Box gives you a great interface for viewing and storing files in the cloud

Box is a free file-sharing and storage cloud app akin to Dropbox, offering several useful features and a clean interface that's incredibly easy to navigate. At the time of this review, Box is bumping up the storage to 50GB of free space for iOS users, so if you're looking for a cloud storage app, now is the time to grab Box.

Though the app has been available for a few years now, the latest version of Box is a complete redesign of the interface for iOS devices, making all the most common actions easy to get to. The … Read more

Review: Control multiple PCs without a KVM switch with help from ShareMouse

ShareMouse Mouse and Keyboard Sharing lets you control network computers with one keyboard and mouse, and share files, too. Rolling your mouse to the edge of one PC's desktop moves control to the next PC and dims the first PC's screen. Moving the cursor back restores control to the first PC. There's a QuickJump hot key combo, too, and there's a Panic key that also reverts to the main system and even a password option. This free tool works fine, though it takes practice.

We installed ShareMouse on two networked Windows PCs. The installer can configure … Read more

Avoid these common Facebook mistakes

Facebook has so many features it can be tough to keep them straight. Even experienced social networkers can sometimes get a post, share, or other action not altogether right.

When one of your Facebook activities doesn't come out as you expected, use one of the service's many management and editing tools to effect repairs on errant status updates, messages, and other shares.

Timeline tune-ups It isn't unusual to see an item on your Facebook timeline and wonder, "How did that get there?" Your next thought may be, "How do I get it out of … Read more

iPhones hold top three spots in network usage ranking

What were the top three most used phones in 2013? The iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4, according to an Actix study that tracked communications between mobile devices and carriers' mobile networks.

But Samsung is the clear rival: its Galaxy S3, S2, and S4 claimed the fourth, fifth, and sixth places, respectively, according to figures that Actix, which sells software to track such usage, shared with CNET. Samsung also had a significant presence in the rankings with a handful of lower-end models such as the Galaxy S3 Mini and Galaxy Ace.

The ranking is based on the … Read more

Snapchat: OK, OK, we're sorry

Love is supposed to mean never having to say you're sorry. But Snapchat has expressed both love and apologies for a bug that caused headaches for the millions of users whose names and phone numbers were exposed unexpectedly.

In a blog post on Thursday, Snapchat said it was "sorry for any problems this issue may have caused." The team also revealed a couple of changes to its Find Friends feature to better protect the phone numbers of Snapchat users.

A new update to the iOS and Android versions gives users the option to not link their phone … Read more

Meg Whitman's salary bumped from a buck to $1.5 million

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman appears to be getting a big reward for working to make the company more efficient.

The company's board has decided to up her salary from a mere $1 to $1.5 million, according to a HP filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday.

The filing says that the board members want to "bring Ms. Whitman's salary to a competitive level among the salaries of the chief executive officers of HP's peer companies." This salary increase was effective as of November 1.

HP's stock price has done well … Read more

The prodigal daughter: Can she bring her Verizon LTE smartphone to AT&T?

Sending our children out on their own in the world is scary, but it's nice to know they can always come home. In one reader's case, his daughter can come home to Mom and Dad's wireless plan.

In this edition of Ask Maggie, I help a father figure out how he can help his daughter return to the family's AT&T service plan after going out on her own and subscribing to Verizon Wireless service. I also explain how the family can save money with AT&T's new no-contract plans. And I offer … Read more

Ask the Experts, Episode 2: Streaming and Video Sharing

Next-gen means more than just flashier graphics and better performance. It also means new and innovative features that fall in line with what's popular in gaming culture. Right now, there's nothing bigger than videogame spectating.

What started as a DIY phenomenon is now a worldwide spectacle, where millions of viewers spend time broadcasting, watching, and commenting on live and recorded video game action. To catch up with that trend, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 both have game DVR functionality built right into their framework, making it easier for gamers to participate.

In this latest episode of … Read more

How to transfer large amounts of data between Macs quickly

If you need to transfer a file or two from one Mac to another, you may use a service like Dropbox, or copy them to a USB drive and move them manually; however, there are some built-in options that can be substantially faster, especially if you are transferring large amounts of data up to numerous gigabytes.

To do this you might consider simply enabling file sharing on one of the systems, and then connecting to it from the second computer over whatever network connection you are currently using; however, in doing so you may end up using a relatively slow … Read more

Why AT&T's new pricing plans are only a bargain for some

AT&T's newly revised service plans may sound like a good deal, but a closer read of the fine print reveals hidden price hikes on its most popular data plans.

AT&T announced a new pricing structure Thursday that the company claimed in its press release will "make it even easier for customers to share data and save money" on AT&T's network. Blogs and articles all over the Internet have been touting AT&T's newly revised Mobile Share Value pricing structure as a big improvement and a great value for … Read more