Thief allegedly rips tablet from 2-year-old's hands

Some like to believe that thievery carries with it a touch of honor.

When it comes to stealing gadgets, however, it seems no one is safe.

On Thursday evening, a man was driving in San Francisco, trying to park his car. As PC World reports, two men came over to him.

One told him he couldn't park in that particular part of the city's Mission District. The other, police say, opened the back door and took a tablet out of a passenger's hands.

The passenger was 2 years old.

San Francisco Police Department spokesman Officer Albie Esparza … Read more

Microsoft now selling Power Keyboard for Lumia 2520 tablet

Owners of Nokia's Lumia 2520 tablet who missed out on the free Power Keyboard can now buy one through Microsoft.

Packing in a case, keyboard, two USB ports, and a 50 percent boost to battery life, the Power Keyboard was dangled by Nokia as a free accessory to those who preordered the 2520 late last year. AT&T has been selling the keyboard, and now Microsoft has added the $149 device to its lineup.

The Power Keyboard sold by Microsoft supports only the Lumia 2520 through AT&T, which means Verizon customers are out of luck. The … Read more

Yes, Android is a free and open platform but...

Android is free to device makers, but it seems there are a few catches.

A couple of documents examined by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday show that Android phone and tablet makers must adhere to a strict set of conditions if they want access to key apps when adopting Google's free and open mobile operating system. Device manufacturers are required to preinstall certain Google apps, set Google as the default search provider, and ensure that the Search and Play Store icons are placed "at least on the panel immediately adjacent to the Default Home Screen," according … Read more

Verizon unveils LTE Nexus 7 tablet for $250

Google's LTE Nexus 7 is now officially part of Verizon's network.

As of Thursday, Verizon is selling the tablet for $250 with the usual two-year contract, or $350 on a month-to-month off-contract basis. The Nexus 7 is now available online and will land in Verizon retail stores as well.

Further, current owners of the 4G LTE Nexus 7 can now officially activate it on Verizon's network courtesy of a software update that sailed forth on Wednesday. Though users were already able to "unofficially" activate the tablet, the new update comes with Verizon's blessings.

Owners … Read more

Finally, here come the 64-bit Windows 8.1 tablets

At least one major PC maker is expected to show an Intel "Bay Trail" tablet running 64-bit Windows 8.1 at Mobile World Congress, according to a source familiar with upcoming plans for those tablets.

Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung are some of the most prominent PC makers to offer Windows 8.1 tablets running on Intel's Bay Trail chip. To date, Windows tablets based on Intel's newest -- and redesigned -- quad-core Atom processor have run in 32-bit mode.

One of the most oft-cited reasons for going 64-bit is to address more memory, beyond the … Read more

Microsoft's Surface 2 cleared for takeoff in cockpit

Microsoft's Surface 2 has officially won Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for all phases of air travel, the company announced on Monday.

The FAA's authorization covers classes one and two for the Electronic Flight Bag. Historically, pilots have brought with them on flights a full flight bag consisting of everything from reference documents to checklists to carts. All of that paper used fuel on planes, prompting Delta last year to opt to deploy the Surface 2 to Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 pilots. Pilots of other airplanes will be added this year.

At launch last year, the Surface … Read more

The Toshiba Encore 8 delivers fast performance in a bulky build

If not for its annoyingly bulky design and slightly expensive price, the Toshiba Encore 8 would be your best option for a small Windows 8.1 tablet. As it stands, the Dell Venue 8 Pro is lower priced, thinner, and lighter.

The Encore 8 features microSD storage and something few tablets -- including the Venue 8 Pro -- have: Micro-HDMI. As a full Windows 8.1 system, the Encore 8 runs all Windows legacy programs. That is, as long as you can find space. The tablet comes in both 32GB (for $330) and 64GB ($400) configurations, but honestly, neither size … Read more

Fund this: The Right Arm is a tablet stand like no other

When you think of a tablet stand, you probably picture a case or kickstand that props the screen up on a table for typing, movie viewing, video chats, and the like.

But what if you could position your tablet just about anywhere -- across your bed while you're lying in it, above your desk while you're standing at it, or even over your bathtub while you're soaking in it? As if you had a tireless third arm that could hold it at virtually any viewing angle.

That's the idea behind The Right Arm, a Kickstarter project that's already hit its $40,000 funding goal -- but still deserves a look.… Read more

Asus VivoTab Note 8 goes on sale at Microsoft Store for $329

The Windows 8.1-based Asus VivoTab Note 8 has gone on sale for $329. The trouble is, it's already out of stock.

Microsoft started selling the tablet on its online store over the weekend. The device, which was shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show last month, offers an 8-inch HD display and runs on Intel's Atom processor. The "Note" in its name comes into play, courtesy of an included stylus.

The Asus VivoTab Note 8 is in direct competition with Samsung's Galaxy Note line, which also includes support for a digital stylus. The trouble … Read more

HTC in hunt for 'high end' Nexus tablet, report says

HTC will once again partner with Google to produce a Nexus device, or so suggests a new Taiwanese report.

According to unnamed sources close to the Commercial Times, HTC has won the rights to create a "high-end" Nexus tablet for release in the third quarter. Unfortunately, that's about the extent of this particular rumor. HTC, for its part, is remaining understandably tight-lipped on the subject.

As most readers know, HTC was the first company to manufacture a Nexus smartphone, the Nexus One. Introduced in 2010, it remains the only time Google and HTC would partner on a … Read more