Woman hangs up on $10,000 call from Apple

Technology facilitates intrusion.

People weasel their way into our lives in order to sell us cable TV, a zoo membership, or enhanced reproductive organs.

So who could be surprised when Gail Davis, a woman in Orpington, England, picked up the phone, listened to someone offering her a prize, and immediately replied, "Thank you very much; I'm not interested"?

The only problem was that the caller really was someone from Apple and Davis really had won a prize. For her household was, indeed, the one from which the 10 billionth app had been downloaded from Apple's app … Read more

Apple App Store reaches 10 billion downloads

Less than three years after its launch, the Apple App Store reached its goal of 10 billion downloads this morning.

To promote the milestone, Apple had promised to give away a $10,000 App Store gift card to whomever bought the 10 billionth download. Apple said the winner of the gift card was Gail Davis of Orpington, England.

The store launched in July 2008 with just 500 apps and now touts the availability of more than 350,000 free and paid apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Growth of the store's popularity has been swift; in its … Read more

Access your media files anywhere with Libox

As evidenced by the introduction of Unifi at CES 2011, there's a move to provide cloud storage services that focus specifically on media files. Of course, the problem one runs into with these types of files is that they tend to be a lot larger than things like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations--downright huge, in the case of video. A new software and service called Libox is aiming to tackle that problem.

Like Unifi, Libox serves to aggregate your media files from various drives and devices (though at this time, it doesn't bring in content you may have stored … Read more

Online word processors: Awesome and primitive

I love that you can now write full, rich, graphical applications for the Web--even for core tools like word processors. As Stephen Shankland recently noted, Google Docs has evolved into something surprisingly useful, even for a professional writer. I second that opinion, and add that competitors like Zoho Writer are similarly powerful, usable, and useful--as are other "Office 2.0" apps for spreadsheets, presentations, project management, and other tasks. Cloud apps have come a long way, baby!

Online editors let you move your work easily to just about any connected computer, and they enormously facilitate live, real-time collaboration. … Read more

Top 5 iPhone fitness apps

MP3 players serve many purposes in our lives. They drown out the crazies on public transportation, keep our road rage in check during rush hour, ensure that we're entertained on long flights, and help us stay motivated at the gym. In fact, one of the top reasons why people buy portable audio devices is to have them as fitness companions. And you may not know it just by looking at them, but the iPhone and iPod Touch are excellent tools for watching your weight and keeping in shape--you just need the proper enhancements.

First and foremost, if you're … Read more

App downloads top 2 million on Samsung TVs

Samsung is seeing significant growth in app downloads on its line of HDTVs.

The company announced this week that 2 million apps have been downloaded from its sets since its marketplace launched last year. The news comes less than two months after Samsung announced that 1 million apps had been downloaded from its service.

The feat is all the more impressive when one considers it took 268 days to hit the 1 million mark.

YouTube and Hulu Plus are among the most commonly downloaded apps, according to Samsung. They are joined by ESPN's Next Level, AccuWeather, and Google Maps. … Read more

Nudity: There's not an app for that

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

Amazon acquires LoveFilm, the European equivalent of Netflix

Nintendo announces pricing, release date, and game lineup of the upcoming 3DS

Google Voice now allows you to port over your own phone number

Facebook announces an optimized version of the site for non-smartphones

Verizon offers a $200 gift card to customers who have recently purchased a new phone but want to switch to the upcoming Verizon iPhone

T-Mobile launches an app that will prevent you from texting while driving

The Playboy app for iPad is not an app after all. It is Playboy optimized … Read more

Apps not appearing as installed in App Store

When you have applications installed that are available in the new Mac App Store, the store should show the application as being installed instead of having an option to purchase the application. Despite this behavior, some people have found that applications they either have previously installed or have downloaded from the App Store are not registering with the store and have a Buy option next to them instead of an Installed status.

If this happens, one reason might be if you have moved the applications from their default install location. Try moving them back to the Applications folder to see … Read more

In-depth look at the TiVo Premiere iPad app

If you have a TiVo Premiere or you're an iPad owner thinking about getting a TiVo, the TiVo App for iPad might be enough to get you to buy the one you don't have.

The app, which is now available for download, essentially puts the entire TiVo Premiere interface on the iPad's screen. That means you can do everything--browse the program guide, schedule and manage recordings, and search for content across broadcast and broadband services--without interrupting what's onscreen.

Overall, the functionality of the app is impressive, mostly because it's snappier than the Premiere's interface. … Read more

Apple reveals top apps of all time

Apple has unveiled its list of the all-time top iPhone and iPad apps as it inches closer to the 10 billionth download in its App Store.

According to the company, Doodle Jump is the most popular paid iPhone app of all time. The game is followed up by Tap Tap Revenge 3 and Pocket God. Surprisingly, Angry Birds, which has 50 million active users across several different platforms, took the fourth spot. Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 captured the fifth spot in Apple's list.

Out of the top 10 paid iPhone apps of all time, 9 are games.

On … Read more