Microsoft to send Bing to school this year

Bing may enroll at your local school by the end of the year.

Microsoft is developing a special edition of its Bing search engine geared specifically toward students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Known as Bing for Schools, the tailored version will remove all ads from search results, filter out adult content, beef up privacy protection, and add learning features to promote digital literacy, Microsoft said in a blog post Monday.

This new version will be free and entirely voluntary for any interested schools. No special software or unique Web address will be required to access the site.

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Lenovo updates laptop lines for back-to-school

Lenovo has a short stack of new Windows 8 systems hitting stores in the third quarter of 2013, and while there's nothing as revolutionary as the Yoga hybrid or the Horizon 27 tabletop PC, there are some worthwhile updates to existing product lines and one new system, the Windows 8 Miix tablet, detailed here.

The more traditional systems come from the IdeaPad U, Y, and S lines, with a few important changes, as detailed below.

IdeaPad U330 Touch and U430 Touch This ultrabook line, with 13 and 14-inch screens, gets a necessary update to Intel's new fourth-generation Core … Read more

Apple scores $30 million to sell iPads to LA schools

Apple will add $30 million to its coffers in a deal to outfit students in the LA school district with an iPad.

On Tuesday, following a collective thumbs-up for Apple from both students and senior staff, the Los Angeles Board of Education voted 6-0 to approve the contract, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Among the devices considered, the iPad came out on top in both quality and price, at least according to the school district's requirements. The vote means that an iPad will be doled out to every student across 47 campuses of the LA district, one of the … Read more

Chromebooks land at more retail stores

CNET Update is charging up:

In this episode of Update:

- Before you buy that cheap Chromebook at Walmart, learn if you can live with it.

- Don't be surprised if your kid starts using a Surface RT tablet at school.

- Chip in for the new group Amazon Birthday Gift on Facebook.

- Avoid a Z10 security breach with the latest BlackBerry 10.1 update.

- Watch how AT&T's solar charging stations work in New York City.

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From Old School to Tech Cool

Back in April something happened here at CNET that has never happened before: a TV was given a perfect 5 stars, as well as an Editors' Choice Award. We don't throw around "Spectactular" reviews all willy nilly, so this was a big deal. Such a big deal in fact, we decided to give our users a chance to win* one for their very own.

However, we aren't going to make this too easy! We want you to share a photo of your old outdated tech. Simply snap a photo of your retro tech, "like" … Read more

Obama launches high-speed Internet program for all schools

In 2011, Loris Elementary School in Loris, S.C., was ranked 41st in the state among grammar schools with similar demographics. By 2012, it had risen to 19th.

What happened? According to the White House: technology.

Many of the students at Loris Elementary School are from low-income families that don't have the means to give their children all of today's high-tech devices, according to the Obama administration. That's why in 2012 the school decided to introduce a technology blended learning program complete with laptops, software, and Internet access. It's apparently made a difference.

President Barack Obama … Read more

Toshiba updates its laptop line for back-to-school

We're seeing plenty of new systems and updates to existing systems coming out of the Computex trade show, mostly tied into Intel's new fourth-generation Core i series processors. Toshiba has gone a little further than most, updating its premium PC line, from multimedia laptops to all-in-one desktops.

That said, there are few surprises here. Some updated looks, more touch screens, a promise of upcoming Intel "Haswell" generation processors -- but as most of those new CPUs haven't been announced yet (with the exception of the higher-end quad-core models), don't expect new Intel processor model … Read more

HP revives one of our favorite laptops, plus new Envy, Pavilion systems

Alongside the frankly more interesting Rove 20 tabletop PC, HP has also announced revisions to the rest of its Pavilion and Envy laptop lineups. However, included in this bundle is one product that caught our eye: an update to one of our favorite laptops.

The new HP Pavilion 11 TouchSmart is an 11-inch semi-sequel to the low-cost, AMD-powered HP dm1, a system we loved when it was released in 2011 because it offered decent, portable performance at near-Netbook prices.

The new version, also with an AMD CPU, adds a standard Windows 8 touch screen and will start at $399 (yes, … Read more

Teen suspended for tweet critical of high school sports

I am writing this with a cold compress on my head and a milk chocolate digestive biscuit in my mouth.

Both are to soothe my furrowed thoughts.

For this is another tale of peculiarity from the antiseptic-smelling hallways of America's high schools.

It has been well-established that strange things happen in the nation's places of youth education.

You can get expelled and arrested for putting toilet cleaner and foil in a water bottle on school premises.

You can also get suspended for tweeting that you don't think your high school has very good sports teams.

Wesley Teague, … Read more

Robotics students build automated locker for special-needs peer

Pinckney Community High School in Pinckney, Mich., is the site of a robotics experiment gone very, very right. Junior Nick Torrance has muscular dystrophy. He uses a wheelchair to get around, but the muscle disease makes it difficult to handle simple activities, like opening up his locker.

The high school already has a top-notch robotics class. Seniors Micah Stuhldreher and Wyatt Smrcka won the 2012 SkillsUSA national robotics competition, so they were a natural choice to tackle the locker door problem with a robotics solution.… Read more