5 killer apps for jailbroken iPhones

So you decided to jailbreak your iPhone using the fast and easy browser-based method that's been making headlines all week.

Now it's time to stock up on the apps Apple doesn't want you to have, mwa ha ha! (Don't you just love thumbing your nose at authority?)

As a first-time jailbreaker (finally got the aforementioned JailbreakMe to work early this morning), I've been test-tapping some of the most popular apps on my newly liberated iPhone 3GS. And already I'm wondering how I got along without them. Here are my five must-haves.

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Google brings browsing History to Android, iPhone

One of the "smartest" features of an iPhone and Android phone is the capability to pull up as search suggestions previously visited URLs when you begin typing your destination into the browser.

On Tuesday, Google offered its own take for the Android- and iPhone-optimized version of in the form of a new History link.

If you're signed in to Google and you've also enabled search history in the Settings (Settings > Search History > Save Searches), then tapping the new History link that's sandwiched between your username and the "Sign out" … Read more

Giving Google App Inventor a spin

It's a fact that Google is stuffed to the brim with really, really smart people. You might think you're a bit of a brainbox, but compared to those dudes at Google, we're all idiots. So to help us feel better about ourselves, the search and mobile OS giant has created Google App Inventor, a simple way for us to make our own Android apps.

And by simple, we mean probably not as hard as learning a programming language from scratch, but still not the sort of thing most people would find easy. It does make it possible, … Read more

Facebook for Android catching up to iPhone Facebook?

Facebook for Android updated to version 1.3.0 on Tuesday, and while we wouldn't say that it's as elegant and accessible as Facebook for iPhone, the Android version is absolutely improving.

A done-up interface greets you on boot-up, with seven icons for your news feed, profile, friends, photos, message in-box, events (like birthdays), and pending friend requests. The latter two are new additions and welcome ways to easily manage your Facebook account.

Below the icon dashboard is a photo reel that lets you swipe through thumbnails of friends' recently uploaded photos, although there's no context surrounding … Read more

Print iPhone photos on your Brother all-in-one

If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod and a Brother multifunction printer, today's your lucky day: now you can print and scan from one to the other.

Specifically, Brother iPrint&Scan lets you send photos from your device to your printer over your home Wi-Fi network. You can choose an existing photo from your album or snap one on the spot with the camera.

The app also supports full-color and black-and-white scanning from your all-in-one to your iPhone. That's a great way to capture photos and documents for on-the-go viewing. Scanned items can be saved to … Read more

AT&T embraces bar code scanning with new app, services

Bar code readers and scanning applications have slowly been gaining popularity in the United States thanks to apps such as ShopSavvy, Compare Everywhere, and Google Shopper. AT&T is jumping on board with its own bar code offerings that the carrier announced today.

Designed for Android and BlackBerry phones, AT&T's new Mobile Barcode Services primarily serve as shopping tools, according to the carrier. First up is the free AT&T Code Scanner app that lets users scan 2D and 1D barcodes to receive coupons, promotional materials, movie trailers, and more. To download the free app … Read more

Vampire Origins HD: Wear a cool trench coat, blast vampires

Load your shotgun, put on your trench coat, and find your best black hat. Vampire Origins HD combines slick design and hardcore vampire-blasting action, but it falls short of great because of poor writing and repetitive game play.

The first thing you notice about Vampire Origins HD for iPad ($4.99) is its great artistic style and smooth interface. Chillingo, makers of InkVaders HD and Angry Birds, seems to have a great eye for design, but in the case of VOHD, game writing does not appear to be a priority.

Despite the coolness of the hero character, Vincent, and the … Read more

App not selling? There's a place to sell its code

Back at the World Wide Developers Conference in June, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the company had paid out more than a billion dollars to application developers through the App Store. But what about those developers who had created something that hadn't sold so well?

There's a new service from application tracking site iPhone Application List, called the App Exchange that is playing matchmaker to such developers. There, they can effectively offload their creation to another party who might be able to do a better job, or at least use some of the app's technology in … Read more

iPad e-books for children: Five more amazing titles

A few months back I told you about five amazing iPad e-books for kids, noting that Apple's tablet is arguably the single best platform for reading (and, thanks to various interactive features, experiencing) children's books.

App developers and book publishers seem to agree, as the App Store is now home to dozens, if not hundreds, of kid-friendly e-books.

Here's a look at five more (seven if you count the Seuss stuff) that are sure to please wee readers and parents alike.

1. Aesop's Wheel of Fables  No children's book collection is complete without Aesop's Fables. This app serves up 20 tales, all of them showcased in a spinning wheel that adds a bit of tactile fun to the story-selection process. It also has spot-the-difference games that get unlocked as you read, and an option for parents to record their own voices for kids to listen to in place of the prerecorded voice. The app's on sale for $6.99 until August 5, when it goes up to $8.99.

2. More Dr. Seuss  Oceanhouse Media continues to crank out terrific Seuss classics, all of them optimized and enhanced for the iPad. The latest releases include "Green Eggs and Ham" ($3.99), "Gertrude McFuzz" ($1.99), and--yay!--"Yertle the Turtle" ($3.99). If only my kids weren't on the verge of outgrowing these! Hmm, maybe I should have one more...

3. "The Little Mermaid"  Not the Disney version, but the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale, here brought to life with animated, interactive elements reminiscent of the now-classic "Alice for iPad." Beautifully illustrated and thoroughly engaging, the $8.99 app also includes "The Emperor's New Clothes" and "The Happy Family."… Read more

PlayOn skips App Store, uses Safari for streaming

What do you do when your Hulu and Netflix streaming iPhone app remains in Apple's App Store purgatory a little too long? You do just what Steve Jobs encouraged developers to do before there was even an App Store--you make your app in Safari instead.

That's just what PlayOn has done. As per a report in VentureBeat, PlayOn had a plan B for getting its video-streaming service into the hands of iPhone and iPod Touch owners, and has created an HTML5-powered Web app that can stream that content from a connected computer running the PlayOn software client.

The … Read more