Microsoft's OneNote Mobile arrives on the iPhone

In an important step towards making its note-taking and notebook-authoring service available in more places, Microsoft today has released a pocket-sized version of its OneNote application for Apple's iOS.

The software lets users make things like bulleted lists and checklists, as well as grab and insert photos from the user's photo library or the camera app. All these things can be combined into one note with a slightly modified version of the iOS keyboard that adds feature shortcuts just above the keys.

OneNote Mobile for iOS shares a similar feature set to its cousin on Windows Phone 7, … Read more

Facebook backtracks on apps grabbing address, cell number

Facebook is temporarily putting the kibosh on a new tweak that gave apps the ability to capture someone's cell number and address.

Pushed through on Friday, the new change expanded on the information already available to third-party app developers based on a user's permissions.

When downloading a Facebook app, people have always been asked if they want to share their name, picture, friends list, and other information. The change threw in an additional request asking to share a person's address and mobile phone number.

Concerns quickly arose that Facebook users might click the option to allow access … Read more

EMC targets NetApp turf with VNXe gear

EMC today rolled out its largest launch ever with 40 new storage technologies and products aimed directly at undercutting NetApp's footing.

Among EMC's announcements, the most notable item is a new family of systems called VNXe, aimed at small and midsize businesses as well as remote offices. The VNXe system prices will range from below the $10,000 mark to $40,000. The VNXe family is basically the heart of EMC's midtier storage lineup and takes the company into a niche that it couldn't hit with its Iomega unit, which sells systems in the $5,000 … Read more

Download the 10 billionth App Store app, win $10,000

Apple will be awarding one lucky (and timely) person a $10,000 iTunes gift card to commemorate the download of the 10 billionth App Store app.

The easiest way to win the prize is to download the 10 billionth app from the marketplace before entry forms are submitted from Apple's site. In order to make it fair to those who might not want to download more apps to their devices, Apple is offering a "non-purchase method" for entering the sweepstakes. Those folks need to fill out an entry form to join in.

People who opt for the … Read more

Apple gifting $10,000 for its 10 billionth App Store download

Less than 3 years after its celebrated opening, despite pointed punditry and challenging growing pains, Apple's App Store is about to claim 10 billion App downloads. To celebrate, as they did when iTunes reached 10 billion downloads, Apple is giving away a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the person that purchases the 10 billionth download.

"As of today, nearly 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store worldwide. Which is almost as amazing as the apps themselves. So we want to say thanks. Download the 10 billionth app, and you could win a $10,000 … Read more

Get artsy weather on the iPhone

As avid weather stalkers, we can confirm that most of the programs and apps we turn to for our immediate climate information tend toward stale, overly detailed interfaces crammed full of information that the majority of people aren't terribly concerned with. Don't get us wrong, we're glad sites like Wunderground exist--the granularity is great--but the design is just so Web 1.0. Enter Weather Doodle, an arty iOS app with a creative and minimalistic interface with the ability to draw in even those who scoff at reports in favor of stepping outside.

What's great about Weather … Read more

Space love

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

Spotify and Shazam team up to help you find and purchase music

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Facebook teams up with the Amber Alert system

Google will start selling ads on music videos in mobile YouTube

Google launches Google Places for iPhone

Microsoft launches a Web and app building site called WebMatrix

A new report in the Journal of Cosmology discusses the specifics of mating in space

Android gets Google Translate update

Android users who have found themselves fighting the language barrier have probably heard of Google Translate, a free translation app for Android. Although it's not the most feature-packed translator for Android, it offers a simple way to translate basic words and phrases among dozens of languages. It also includes spoken translations and romanization of non-Roman scripts. Although sentences may come out kind of wonky depending on the structure, it definitely works in a pinch.

Today, Google announced an update for its Translate app, with a focus on tweaks that aim to make the interface easier to navigate and the … Read more

Microsoft opposes Apple trademark for 'App Store'

Apple's effort to trademark the name "App Store" has run in to opposition from Microsoft, which argues the phrase is too generic to register and would restrict competitors' ability to use of the term to describe their own services.

A week after Apple launched its App Store for iPhone apps in 2008, the company applied for a trademark for "app store," a retail store offering "services featuring computer software provided via the internet and other computer and electronic communication networks," as well as other services, according to its application with the U.S. … Read more