Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 clues pop up on FCC site

Samsung's purported Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 tablet may have just gotten its first bit of public exposure.

A series of FCC documents published on Thursday point to a new device from Samsung with the model number SM-T320. A diagram shows a Wi-Fi-enabled device with a rear camera. One of the documents reveals other details, including a diagonal size for the device of 240 milimeters (9.4 inches), while another document dubs it a "portable tablet."

The exact screen size isn't spilled in the FCC material. But import information from the Indian agency Zauba spotted by … Read more

Oversized curved TVs and more at CES 2014

CNET Update is going to need a bigger living room:

Stay on top of CES 2014 news with this episode of CNET Update:

- Does the world need a 105-inch curved-screen TV? Both LG and Samsung think so, because they'll be showing them off at CES next month.

- Welcome back WebOS. The old Palm operating system is coming to LG smart televisions, and we may see a demo at CES.

- Samsung could be planning to show off a new 10.5-inch tablet soon.

- Speculate on the future of smartphones and what we may see at CES … Read more

Samsung said to unveil Galaxy Pro tablets in early 2014

Samsung may be targeting a new lineup of Galaxy Pro tablets for the first quarter of 2014.

Based on a tidbit from an unnamed insider, SamMobile said on Friday that Samsung is prepping three Pro tablets as well as a lite version of the Galaxy Tab 3. The pro lineup would include the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, and the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

All three tablets will be available in Wi-Fi and LTE variations and offer a color choice of black or white, said SamMobile. The 8.4 and 10.1 editions … Read more

Yahoo Mail brings back popular tabs feature

When Yahoo overhauled its Mail product in October, many people howled at the redesign, and particularly missed a tabs feature that allowed users to multitask while writing and reading e-mails.

On Thursday, the company reintroduced the feature with three small, excited words: "Tabs are back!" Jeff Bonforte, Yahoo's senior vice president of communication products, wrote in a blog post. Now the e-mail service allows users to turn on the tabs feature if they so choose (the blog post has a helpful how-to).

One of the chief knocks against tabs was that it became confusing for users who … Read more

Microsoft, bored of bashing Apple, bashes Samsung

If you're in business, you have to get used to criticism.

If you're in the gadget business, however, you're nobody unless Microsoft criticizes you.

What other conclusion can one reach after Redmond's assault on its various rivals?

There's the constant poking at the iPad's foibles. Then there's the sublimely gauche Scroogled campaign, which accuses Google of being little more than a malevolent dictatorship.

Samsung, though, has been relatively free of Microsoft's barbed fire. Until now, that is.

For Microsoft has chosen the Thanksgiving weekend to give thanks that its own Surface RT … Read more

HP eyes Black Friday special with sub-$100 Android tablet

Intel has got the scoop on some tablet deals for Black Friday, including an Android tablet that's very light on the wallet.

That 7-inch HP tablet, branded the Mesquite, packs an Intel processor and will sell for $89 at Walmart. Don't expect any barn-burning specs, though. You'll likely get what you pay for.

And Intel has the skinny on a few more deals too.

For instance, if you buy a PC at Costco for $600 or more, you can get a $180 (regular price) Dell Venue 8 tablet (also Android) for $99.

Dell's Venue 8 is … Read more

Managing tabbed Finder browsing in OS X Mavericks

One of the new features that Apple introduced in OS X Mavericks is support for tabs in the Finder, where similar to Web browsers, you can have different views of the file system be in the same window, instead of having to keep a number of separate windows open at once.

Creating a new tab in Mavericks simply involves pressing Command-T or choosing the option for a new Tab from the File menu, from where you can navigate to a folder of interest.

Using tabs, you can copy or move files from one folder to another simply by dragging files … Read more

Intel posts holiday 'Buying Guide' for Windows 8.1 tablets

Intel is trying to give a much-needed boost to Windows 8.1 tablets with a new holiday "Buying Guide."

Front and center are tablets (PDF) like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, HP Omni 10, and Lenovo Miix 2.

All of the tablets in the guide use new Intel Atom Z3000 quad-core "Bay Trail" processors.

The 8-inch Dell Venue (see CNET's hands-on here) is one of the highest profile Windows 8.1 tablets to date because it boasts decent specs with a small price tag of $299 -- at least for a full-blown Windows 8.1 … Read more

Add to-do list, weather, and pretty backgrounds to Chrome's new tab page

I could do without the heavenly wallpaper and inspirational quotes, but Chrome extension Momentum does add a couple of useful items to Chrome's new tab page.

The first time you open a new tab after installing Momentum, the extension will greet you with a celestial image and ask for your name. After that, it'll greet you by name and a rotating cast of inspirational wallpaper images. An inspirational quote rotates at the bottom of the page. Above its personal greeting Momentum displays the time and below the greeting it asks you to enter your main focus for the … Read more

Chrome 32 lets you easily find and close those noisy tabs

If you've ever wondered which of your 200 browser tabs is making all that racket, the latest Chrome Beta can lend an ear.

When a tab is streaming audio in Chrome 32 Beta, an indicator will appear next to the close tab X. The indicators will change depending on the source, so streaming audio will be denoted by a speaker icon, a red circle will indicate a Web cam, and Chromecast's box icon will notify you when you're broadcasting a tab to your television.

Another change in Chrome 32 Beta gives some attention to Windows 8 Metro … Read more