Tuesday CES and Macworld roundup: Beyond the iPhone

The mobile trend of this year's CES continued today as Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld captured the spotlight with the announcement of yet another new mobile device--the iPhone. But there was other stuff going on, from new Google announcements to more news from the TV realm.

-- Motorola Q's new Pro incarnation. The hardware's the same, but the Motorola Q Pro has some software differences: virtual private network (VPN) support, a firewall, and data encryption, to name a few. As the name would imply, it's making the Q more friendly to the business crowd. (Crave)

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More stuff to Crave: (un)CES Edition

Well, all eyes are on Las Vegas this week (and San Francisco for Macworld, and Detroit for the Auto Show) for all the really cool announcements that have been coming just about every five minutes. Some of us Cravers, however, are here in our regular haunts holding down the fort. Sure, I might not be hanging out in Vegas, but I'm having a great time watching 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s on VH1...and finding some non-CES highlights around the blogosphere for you.

--MASHUPS: Battlestar meets Warcraft (Joystiq)

--GAMING: Chest-pillow for gamers from Japan (BoingBoing)

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News Roundup

--MeeboMe Widgets Come to Traineo (Mashable) Meebo, the multiclient Web-based instant messaging app, has teamed up with Traineo to provide an easy way to add IM to your Traineo profile.

--Google Confirms Stake in Xunlei (GigaOM) Apparently Google is spending money on a P2P start-up in China. Google has had an interesting history with China, so this is somewhat surprising. However, given the country's track record on piracy, P2P should thrive.

--OpenOffice patches 'highly critical' flaw (CNET Users of the free and open-source office suite got a patch for a flaw that could let … Read more

More stuff to Crave

--GAMING: Wii Mii Celeb Creation (GameVideos)

--ARTS & CRAFTS: Secure chip-and-PIN terminal hacked to play Tetris (BoingBoing)

--ZILLIONAIRES: Gates says day of the home-help robot is near (The Guardian)

--JUICY GOSSIP: Apple Keynote 2007: Speculation that iTunes will snag song lyrics (Gizmodo)

--JUICY GOSSIP: Former Apple sales boss: Mac Phone yes, Mac Tablet no (CNET

--SECOND LIFE: Inworld Buddhism (Wonderland)

News roundup

--Self-promoting Google tips disappear (CNET After coming under the collective assail of tech bloggers for using "tips" to promote its own products, like Google Calendar and Google Maps, Google appears to have pulled the feature.

--LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Answers (Mashable!) Business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn has introduced a feature in which you can ask questions to members of your "network," somewhat like Yahoo Answers and the now-defunct Google Answers.

--Web 2.0 hits The Street (CNET Wall Street news site, a very Web 1.0 operation, has … Read more

More stuff to Crave

--ONLY IN JAPAN: Live Action Pac-Man (

--SECOND LIFE: Counting the real 'Second Life' population (CNET

--GAMING: Wii-optimized Internet radio site surfaces (Joystiq)

--PREDICTIONS: 2007 Trends: WiLife (PSFK)

--ZILLIONAIRES: Bezos' space ship revealed (BoingBoing)

--NEWS: Blockbuster shuts down in Peru; piracy blamed (Reuters via Eyebeam reBlog)

--CYBERLAW: Is Apple the new Microsoft? (Monkey Bites)

--WEB 2.0: Comic Vine is nerdy in a cool way (Webware)

More stuff to Crave

--ARTS & CRAFTS: Air cannon shoots through quarter (

--GREEN TECH: Pro cycling goes carbon neutral (Treehugger)

--WEB 2.0: CozmoTV attempts to find order in YouTube chaos (Webware)

--THE INDUSTRY: Some fun facts about Internet TV usage (HipMojo)

--ANTHROPOMORPHISM: Huggable hedgehog CD case (ShinyShiny)

--GAMING: Ten burning questions for 2007 (Game|Life)

--DESIGN: Music in the Rain, Portable Humidifier, Stickpot (MoCo Loco)

More stuff to Crave

--ONLY IN SEATTLE: 2007 New Year's fireworks at the Space Needle (YouTube)

--HELPFUL HINTS: Hangover Soap (ThisNext)

--WIKIALITY: No, Wales & co. did not ban Qatar (Wikipedia)

--ONLY IN NEW YORK: Cabbies track cell phone reception, drive cabs (Gizmodo)

--THE INDUSTRY: The wild card of 2007 on the Web: (HipMojo)

--GAMING: Bungie gets U.S. Army to beta test Halo 3 (Kotaku)

--GREEN TECH: Wal-Mart's Solar Dream (Treehugger)

More stuff to Crave

--GAMING: World of Wiimote (Joystiq)

--JUICY GOSSIP: YouTube's copyright software not finished on time? (Mashable)

--ONLY IN JAPAN: Tokyo Found: Insane Japanese Kicking Game (Gizmodo)

--THE INDUSTRY: What Superhero Are You? (TechCrunch)**

--APPLE: 10 questions Apple must answer in 2007 (Cult of Mac)

--THE INDUSTRY: Analyst: PS3 dragging Sony down (Kotaku)

**I am Spider-Man. "You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky, and have great power and responsibility." Hey, sweet.

More stuff to Crave

--ROBOTS: Baseball Hitting Robot (

--END-OF-YEARNESS: 2007 Predictions and 2007 Predictions Response (Mashable)

--GAMING: Joichi Ito on World of Warcraft (We Make Money Not Art)

--THE INDUSTRY: Apple filing likely to tell all on options (NYT via CNET

--LUXURY: Ultimate Apple Fanatic's Residence: Dubai's iPad (Cult of Mac)

--END-OF-YEARNESS: Worst Vlogs of 2006 (10 Zen Monkeys)

--ARTS AND CRAFTS: Shake control your music: Wii remote + Linux (MAKE Magazine)