Click here to plan your social life

GetMobio is a mobile lifestyle application that's trying to put your social life at your fingertips, literally.

The downloadable app helps you find places to go, get reservations, buy tickets, browse movie reviews and get directions--and it can all be done in very few clicks and with minimum data entry, according to Mobio, the company that created it.

The product is launching this week at Demo 07 in Palm Desert, CA, but the executive team dropped by the CNET offices last week to do a quick demo.

GetMobio is organized as a series of "collections," which is … Read more

Eyejot launches simple video e-mail service

Launching at Demo 07 tomorrow: Eyejot, a simple and free video e-mail service that doesn't require a download. I tried the service last week and found it to be slick and very simple. It uses Flash to do what installed software video e-mail products do. The downside is that it's a separate service, so if you want to send a vid-mail, you've got to go to the Eyejot Web site to do so. Integration into e-mail clients is coming, CEO David Geller told me.

People receive Eyejot messages in their ordinary e-mail, as pointers to the video … Read more

Wallop, the social network where you pay for pretty

The "important" social network I mentioned in my post about Piczo is launching at DemoFall on Tuesday, and going into limited beta tonight. It's called Wallop. A lot of Wallop was developed inside Microsoft, but it's been spun out into a separate, venture-funded company, the thinking being that the small company will be able to do more with it, and more quickly, than Microsoft could. That's no lie: According to Wallop CEO Karl Jacob, Microsoft spent four years developing Wallop without actually releasing it to the public.

Wallop is different from other social networks in … Read more

Gordon Freeman and the alien menace

When the original Half-Life appeared in 1998, gamers hailed it as the most gripping and realistic first-person shooter ever. Half-Life 2 is the long-awaited next chapter in the saga of Gordon Freeman and the alien menace from Black Mesa. It brings back the heart-pounding gameplay and engrossing storytelling of its predecessor, and its graphics set a new standard. The textures have never been better. The details are crisp and clear; allowing the characters to express subtle emotion. You'll need a modern DirectX 9 graphics card to take advantage of all the eye candy, but the game scales down surprisingly … Read more