Open source drives Wordpress to 6.5 billion page views

Wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg recently delivered a "state of the nation" address at WordCamp, Wordpress' user and developer conference. It turns out that open source can be very good for business. Very, very good.

Consider this growth at Wordpress:

Page views grew from 1.5 billion to 6.5 billion/month 1/3 of the page views come from VIPs like CNN and LOLCats 120-160 million global unique visitors per month Two million new blogs created for the year 35 million new blog posts (up from 20 million) Wordpress is an open-source blogging platform at its heart. The Wordpress.org project is actively developed by Automattic, the company behind Wordpress, but also by the community, which joint collaboration results in new features rolling out on a daily basis. Wordpress.com then takes these improvements and packages them for the masses:

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WordCamp in a nutshell

Andrew Mager posted an illustrated play-by-play of Saturday's WordCamp, a conference devoted to the popular open-source blogging platform WordPress. According to Mager's report, the hosted version of WordPress has 2.3 million new blogs in 12 months and 35 million posts, and more than 6.5 billion page views.

Of particular interest for the WordPress crowd is BuddyPress, a set of plug-ins that brings Facebook-like features, such as friends, groups, private messaging, status updates, and extended profiles, to the blogging platform. (WordPress competitor Six Apart also recently introduced a social dimension to its Movable Type platform.)

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Featured Freeware: WordPress

Originally intended for blogging, but customizable into just about any configuration, WordPress is the Firefox of cross-platform content management systems, including the iPhone. Extensible and proud of it, the program itself is known for having one of the simplest installations of any CMS available.

The download is a ZIP file that comes with instructions on how to install it to your server, requiring an FTP client and administrator-level rights. Documentation for the ''five-minute install'' at its Web site is extensive, clear, and concise. The WordPress support forums haven't failed me yet in answering even my most difficult questions.

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Movable Type, Wordpress becoming social platforms

Six Apart is announcing Tuesday night the launch of Movable Type 4.2 (download from CNET) and Movable Type Pro. The 4.2 platform gives blog publishers better performance, according to Six Apart. But the really interesting thing about this launch is the new social features in MT Pro.

Movable Type Pro will enable "social publishing," which is a fancy way of saying readers of MT blogs will now be able to do much more than just reply to posts in the comments. Readers will get profiles pages with "walls," and the capability to rate other … Read more

Apple, Microsoft, PHP headline IBM's list of most vulnerable software

Proprietary vendors, including study author IBM, take a beating in a new report that catalogs software vulnerabilities.

Apple, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and IBM each sprinted to finish in the top five for most reported security vulnerabilities in the IBM Internet Security Systems's X-Force 2008 Mid-Year Trend Statistics report (PDF).

Not to be outdone, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Linux also fought bravely to make the top 10. This is an indication of their growing adoption. As Sam Dean notes: no one bothers to hack a lonely system that few use.

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WordPress app hits the iPhone fashionably late

Just a week and a half ago WordPress for the iPhone was announced with a pretty killer screencast detailing what you could do with it. Tuesday morning it finally showed up on the app store (download it here), and I've had ample time to play with it. The good news is that it's very enjoyable to use and quite capable for creating posts on the go. The bad news? You've got to have an iPhone or iPod Touch to take advantage of it.

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WordPress updates to 2.6, adds Gears support

Blogging platform WordPress updated to version 2.6 late last night. It's the latest major release since 2.5, which debuted back in late March and adds nearly as many new features as it does bug and security fixes.

The video above outlines some of the major new features. The most useful of the bunch is aimed at bloggers on the go who can now take advantage of the same Google Gears integration introduced to WordPress.com earlier this month. This "turbo" mode downloads some of the files and scripts from your blog to your Gears cache, … Read more

The 404 141: Where this aggression will not stand, man

We have a winner! After poring over a ton of submissions, Natali chooses a winner to attend a non-date with her tonight to see an exclusive screening of The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen. Here's the haiku that took the prize, courtesy of Kin::

What do I want more? Natali or the Dark Knight? Movie first, then her...

Scallyyyyyy! Congratulations Kin, we've sent you an e-mail with instructions on how to pick up your tickets.

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WordPress to release iPhone app

When the iPhone App Store was mentioned in Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote, one of the many applications announced was a TypePad blogging tool, courtesy of Six Apart (The company also makes two other blogging tools; Movable Type and Vox). Now that the App Store has launched, other blogging platforms like WordPress are coming forward with their own iPhone app plans.

Today, WordPress put out a video demonstrating its very own iPhone blogging tool, which supports WordPress.com blogs and self-hosted WordPress.org blogs (as long as it's version 2.5.1 or later). WordPress promises the iPhone app will … Read more

WordPress goes turbo speed with Google Gears

WordPress.com is the latest Web service to get Google Gears support. Now users who log in to their dashboard will notice a new button in the top right-hand corner called "turbo." Clicking it will make use of Google's Gears (which is currently Firefox and IE-only), offloading some of the data from the cloud into your browser cache. In this case, it's the latest 200 files from your WordPress media library, the same files you access to stick into blog posts.

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