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Slash Arcade Rocker aims to engage enthusiasts

Mere weeks after the Guitar Hero series finally made its way onto the iPhone, has a fresh competitor for the popular rhythm game. The guitar enthusiast Web site just launched Slash Arcade Rocker, and as the name suggests, the game requires a love for Slash and his music.

As a fan of pretty much any rhythm game on any in-house video game system, I jumped at the chance to try out Slash Arcade Rocker slightly ahead of schedule. Although I haven't had any hands-on time with Guitar Hero for the iPhone, I can say based on the … Read more

Access music in the clouds

Editors' note: In order to use mSpot for Android, you will need to download the uploader app for Windows or Mac.

Music services for mobile phones are enjoying an increasing popularity thanks to the fact that cell phones are replacing standalone MP3 players for many people. MSpot is one of many solutions that has cropped up as a solution for on-the-go listening. The company offers a music cloud service that lets you upload up to 2GB of music for free and access it from any Wi-Fi-capable computer or Android device. (More information on the service here).

As of press time, … Read more

Google remotely wipes apps off Android phones

Google has remotely removed two free apps from several hundred Android phones because the apps misrepresented their purpose and thus violated Android developer policies, according to a company spokesman.

This marks the first time Google has used the Remote Application Removal Feature that allows the company to delete apps for security reasons that have been installed through Android Market.

The apps were proof-of-concept programs designed to test the feasibility of distributing a program that could later be used to take control of the device in an attack, according to Jon Oberheide, the developer who wrote and distributed them.

The one … Read more

The 404 610: Where it won't work if you hold it wrong (podcast)

The show title for today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast actually refers to two stories in the rundown. The first, of course, refers to the masses of complaints from early Apple iPhone 4 adopters. As if yesterday's heatstroke line nightmares weren't bad enough, some owners are experiencing disappearing signals when the steel bands antennas are covered by gripping the phone in use.

Ironically, the external antenna band was supposed to increase reception bars, but many feel jilted that Apple and Steve Jobs failed to mention the glaring design error during the keynote earlier this month. … Read more

The iMovie app adds style to videos

It's iPhone 4 launch day and we're sure there are many happy new owners of the iPhone 4 (review) even among those who are apparently finding some problems with Apple's latest device. To help you get started using your new front- and rear-facing cameras to make videos, Apple has released an iMovie app to the iTunes app store, and we think it's worth the extra five bucks.

iMovie for iPhone ($4.99) lets you create great looking HD movies with themes, all just using your iPhone. You can start your project by either shooting fresh footage (… Read more

App store GetJar bottles up $11 million from VCs

GetJar, a mobile app store that offers software for most major smartphones, said Thursday it has picked up $11 million in financing.

GetJar said it will use the Series B funding generated by Accel Partners to continue to innovate its site and its services for customers and developers, including Pay-Per-Download, App Download Page, and App Catalogue Express.

GetJar is not nearly as well known as the Apple, Android, and BlackBerry mobile app stores. But according to GetJar, it has counted more than 1 billion downloads since its launch in 2005. GetJar describes itself as the world's second largest app … Read more

iPhone 4 truth time: Which apps do you really use?

Getting any new geek toy takes me through the usual unboxing and tinkering routines, particularly if it's the shiny black iPhone 4 (full CNET review) I just got in on preorder that's so coveted that people are willing to sell spots in line for Thursday's retail launch.

Plugging the boxier, edgier iPhone 4 into iTunes was my first task. Staring at my roster of apps certainly forced me to consider which ones I use frequently enough to sync to this new, practically pristine device with its mere 18 preinstalled programs--only 14, really, if you don't count the phone, e-mail, Safari, and iPod buttons on the home screen.

The nature of my job as a mobile-apps reviewer keeps me in a steady stream of newly downloaded apps to test, but even with the previous iPhone always in tote, there are only a handful of programs I use--really use--enough to warrant moving over from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4.… Read more

Apple approves erectile dysfunction app

Can there be even one sports-loving American who isn't aware of the dangers of a four-hour erection?

I ask this important question because the huge proliferation of ED ads that peppers every televised sporting event seems to have had an effect on Apple's app store.

Perhaps stimulated by the success of such fine products as Viagra and Cialis, an ambitious developer called Health Code has released "Fire Up Your Sex Drive," an app that promises to revolutionize the way you interact with your Apple equipment.

The promises made by "Fire Up Your Sex Drive" … Read more

Office Web Apps, Google Docs go head-to-head

Microsoft's first true browser-based versions of the venerable Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications won't make you abandon the programs' full-featured counterparts installed your hard drive. But if you splurge for Office 2010, you may find yourself spending a lot more time working in your browser.

You probably already do some word processing and spreadsheet work using Google Docs, Zoho, or another such service. (I described the Web's best desktop-app replacements in a post last month.)

These services have offered first-rate word processing and spreadsheet programs that run in a browser and let you create, open, and store … Read more

Figuring Apple's App Store gross profit


Apple's iTunes App Store may be the biggest mobile application around, but it's not much of a revenue generator for the company.

The company claims it runs the App Store at "a bit over break-even" and, according to an analysis by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, that is indeed the case. Extrapolating from metrics provided CEO Steve Jobs during his WWDC keynote earlier this month--$1 billion paid to developers for 5 billion free and paid app downloads--Munster figures the App Store has contributed only $189 million to Apple's total gross profit since it launched. … Read more