Vimage FAQ on G3 upgrades

Dave Friedman (of Vimage) writes: "I just wanted to make clear some of the issues of which potential customers need to be aware before choosing a G3 upgrade for their 54xx/64xx/55xx/65xx/TAM." So he created a new FAQ which is now posted to the Vimage web site.

Virtual Game Station and Blue and White G3s: disable ATI 3D extension?

Mike Eldridge writes: "Virtual Game Station is the best piece of software I have seen in quite some time. All the games that I have ran haven't had any problems on our iMacs and PowerBooks. However, there was a little problem with the new blue and white G3s: if the ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator extension is not turned off, the video playback suffers from continuous 5 to 10 second pauses while the audio plays just fine."

Another reader offers a similar observation: "Disable the 128 3D extension (that comes native on the Blue and White … Read more

Internet Explorer and bug reports on MacFixIt

A software developer once told me, in regard to the bug reports he received about his software: "If I get only one report of a particular bug, I assume it is something unique that user's setup. If I get two reports of the same bug, I assume it affects at least 20,000 users." My experience on MacFixIt has shown that there is more than a grain of truth to this guideline. As a result, my general policy on reporting bugs is not to post an item unless it is confirmed by at least 2 users or … Read more

Palm to iMac: solutions

Last time, we mentioned problems and possible solutions for HotSyncing a Palm PDA to an iMac (or new blue and white G3).

A few readers (including Tony Andreoli) replied that 3Com stated at Macworld Expo that a USB version of the Palm cradle is in development.

Daniel Dobkin notes that the release notes for the MacPac2 Beta state that HotSyncing will work with a USB to serial adapter. Several readers (including Charlie Conway, Kenneth Kirksey and John McCauley) have tried using the Keyspan adapter and found it worked without a hitch. A note on MacInTouch suggests that you may need … Read more

Retailers get to purchase non-bundled iMacs; G3 internal modem and SCSI card availability

iMac bundles Initially, Apple said it would sell the new colored iMacs to retailers only in bundles of five (one of each color). However, Apple-authorized wholesalers (Ingram Micro & Pinacor) will now sell individual iMacs to retailers.

G3 Modem Meanwhile, we have word that the 56K internal modem for the new G3 will be available for purchase within about 2-3 weeks.

G3 SCSI card Finally, as it turns out Apple's SCSI card for the new G3s may never materialize - at least not from Apple. We have word that the card will only be available as a third party … Read more

Blue and White G3 hardware compatibility issues: a follow-up

Regarding our previous coverage of hardware compatibility issues with the new Power Mac G3s, we have received additional reports:

gPort solution to attaching serial port devices Griffin Technology has announced the gPort universal serial adapter for the new blue and white G3 Macs. From a press release: "The gPort opens the entire world of Mac serial devices to G3 users including printers, Midi devices, modems, lab equipment, serial input tablets, and digital cameras. The gPort even supports LocalTalk for printing to LaserWriters and other LocalTalk printers as well as file sharing on LocalTalk networks." It is scheduled to … Read more

Odds & Ends

Star Ship Creator problem: solutions Regarding the problem with Star Trek Star Ship Creator ( reported last time), Christopher Ford, Kevin Spencer and Stuart Shapiro pointed to a similar solution: Make sure you have QuickTime VR and/or QuickDraw 3D extensions installed. Tim Malloroy solved the problem simply by allocating more memory to the applications.

Virtual Game Station: where is it? I have received unconfirmed reports that Sony intends to sue Connectix over its Virtual Game Station emulator. Whatever the truth may be, Connectix has made no announcement as to when the software will be generally available. It was sold at … Read more