Connectix Virtual Game Station on upgraded G3s?

Connectix officially states that its Game Station emulator only works on Macs that originally came with a G3 processor. However, readers report success with other configurations. For example, John Parker writes: "I am using a PowerCC PowerBase 180 upgraded with a PowerLogix 220/512k G3 upgrade card. I have 88Mb RAM and no graphics accelerator except for the ATI 2Mb set that came stock on the PowerBase. I do, however, have an original Apple CD-ROM drive. I am happy to say that I have been playing PlayStation games nonstop for the past few days with no problems."

Apple's Ultra2 SCSI cards (included with certain G3 Blue and White configurations): what connectors are provided?

Speaking of SCSI connection issues with the new G3s, a thread on Apple's Discussion Boards points to possible misinformation from Apple regarding the the Ultra2 SCSI controller included with the G3/400MHz configuration. Replies from Apple suggest updated corrected information is coming soon. Here are the highlights:

Original post from Sean Collins: Received a new B&W G3/400 yesterday. Great machine, but I am extremely upset that Apple has posted serious misinformation concerning the Ultra2 SCSI controller included in this configuration. An Apple TIL article states that the card has internal connectors for 50 and 68 pin … Read more

Adaptec 2906 SCSI card does support both internal and external devices

Douglas Miles wrote to Adaptec to request information about their SCSI cards for the new blue and white G3s. He was particularly interested in whether the Adaptec 2906 card could be connected to both external and internal devices (a report here last time had said only external devices were supported). Douglas found that Adaptec's web page for the technical specs of the card stated that it supported both internal and external connections (although another Adaptec web page had indicated only external support). In any case, Adaptec replied: The AVA-2906 does have internal and external connectors. It will support internal … Read more

Troubleshooting Microsoft Internet Explorer: continued

A personal note This item has been moved to Troubleshooting Internet Explorer 4.5.

Deleting MS Library files This item has been moved to Troubleshooting Internet Explorer 4.5.

Other updated information The Report has also been updated with several new items, including information about a work-around for AOL and Explorer issues, solving some out of memory errors by updating Net-Print, and deleting or resetting Preferences to fix dictionary missing problems.

Odds & Ends

Sony and Connectix Game Station In a MacWEEK article, Roy K. McDonald, president and CEO of Connectix, is quoted as saying that Virtual Game Station will ship to retailers as soon as Connectix can finish producing the packaging. Despite this, rumors continue to swirl regarding negotiations between Connectix and Sony and/or possible legal action by Sony against this Game Station emulator (as noted in Wired News).

SyQuest assets move to Iomega As stated in a SyQuest press release: SyQuest has agreed to "sell certain assets including all of its intellectual property, its U.S. inventory and its U.… Read more

Utilities Updates

TeleMagic patch Last time, we mentioned a problem using 1999 dates with TeleMagic. Rich Barron notes that the TeleMagic web site now has a patch that fixes this.

Tracker INIT 1.1 is an update to this generic antivirus suspicious behavior blocker. Scanner 1.0 is a "generic heuristic 68k virus scanner." Check out the web page for more details.

System Bar (from WestCode) is a system enhancement utility for Macintosh, which offers tools for handling common and tedious tasks. Included are 11 tools, all accessible through a floating toolbar while in any application&endash; URL Launcher, … Read more

Advice from Aladdin on using StuffIt 5.x with non-English Mac OS systems

For non-English language Mac OS users, the following information, sent to a reader by Aladdin, may prove useful if you are having problems with StuffIt 5.x: StuffIt Deluxe 5.0 installs the following text encoding items into your System: "Text Encoding Converter" (located in your Extensions Folder in your System Folder) and "Text Encodings" folder (located in the main (root) level of your System Folder).

On a non-English version of the Mac OS there will also be versions of these two items that have non-English names. Check the version numbers on these 2 items by … Read more

Power On Software offers advice on using Space Doctor

Space Doctor is a new HFS Plus conversion utility from Power On Software. They sent the following email to people who purchased Space Doctor at Macworld Expo: Very rarely, when converting a drive, ACTION Space Doctor encounters a problem. This could be due to a power failure or not having enough memory available to convert your disk. If you run into a problem you should quit ACTION Space Doctor and relaunch it. If you are booting off of the ACTION Space Doctor bootable floppy you should reboot from it. This will restore your disk to it's original unconverted state. … Read more