Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1117: There will be Facebook groups!

Facebook's changing its privacy policy, and Molly and Rafe predict there will be groups. I don't think anyone cares about regional groups, but hey, I could be wrong. We also talk about why Steve Jobs personally approved an app that currently doesn't work. And Richard comes up with a brilliant idea for the future of news.

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Google alters news indexing to accommodate pay walls more

TomTom Car Kit for iPhone goes for a spin

We got our hands on TomTom's Car Kit for iPhone and took it for a spin--both figuratively and literally, the cradle spins 360 degrees.

The Car Kit holds and charges your iPhone while driving, enhances GPS reception when used with TomTom's turn-by-turn navigation app, and boosts audio quality of spoken directions and hands-free calls. However, the problem with a peripheral like the TomTom Car Kit is that when it's working best, you don't notice it, which makes it difficult for many users to justify the $119 price. People may be less likely to buy it when … Read more

TomTom app for iPhone getting major update, new features

When we took our first look at the TomTom app for iPhone, it seemed like a perfectly competent helper for getting from points A-to-B. But, we couldn't help but notice that a few of our favorite GPS navigation features were notably absent--particularly TTS instructions and graphic lane guidance.

Well, there's good news for users of the TomTom app in the form of a free update that adds these missing features, and a few more.

The update will add text-to-speech (TTS) for spoken street names and points of interest (POI) as part of the device's directions, graphic lane … Read more

TomTom iPhone car kit shows up in Apple Store

TomTom's iPhone cradle for iPhone has quietly made its way into the Apple Store. So, if you're an iPhone user with an extra $120 bucks burning a hole in your pocket for a navigation accessory (or $220, if you don't already own TomTom's navigation app), pop over to the Apple Store for a look.

According to TomTom's representative, the Apple Store product page is for preorders and TomTom has not yet announced a specific date for the product's availability. If Apple's claim that the product ships in 2-3 weeks is true, we should … Read more

TomTom announces XL 335S, new menu design

I've always praised TomTom for its innovative features on its line of portable navigation devices (PNDs). But one thing about TomTom devices that has always stuck out at me like a sore thumb is the overly complex menu system. I've always preferred Garmin's simpler menu hierarchy. Those days of dissatisfaction may be behind me once I get my hands on the newest addition to TomTom's XL line of GPS navigators, the XL 335S.

According to TomTom, the 335S includes "TomTom's newest user menu with an elegant interface that features optimized icons for even easier … Read more

Get a TomTom XL for cheap

Editor's note: You snooze, you lose. is no longer offering the TomTom XL 340S deal.

Remember the TomTom XL 340S? Neither do I, but none too long ago we took a look at this neat little portable navigation device and found it to be pretty good--3.5 stars good, in fact. And while its $149.99 price tag isn't too tough on the ol' pockets, who wouldn't like to save a few bucks?

Well, if you pop over to deal-a-day site, then you can order a TomTom XL 340S for $109.99 (plus $… Read more

TomTom debuts new entry-level GPS for Europe

The Start is TomTom's newest entry-level car navigation device for the European market. Featuring a smallish 3.5-inch color touch screen and a fixed version of TomTom's (normally removable) EasyPort mounting system, the Start is aiming to be a low-cost, pocketable device.

The shape isn't the only thing that's been simplified. The menu's home screen has been simplified to two buttons, "Plan route" and "Browse map." No word has been given on if or how more-advanced menu options will fit into this scheme, but hopefully this reorganization will make the Start'… Read more

Car Tech Live Podcast 138: Automakers announce line-ups for Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota recalls 3.8 million cars, automakers gear up for the Tokyo Motor Show, Garmin sets a date and price for the Nuvifone, and we go for a ride in Lincoln's smallest luxury car.

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Toyota recalls vehicles over loose floor mats

Skydeck concept: Honda's hybrid van of the future

Mazda to show concept, fuel efficient engines in Tokyo

Subaru's Tokyo concept surfs trends

Reserve Nissan's Leaf EV starting Spring 2010

Garmin Nuvifone G60 launching with AT&T on October 4Read more

TomTom's Live connected service trickles down to XL GPS series

Don't you just love trickle-down? TomTom's Live connected service--which helped the GO 740 Live to win our coveted Editors' Choice award--is making its way down the product lineup to the XL series in the TomTom XL 340S Live.

We've already taken a look at the TomTom XL 340S (sans Live) and, as one might expect, all of the IQ Routes, TomTom MapShare, graphic lane guidance, and text-to-speech tech can still be found in the new model.

However, the addition of the Live connection brings fuel price updates, local Google Search, weather forecasts, and a feature called QuickGPS … Read more

TomTom prices iPhone car cradle

TomTom has finally released pricing for its iPhone car cradle, which is due for release next month. You can expect to lay down $120 when you go to pick up your cradle. That price doesn't include the TomTom turn-by-turn iPhone software, which will add an additional $99 to your purchase price, if you haven't already downloaded it.

So, that means that--at the end of the day--your pockets will be $220 lighter for the whole app and cradle kit, which is only about $20 more than we initially predicted.

Those wondering what you get for the extra cash should … Read more