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Apple TV revamp this year to add Time Warner Cable?

This year, Apple finally may be refreshing Apple TV, and Time Warner Cable may make it onto the box at long last.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is planning for a new Apple TV box as early as April and is in talks with Time Warner Cable and other possible partners.

Time Warner Cable's app, TWC TV, already brings live channels and on-demand videos to devices like the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon and the Roku, which is Apple's main competitor in the over-the-top box market, as well as to consoles like the Xbox 360 and … Read more

Sci-fi novel 'Redshirts' heads to FX as a TV series

If you've watched any episodes of the original "Star Trek," you know that wearing a red shirt means you might as well be donning a giant bull's-eye. The life expectancy of a red-shirted ensign is very short, but what if they knew their survival rate was so low? Author John Scalzi explores that exact scenario in his award-winning book "Redshirts."

The comedic sci-fi novel, which was released in 2012 and won the 2013 Hugo Award, is now being developed as a limited TV series for FX by producer Jon Shestack ("Open Grave"); producer-director Ken Kwapis ("He's Just Not That Into You" and "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"); and producer Alexandra Beattie ("Outsourced"). Kwapis will direct the first episode, and the search for writers to work on the series is in progress. … Read more

Beatles channel debuts on Apple TV

It's been 50 years since The Beatles made their way to the US, and Apple is commemorating the anniversary with an Apple TV channel.

For a limited time, Apple TV owners can view The Beatles' back-to-back performances on "The Ed Sullivan Show." The channel popped up on the company's set-top box on Sunday and is free to download.

The new channel follows several Beatles-related efforts that Apple is making in its iTunes store, including full access to the band's US albums and a "Beatles in America" station on iTunes Radio.

(Via 9to5Mac)

Here's the first trailer for HBO's new Silicon Valley comedy

There's one thing the 30 seconds of footage below have made clear: this will be better than "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley."

That may be akin to saying that two grains of warm rice are better than rat's tail soup, but I am preternaturally optimistic.

For this is the first trailer for HBO's new series that attempts to cast the same kind of mockery upon the large-headed makers of the world as "Veep" casts upon the wrong-headed stiflers of the world.

"Silicon Valley" is the work of Mike Judge, whose previous efforts include &… Read more

'House' episode helps doctor diagnose rare cobalt poisoning

When a patient in Germany stumped his doctors with a strange combination of severe symptoms including heart failure, vision and hearing loss, acid reflux, and enlarged lymph nodes, Dr. Juergen Schaefer was called in to lend his expertise. Turns out the doc isn't only gainfully employed solving medical mysteries at the Center for Undiagnosed Diseases just outside Frankfurt -- he's also a fan of the TV show "House."

Schaefer had recently seen and lectured about an episode in which the fictional Dr. Gregory House sees a patient with the same symptoms. In the episode, the fictional patient had been on the wrong end of a botched hip replacement and was suffering from cobalt poisoning. Schaefer told The Associated Press that, thanks to the show's well-researched script writing, "After five minutes, I knew what was wrong."… Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

As the Sochi Winter Olympics officially kick off this week, we're checking out some of the same technology Olympic organizers are relying on to generate snow at a resort in Lake Tahoe. These automated snowmaking systems (some of which can even be operated from a mobile phone) are making it easier and more efficient to make snow when Mother Nature doesn't want to cooperate.

Prizefight is also back at it with an epic rematch between the Roku 3 and third-generation Apple TV. It's been a year since their previous duel and both Editors' Choice streaming boxes have … Read more

Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku 3: Which media streamer should you buy?

If you're looking to buy a streaming box, it's likely you'll end up choosing between three products: Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV.

Those aren't the only streaming boxes on the market, but they're by far the most popular and for good reason -- they all come in models under $100 and offer a lot of value for your money. While the Roku 3 remains my favorite streamer and a CNET Editors' Choice, it's not necessarily the best choice for every buyer and the Google Chromecast and Apple TV are compelling alternatives.

So which media … Read more

4K TVs with passive 3D: Finally, a good use for all those pixels

3D may be all but dead, at least on TV, but plenty of 3D films are still coming out in theaters and on Blu-ray. "The Hobbit." "Pacific Rim." "Man of Steel." "Thor: The Dark World." "The Wolverine." "Cars." "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2." "Gravity."

And numerous TVs are available with 3D capability -- and include the requisite glasses -- to handle playing those movies in the home. Until now, however, they all demanded severe picture quality sacrifices when you donned the glasses.… Read more

Cat Tardis: Paws-itively perfect for your Doctor Mew

Humans aren't the only ones who can fly the Tardis. Remember Tom Baker's robot dog companion K-9? Well, now your cat can have fun napping in everyone's favorite blue police box from "Doctor Who" with this Tardis cat condo made by MonksHomefurnishings on Etsy.

The cat Tardis is custom-made from plywood and carpet, and is built to order. It stands 47 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. There are three levels for the cat to sleep and play on. … Read more

Writer compiles every Apple reference in 'Futurama' and 'The Simpsons'


That's the number (to date) of references to Apple in the 33 total seasons so far of "Futurama" and "The Simpsons." And if you're a fan of the company, the shows, or both, you'll appreciate this: TUAW just released a list of every Apple reference ever made in the two series.

This is no mere YouTube compilation of show clips. Writer Yoni Heisler interviewed "Simpsons" writer Bill Oakley and director David Silverman, then went on to not only list each reference, but also provide some background and, where possible, the … Read more