Apple updates MacBook Air, Mac Mini

Following months of fervent speculation, Apple has updated its MacBook Air laptop with new Intel Sandy Bridge CPU options, a data port for high-speed Thunderbolt peripherals, and a backlit keyboard (which was present in the original MacBook Air, but absent from the 2010 version). Not included, however, were other rumored changes, such as a black-colored chassis or a mobile broadband antenna.

Also new are updated versions of the Mac Mini, which gets a Thunderbolt port (while retaining HDMI output) as well as faster CPUs. However, the built-in DVD drive is now gone from the entire Mac Mini line.

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Mac OS X Lion pounces

As promised, Apple let Mac OS X Lion out of its cage this morning.

Version 10.7 of the operating system has more than 250 new features, Apple said, but an installation disc isn't one of them: it's available today for $29.99 as a 3.49GB download only.

Apple enjoys pushing the computing industry into the future by dropping technology it deems to be from the past--for example floppy drives missing from the first iMac--and those who want a real-world copy of the OS will have to wait until Apple releases it on a USB thumb drive … Read more

Mac OS X Lion review: A worthy upgrade for the price

When Apple showed off Mac OS X Lion at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote speech earlier this year, it was clear the company had paid attention to its successes with the popular iOS devices, and was now beginning to include successful iOS features in its flagship OS.

Also, with Apple laptops and tablets now far outpacing desktop sales, Apple has moved from a primarily desktop computer company to embrace mobile computing. This release of Mac OS X seems to be a reflection of Apple's successes in those categories.

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Apple COO: iPad takes a bite out of Mac sales

The iPad is nibbling away Mac sales, as demand continued to exceed supply in the quarter, according to comments made by Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook during the company's third-quarter earnings conference call.

iPad shipments jump 183 percent: How big of a nibble? We know this much. Apple shipped a record 9.25 million iPads during the quarter, a 183 percent increase over the same quarter last year when it shipped 3.3 million. Meanwhile, it shipped about 3.95 million Macs in the third quarter, a 14 percent increase from last year.

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Migration Assistant updated for Snow Leopard to Lion transfers

If you're planning on upgrading to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion tomorrow, you'll want to do a quick software update and be sure you've got Migration Assistant version 1.0 installed.

The update fixes an issue that prevents the migration of data from systems running Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard to systems running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

The update can be downloaded via Software Update on qualifying machines or directly from Apple.

Be sure to follow MacFixIt on Twitter and contribute to the CNET Mac forums.

iTunes Store eats processing threads

While iTunes itself is not a tremendous processing resource hog (about 1 to 3 percent CPU usage and 11 to 13 threads when idle), leaving the iTunes Store as your active selection in iTunes can jump the CPU usage to between 6 and 10 percent and add two to three threads when idle.

If you're needing to process anything requiring a lot of power and you've got iTunes open, being sure that the iTunes Store is not the active selection in the iTunes sidebar is a good place to get some extra oomph. Mac OS X Hints user … Read more

Mac OS X Lion goes on sale Wednesday

Apple's next version of Mac OS X, dubbed Lion, will go on sale tomorrow, the company's execs said during Apple's second-quarter conference call.

The latest version of the OS has "over 250 new features," the company has said. The OS first made its debut at an event dubbed "Back to the Mac" in October, where the company also launched its second-generation MacBook Air and iLife '11 software.

Some of the most important features include: support for full-screen applications, more multitouch gestures, system resume, auto save for app data, AirDrop file transfer, and a … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1513: The FBI is coming after Anonymous. Run and tell that. (Podcast)

The FBI rolls out a massive raid across the United States in connection with the "Anonymous" hacking investigation. Google's Eric Schmidt will defend HTC at all costs and if you can't wait for the inevitable Mac OS X Lion release, it's already out on the internet. Because that won't get you in trouble at all.

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Amazon lightens bookbags

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Amazon lets students rent textbooks

Hackers attack News Corp.

Apple Mac OS X Lion launch tomorrow

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