Skinny wine fridge fits where you want it

There are a few obvious obstacles to overcome when considering starting a wine collection. First off, of course, is price. But that entry point has been obliterated as good wines can now be bought at almost any price. However, having a collection implies keeping a collection, which would thereby necessitate a place to keep the collection. Luckily, wine fridges are abundant and attainable. That leaves what is perhaps the biggest barrier, and one that is not so easily explained away: space limitations. If you have nowhere to store a collection, you have nowhere to store one. Simple as that, end … Read more

Staring with the (wine) refrigerator door open

One of the great mysteries in life is knowing what you want out of the fridge before you open it. This is not a food-specific dilemma: the same conundrum can and does occur when contemplating a wine selection. While it may be easy (or not) to decide upon red or white, deciding upon which red or white is another story entirely. It is something that we as a society have learned to live with. And as with other resignations, we try to make up for it by doing the little things.

Since it is apparent that the practice of open-door … Read more

Getting heavy with a Wi-Fi fridge

Like planets around a star, the refrigerator is the central focal point in the kitchen. It's hard to escape its influence; massive and enticing, it draws us in with the mysteries it holds. Like what's for dinner. Luckily we can now look beyond for answers. The secrets of the stars may be unreachable for the moment, but as for what to do with that pound of ground beef, we need look no further than the refrigerator door.

Set to be available in early summer, the Samsung LCD Refrigerator RF4289 looks to release us from the limitations of physical … Read more

Let the fridge clean itself out

Ringing in the new year is usually accompanied by more than just a ringing headache. Along with exclamations of "never again" come the requisite resolutions. While some of these will certainly be proclamations of imbibing (at least) one less toast, others will be more pragmatic. Like cleaning out the fridge.

While a self-cleaning fridge is currently as ephemeral and fleeting as most other New Year's resolutions, the possibility is on the horizon. In the United Kingdom, the University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket Ocado are collaborating on a fridge that does just that.

Featuring shelf surfaces that will use "nano-articulated technology," the refrigerator will have the capability to move food products around the interior via an array of micro-tiles.

Designed to be more than just a method for moving soon-to-be-spoiled food up to the front of the fridge, the entire shopping and storage experience is set for an upgrade. The smart fridge is designed to monitor gases from decaying foods, scan contents, and then create shopping lists (or just order) based on these factors.… Read more

Little fridge, big (and cold) feature

When it comes to kitchen appliances, bigger is not always better. What is always better--or best--is having the right appliance for not only the job, but for the space provided. While a refrigerator that features a cavernous capacity, complete with double doors and a rich feature set is surely nice for some, others may just want something that gets the job done in a small as space as possible. But back to those features: chances are some compromises will have to be made for those who consider smaller to be better. Unless an ice maker is on top of the … Read more

Refrigerator spills leave little to cry about

Available in a variety of finishes, the Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator line (GSF26C4EX series) features worry-free shelving that helps to contain runaway spills. These MicroEtch spill control shelves keep spills under control with a microscopic etching around the perimeter of each shelf. Instead of spilled liquid dripping down throughout the whole refrigerator, the shelves reduce mess by allowing for one easy clean-up without the need to remove the shelving to get to hard-to-reach areas.

The 26-cubic-foot refrigerator also boasts a large capacity and energy efficient usage. Glass shelves extend the full length of the interior, allowing you to store items flush … Read more

Wine chiller designed for compromise

It's not easy to keep a wine collection on hand ready to be served at the correct temperature. First, of course, are money matters. Not many of us have the disposable income just waiting to be put toward a wine cellar. Even living in a land of make-believe where money is no object, the next roadblock may be a much more down to earth consideration: space. It's not always easy to find room for cases of wine. But knock down the price of storage as well as the space needed and all of a sudden, having a few … Read more

Mirror, mirror, on the fridge

Kitchens, being the nerve center of the house, tend to reflect the personalities of those who live within. From the cluttered to the clean, how we outfit the kitchen says a lot about a person. But, as they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and what appears as clean to one, might look sterile to another. Same thing could be said the other way around: cluttered means "homey," more often than not. One thing for sure that all kitchens have in common is a desire for appliances that work well and look good … Read more

Kenmore rolls out 2010 Elite line of refrigerators

The largest appliance in the kitchen is often the one that is most overlooked. It sits there silently humming, a behemoth standing guard over ingredients-to-be. Though the refrigerator may not be the most frenetic appliance, the kitchen would certainly not be the same without it. When it comes features, size is of utmost importance.

Thanks to a door-mounted ice-maker, the Kenmore 28-cubic-foot Elite Trio Ice and Water Refrigerator opens up more storage area inside. The French-door fridge further extends available interior space with multilevel shelving in addition to a convenient split-level design that allows space for odd-shaped items. The well-thought-out … Read more

Four-door fridge offers a third option

Refrigerators have a long history of being severely limited--at least in regards to controllable customization. From their humble beginnings as boxes basically designed to hold a giant ice cube, the "icebox" has come a long way. No longer are kitchens held hostage by slowly melting blocks of ice, but the same incapability to regulate temperature effectively exists today as it did back then. Sure, our modern refrigerators let you dial in preferred temperature, something their old-timey counterparts could only dream of, but when it comes right down to it, these giant monoliths found in every kitchen are still … Read more