for the Octiv 650 was especially gushing: "Its discreet lines and unique wedge shape blend in with your decor while it fills your space with full, well-balanced sound...the design is clean and stylish...… Read more

Study: iPad tallies 89 percent of tablet traffic

Apple's iPad is overwhelmingly dominating tablet traffic, a new report from ComScore has found.

According to the market researcher, Apple's iPad accounted for 89 percent of worldwide tablet traffic on the Internet in May, easily besting Android-based tablets and other slates.

On a country-by-country basis, iPad traffic was highest in Canada last month, accounting for 33.5 percent of all non-computer traffic. (Non-computer means anything besides a laptop, Netbook, or desktop.) Android devices were able to score just 0.4 percent market share in that category. In the U.S., the iPad represented 21.8 percent of all … Read more

Misty Scentilizers uncork smells for MP3 tunes

Want more of a sensory experience while chilling to music on your iPod? Scentilizer is a series of diffusers that puff out smells and mist along with an LED display while you're listening.

The seven units available from Serene House come in various shapes and sizes. They emit fragrant vapors by combining essential oils and water and vibrating at a frequency of 1.70KHz.

It might be an ideal accessory for lava lamp lovers. Or Barry White fans.

Models such as the Rainbow ($249.95, above) have built-in speakers and a selection of installed music, but you can also hook up your MP3 player to them.

Scentilizers will debut at the New York International Gift Fair in August and will range from $119.95 to $299.95. You can also get them online now at the Serene House Web site. … Read more

Report: Apple takes aim at Samsung in South Korea

Apple has filed a patent-related lawsuit against Samsung in South Korea, Bloomberg is reporting.

According to the report, Apple filed the suit in the Seoul Central District Court on Wednesday. Since details on Apple's claims were not made public, the company's lawsuit could be entirely new or relate to the earlier suit it launched against Samsung.

In April, Apple sued Samsung for allegedly infringing its patents on its mobile devices. AllThingsD reported at the time that Apple was charging Samsung with "copying" its user interface and product designs.

"It's no coincidence that Samsung's … Read more

Friday Poll: Most enticing iPhone 5 rumor?

Apple has long been masterful at building anticipation ahead of the launch of new products, and expectation for the iPhone 5 is reaching a boil. Some of the latest rumors getting traction suggest that the next version of the massively popular smartphone will be more than just a turn of the crank.

The latest speculation includes an expanded curved glass screen, an enlarged home button, and both GSM and CDMA support. Check out CNET's iPhone 5 rumor roundup to see the latest and get the whole picture.

One of the coolest of the recent rumors is the revamped case, which would give the phone a sexy, tapered look. Others include near-field communications, tightly integrated speech control, maps from Apple instead of Google, an 8-megapixel camera, dual LED flash, better graphics, and support for high-speed HSPA+ networks.

One rumor that's very likely to be true is inclusion of the A5 processor, the chip that powers the iPad 2. The rumor most likely to stoke the buzz? That the iPhone 5 will be released in August, not September or October.

So, what do you want to see in the iPhone 5? Vote in our weekly poll. And be sure to put your full wish list in the comments section.… Read more

Training materials and e-mails confirm Verizon's 'usage-based' data plans

Verizon has yet to confirm its forthcoming tiered data plans, but the details are already scattered across the Internet.

AndroidCentral has been posting what appears to be official training documents and e-mails for Verizon employees that match up with earlier reports.

Keeping line with the rumors early in the week, the "usage-based" plans are 2GB for $30 per month, 5GB for $50 per month, and 10GB for $80 per month. There will be no difference in pricing for 3G versus 4G handsets and overages result in a $10 per gigabyte of data. Verizon also has an online calculator … Read more