Sony Ericsson tosses out three new thin phones

Sony Ericsson today released three new cell phones that aim to capitalize on the still-hot thin handset craze. Two of the new models should make it to North American shores, while one model features two dazzling colors rarely seen in the mobile world.

The Sony Ericsson S500 features a 2-megapixel camera with a 4x zoom, a media player (though not a Walkman-branded one), a speakerphone, a memory card slot, and stereo Bluetooth. The S500 features a slider design that is 0.55 inch thick and is available in the very unique hues of mysterious green and spring yellow. We're … Read more

Sony Ericsson unveils next-gen P1 smart phone

Along with Sony Ericsson's other announcements today, the company unveiled its fifth-generation P-series smart phone, the Sony Ericsson P1. The P1 is 25 percent smaller than its predecessor, the Sony Ericsson P990i, but that doesn't mean it skimps on features. The smart phone is based on the Symbian and UIQ operating systems and has a 2.6-inch touch screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, and push e-mail support for Exchange ActiveSync and BlackBerry Connect. Other goodies include a dual-function keyboard (like the one found on the Sony Ericsson M600i), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and VoIP support. The tri-band (GPRS 900/… Read more

Sony Ericsson introduces shiny new stereo Bluetooth headset

Sony Ericsson just released the HBH-DS980, a brand new stereo Bluetooth headset that is a slight upgrade from the company's HBH-DS970. The pendant-style headset features a hidden OLED display underneath the device's smooth mirror finish that only lights up when activated. Other features are pretty much identical to the HBH-DS970--they include digital noise cancellation and echo reduction, plus it comes with three sizes of soft silicon ear buds for a better fit. It has a promised talk time of up to six hours and will be available some time in the third quarter of this year.

Sony Ericsson releases new Java platform with its Z750 cell phone

Though CTIA has come and gone, there's still some news from the show that's worth mentioning. Aside from its gallery of new cell phones, such as the Z750 and the W580, the company also announced the Z750 would be the first cell phone to support the new Java Platform 8 (JP-8). JP-8, which is based on the Mobile Services Architecture (MSA) Java umbrella standard, not only brings a new set of applications to handsets such as the Z750, it aims to standardize Java development as a whole. At CTIA I got a chance to peek at what JP-8 … Read more

Sony Ericsson: streaming music made easy

The vast choice of mobile phone accessories gives Crave a pounding headache. We rarely find something genuinely worth spending our hard-earned cash on. "Yet again, mobile phone companies are trying to sell us stuff we don't need," we think to our amalgamated Borg-self. But Sony Ericsson's MBR-100 might just change our mind(s).

This little electro-lozenge enables you to wirelessly blast tunes stored on your mobile phone through your hi-fi system or PC. A refreshing change from music screeching out of annoyingly crap 0.01W mobile phone loudspeakers, perhaps?

The MBR-100 is simple to connect. After … Read more

Watch out for Bluetooth

Sony Ericsson tends to be serious about Bluetooth and has never been satisfied with producing a simple line of wireless headsets. Granted, some of these products haven't made a whole lot of sense (remember the Bluetooth remote control car?).

Others, like the HCB 300 Bluetooth car kit are indeed functional. Yet the company's MBW-100 Bluetooth Watch is a little harder to classify. It goes beyond entertainment and definitely serves a purpose, but we're still not sure if it's really necessary.

When paired with a Bluetooth phone (it doesn't have to be a Sony Ericsson model), … Read more

CTIA roundup: Day two

Stick a fork in it; day two of CTIA 2007 is done-zo. By this point, most of the big product and service announcements have already been made, but that doesn't mean the show's over people. No, no. There were still cell phones to be seen, accessories to be touched, and smart phones to be examined. Plus, with all the madness of opening day over with, we were able to spend more time scouring the show floor looking for those hidden treasures that are sometimes overlooked. So, here's a roundup of today's news.

Cell phones: Verizon Wireless … Read more

Sony Ericsson Z550 and K810

At CTIA we caught a few other phones at the Sony Ericsson booth that aren't in our Sony Ericsson line show. The Sony Ericsson Z550 is a flip phone with a vertically oriented external display (quite the trend right now). It sports a flip phone design, a form factor the company is becoming more comfortable with, and is available in sterling black or pearl copper. Features are mostly midrange and include a 1.3-megapixel camera, a memory card slot, a music player, a speakerphone, and an FM radio. As an tri-band (GSM 850/1800/1900), the Z550 is available … Read more

Photo galleries: Hottest phones at CTIA

Who's stealing the spotlight at this year's Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) show? Decide for yourself. Take a look at all the most interesting future phones from each major manufacturer. We'll be updating this page with all the latest galleries as the show goes on, so bookmark it and check back often.

Motorola CTIA photo galleryMotorola unveiled a number of handsets at CTIA this year, ranging from the stylish and affordable Motomobile line to the more high-end Motorola Razr Maxx Ve. See the new collection here.

Sony Ericsson CTIA photo galleryWith its two new phones … Read more