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Intel 'Ultrabook' touts tablet-like features

Intel will try to mainstream thin laptops that take design cues from tablets, company executives said, as the chipmaker launches the new blueprint at the Computex trade show on Tuesday.

The "Ultrabook" will combine the performance of a laptop with "tablet-like features" in a "thin, light and elegant design," Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney said in a statement, implying that Intel hopes to blunt some of the market momentum of tablets like the iPad. Maloney, the newly named chairman of Intel China, is scheduled to speak at Computex on Tuesday.

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Asus launches ultrathin UX and Eee PC X101 at Computex

Among the handful of consumer laptops unveiled at the Computex trade show in Taiwan, Asus had one of the more interesting, an ultrathin 11-inch clearly designed to take on the MacBook Air.

The 11-inch Asus UX has an aluminum alloy shell with a polished finish, and the company claims that it "draws inspiration from luxury timepieces." The chassis is 17mm at its thickest point and, like the MacBook Air, uses SSD hard drives and even has an instant-on resume feature. (Note that Asus used the name UX for different laptops over the years.)

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Day-to-day with the 11-inch MacBook Air and iPad 2

Using the 11.6-inch MacBook Air and the iPad 2 on a daily basis is an ongoing study in high-mobility computing and the pros and cons of both devices.

First, some general comments about the Air's performance. As many reviews have already stated, the smallest MacBook Air proves that you can squeeze relatively fast hardware into an extremely small package. My 2.3-pound Air with an Intel 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo chip and 4GB of memory is plenty fast for me. (And I shouldn't neglect to mention the Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics silicon, which helps to keep … Read more

A MacBook with Apple inside? Intel begs to differ

Rumors about Apple developing a MacBook with one of its own chips--not Intel's--were advanced on Friday, based on a post at a Japanese-language Web site. An Intel executive had some thoughts on the subject.

Let's get right to the post on the Japanese Web site Macotakara Kanteidan about the rumored MacBook Air test vehicle packing a Thunderbolt port. In a Japanese-language post entitled "Is an A5-equipped MacBook Air being tested?" the site claims that "according to someone who has seen a model running with [Apple's] A5 processor, the performance is better than had been thought."

Assuming the report is credible, that's a pretty big leap from a frantic rumor about Apple "dumping Intel" to a real system running on the A5, the Apple-branded chip--based on an ARM design--that's used in the iPad 2.

To date, Apple's ultrathin MacBook Air has run exclusively on Intel processors. And that's expected to continue when Apple announces new Airs based on Intel's "Sandy Bridge" processors this summer, based on my own sources who are familiar with Apple's plans.

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'Fusion' chip on rise as Netbooks become un-Netbooks

Advanced Micro Devices said this week that it has shipped about 5 million of its power-efficient Fusion processors to date, as it makes inroads thanks to Intel's fading Netbook franchise.

Traditional Netbooks are minimalist, typically sub-$350 laptops that average about 3 pounds and feature Intel's power-frugal Atom processors. But the specially designated category of Netbooks is fading as more companies and consumers gravitate to plain old small laptops, minus the Netbook nomenclature and minus Intel's Atom. And, as many analysts are saying of late, the surge of consumer interest in tablets, like Apple's iPad, is … Read more

I have $600 to spend on a new computer. PC or Mac?

For the past couple weeks I've been asking myself a question that I know many of you have asked as well: should I switch to Mac? Allow me to explain.

Not long ago, my beloved media-center PC croaked. Motherboard failure. Just two weeks later, my primary desktop suffered the same failure. (Coincidence? Dunno, but they were both HP systems. Just saying.)

Many of my Facebook friends have seized the opportunity to cry, "Get a Mac!" And for the first time ever, I'm starting to seriously consider it. Not because I believe Macs are trouble-free--they're not--but … Read more

Edit your blog in style

MarsEdit makes blogging easier, letting you ditch clunky browser-based editing in favor of a full-featured, fully Mac-powered desktop editor. With nice bonus features like autosaving, Technorati tag editing, blog-specific image settings, support for Tumblr, and a speedy Flickr browser, MarsEdit is a great example of indie software done right. It gives you lots of functionality, a professional level of quality, and responsive support, at (of course, this being indie software) a modest price.

Also this week we have the latest version of AppDelete, the utility that helps you uninstall unwanted apps completely--even hidden system files that often get left behind. … Read more

This Day in Tech: Google Wallet and Offers, Amazon opens Mac download stores

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Thursday, May 26.

Google Wallet, Offers make their debut Services combine coupons, discounts, and payments at the time people buy things through their phone. Trials start now, with full launch this summer. More

Amazon opens up Mac downloads stores The e-commerce heavyweight launches a pair of online venues targeting Mac users with digital downloads. So far Amazon's stocking about 250 games and apps. More

Senate panel gives OK to antipiracy bill The Protect IP Act makes it through the … Read more

How to add PayPal to your iWeb site

iWeb offers Mac users an easy way to build their own Web site from scratch and post it for all the world to enjoy. Though iWeb's built-in tools are formidable, you can greatly expand its scope by using HTML Snippets and a little coding from popular Web sites like PayPal.

It seems as though everyone has something to sell these days and adding PayPal to your iWeb site can help. Not discussed in this article is the process for setting up a PayPal account, but PayPal has a nice tutorial and walk-through that should get you started easily.

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Amazon opens up Mac downloads stores

Despite being in the middle of litigation with Apple over the use of the term "Appstore" for its mobile application store, Amazon today launched two digital downloads stores for Mac software.

The new stores, picked up by The Loop, cover games and applications. Altogether, Amazon's got 252 pieces of software up for sale, the majority of which are applications versus game titles.

Just like Apple's Mac App Store, which is how the company sells both its own and third-party Mac software, Amazon users can redownload applications if they somehow misplace the file. However, unlike with Apple'… Read more