Android stays atop mobile ad heap

Google's Android was the top smartphone OS on Millennial Media's mobile ad network for the sixth consecutive month, capturing 53 percent of all ad impressions in May, according to a new report.

In second place, Apple's iOS shed a single percentage point from April, grabbing 27 percent of all ad impressions in May. That left BlackBerry maker Research In Motion with a 17 percent share, up slightly from the prior month thanks to demand for its BlackBerry Curve, according to Millennial Media, which says it tracks ads on more than 85 percent of all mobile devices in … Read more

iPad 3 to feature a Retina Display?

Will the iPad 3 sport a Retina Display?

Images found in the software development kit for iOS 5 have kicked the rumor mill back into gear.

Tech site TechUnwrapped reported yesterday that a tipster found images in the framework for integrating Twitter into Apple's next mobile OS that were double the 1,024x768 resolution used in the current iPad. Based on those images, TechUnwrapped said this could mean the next-gen iPad will offer a 2,048x1,536 Retina Display.

However, since the high-resolution images were initially found only in the Twitter framework, TechUnwrapped seemed dubious that an iPad 3 … Read more

Report: Multi-tablet households growing fast

Tablet computers are no longer being seen as expense toys, according to research being released by Resolve Market Research.

Our exclusive first look at its latest report on how consumers buy and use tablets reveals an increasing acceptance--even reliance--on tablets for work purposes. Of the 1,000 tablet users surveyed, 57 percent said they are using tablets to replace laptop functions. Compared with a year ago, tablet owners are much less likely to buy a new laptop or Netbook, as well.

Tablets are also cutting into e-reader purchase plans to an ever greater degree.

What's more surprising, given the newness of the tablet market, is that 46 percent of consumers who already have a tablet are planning to buy another one. In the case of business users, it appears they're doing so to get their kids away from devices that have work data on them.

Also in the business world, the data shows that Apple is vulnerable to competing products, as Android products proliferate and the operating system matures. Non-business users, however, are more loyal to Apple.

This research illustrates at least one of the big reasons that Apple is pushing a strategy of interconnecting its devices through the cloud. Users have decreasing loyalty to individual platforms and operating systems, but they are buying more devices, and they do form loyalties to applications. Apple is more likely to keep users on its products if it makes users' data and apps come across automatically. Google already does this. Its collection of apps, services, phones, and tablets is clearly accelerating threat to the Apple product suite.

Previously: iPad edging out e-readers, game devices.… Read more

How to set custom vibration alerts on iOS 5

Please keep in mind that this post is based off of a beta version of iOS 5. Apple can (and often does) change the behavior of features before the latest OS hits consumers hands. If anything drastically changes in regards to this feature in iOS 5, we will be sure to update the post.

When Apple announced a new Notification Center with iOS 5, it also revealed that iOS 5 would come with a couple of widgets: weather and stocks. The widgets are active in the Notification Center, the same place you will find the rest of your app alerts … Read more

Digital City 130: Best and worst of E3, Chrome OS laptops

This week: Scott and Dan are back from E3 with a detailed report on the best and worst from the big video game trade show. Meanwhile, Julie and Joe talk about how they came up with a plan to benchmark Samsung's new Chrome OS laptop, which is no small feat, as the OS is basically just Google's Chrome Web browser and nothing else.

Bonus: Download the show's jaunty theme song as a free MP3 here.

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Apple: Samsung request for iPad 3, iPhone 5 is harassment

It was easy to predict that Samsung's request to see early copies of Apple products as part of an ongoing legal dispute between the two companies wouldn't go over well with Apple.

Apple finally responded to Samsung's late May request to see the "final, commercial version(s)" of the "iPhone 4S," "iPhone 5," "iPad 3," "third-generation iPad," and their retail packaging. Yesterday, Apple filed a motion in the District Court for the Northern District of California asking the judge to deny Samsung's request.

The reason? Samsung'… Read more

Analyst: Kindle tablet to support streaming video

Amazon is prepping a new 10-inch color Kindle tablet that would support streaming video and sell for around $399, according to a report recently released by investment firm Detwiler Fenton.

Code-named Hollywood, the new Kindle tablet would include a promotional video service with Amazon reportedly offering the same movie service that it now offers for free to its Prime customers. The service would be free to Hollywood buyers for a certain amount of time, according to Detwiler Fenton.

The new Kindle would be powered by a more robust processor than is found in the smaller Kindle e-book readers and is expected to debut in time for the holiday season.

E-book readers and rival tablets alike have faced strong competition from the iPad, but Detwiler Fenton said it believes Hollywood's $399 price tag should be low enough to give it some traction against the iPad. This could put pressure on more expensive tablets, such as Motorola's Xoom and RIM's BlackBerry Playbook, each of which is expected to sell around 1 million units this year, said the investment firm.

It comes as no secret that Amazon has reportedly been busy readying its own lineup of tablets, according to various sources and some hints from CEO Jeff Bezos. One of the reports refers to "Hollywood" as the code name for a new 10-inch tablet from Amazon, to be powered by Nvidia's quad-core Kal-El chipset.… Read more

AutoCorrector app corrects iPhone auto-correct

One of the first things I did when I got my iPad 2 was turn off the spelling auto-correction feature. It only took a few close calls for me to realize that it didn't always have my best interests at heart.

It only takes one visit to the site Damn You Auto Correct to see the depths to which the feature can sink. One poor soul tried to type "bed spread," but it came out as "bed sores." Another's "woo-hoo" became the much less exciting "wool noodle." Somewhere in Cupertino, Calif., Steve Jobs is laughing.

The new 99-cent AutoCorrector app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is designed to renew your faith in auto-correction. It lets you add custom words and names to your iPhone's vocabulary or install a list of SMS shorthand words. There are a couple of swear words that AutoCorrector can't disable the auto-correct for, but otherwise it's highly effective.

I gave AutoCorrector a quick test drive. I started with one of my biggest auto-correct headaches by adding my last name to the list. Now my iPad no longer tries to change "Kooser" to "looser." I feel better already.

We have plenty of unusual town names around where I live in New Mexico. I just taught my iPad not to change "Tijeras" to "Tigers" or "To'Hajiilee" to "Toga oiler."

AutoCorrector won't absolve you of all auto-correct snafus, but it can reduce the chances for embarrassing typos. You will still have to be on your toes when messaging your friends about the stork clouds on the horizon, but at least "John Stamos" won't have to come across as "John Stamps."… Read more

Edit Word and Excel files on your iPad for free

You have one more great reason to chuck your laptop in favor of an iPad when embarking on your next road trip. With only a few extra clicks you can edit Word and Excel files in the Safari browser on your iPad. The trick is to convert the files to the native Google Docs formats to make them available for editing on the iPad.

The easiest way to ensure the current version of your Word and Excel files are editable on your iPad is to use the free Google Cloud Connect toolbar for Microsoft Office, which I described in a … Read more

E3 2011: Will 2012 be the year of the second screen?

Among all the myriad events and announcements of E3 2011--some bombastic, some evolutionary--the unveiling of the Wii U was one that, no matter who you asked, generated some degree of mixed feelings. As gaming press and players, what we saw from Nintendo's future console controller produced sensations of excitement, skepticism, ambivalence, and intrigue.

That might be due partly to the expectations that Nintendo set for itself. The Wii was a new experience, a new idea. It also might be due in part to Sony's PSVita stealing some of the spotlight a day before; the handheld device actually has … Read more