Share your best recipes

SousChef is a sleek, easy-to-use cooking tool for collecting, organizing, searching, modifying, and sharing--and even blogging about and cooking from--your recipes. SousChef provides a very straightforward interface for navigating your recipe collection, but its stand-out features are its import tools and full-screen Cook mode. If you paste in recipes as text, SousChef prompts you to drag boxes over the different parts of the recipe, so it can automatically organize ingredients, instructions, notes, and so on. If you want to cook from a recipe, SousChef has an easy-to-read, full-screen "10-foot mode" that lets you keep your computer at a … Read more

CIA secrets in your microwave

If you think the most you can do with a microwave is bake a potato or two, think again. Panasonic just announced a new collaboration with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). What does this collaboration mean for you? Oh, only that some of the best chefs in the country will develop no-fuss gourmet recipes for cooking with Panasonic microwaves, as well as create key microwave-cooking technique videos that will be hosted on Panasonic's microwave Virtual Test Kitchen Web site.

The recipes are designed to be affordable, easy, and quick to prepare, with broad appeal. The CIA will also … Read more

Rack up some chicken wings for the big game

Super Bowl week continues, and whether or not you watch the game for the commercials or the actual game, most likely you will tune in. Even more likely is that you will find yourself in a room full of different snacks and treats of varying degrees of healthiness. My advice is to steer clear of the chopped celery, carrots and cauliflower (those will just get smothered in a dressing anyways) and go for the good stuff. Chances are pretty good that somewhere on the spread is a pile of chicken wings.

The perennial football favorite, chicken wings are personal, portable, … Read more

Grandma's cookie recipe gets high tech

I've been cooking long enough to build up a substantial archive of tried-and-true recipes, but for some reason, I've never found a way to organize them. I'll find one that works and file it away with every intention of using it again, but I'll either forget that it's there or I'll get frustrated rifling through the piles of magazine clippings.

At some point I attempted to solve the problem by starting a recipe book. I soon learned, however, that the dedication required to keep a recipe book is just about as much as the … Read more

Take control of your kitchen with HomeManager

The house I live in now is truly my dream home, and a lot of that is thanks to the kitchen. We're lucky enough to have a semiopen floor plan: our spacious kitchen opens into the family room; a swinging door separates the kitchen from the formal dining room. So the kitchen is truly the heart of our home, the place where we gather with friends and cook while the kids play nearby.

I think of the kitchen as mission control in our house, and AT&T's HomeManager device could be a smart addition to our central … Read more

Recipes at your fingertips

If you're looking for a recipe or meal idea, BigOven for iPhone is a satisfactory mobile representation of what the Internet database and desktop recipe finder can do. The search bar, favorite button, and glossary are clearly defined, as are buttons to jump forward and back, to flag a recipe for later, and one to return you to the Home screen. The recipes render perfectly in portrait mode, but don't expect to view any horizontally; you'll be disappointed. You should also know that you can save and tag recipes only after you've logged in to a … Read more

The 404 182: Where Brian Tong bleeds yellow and Jeff has jaundice

With Justin's fellow socks-with-sandals-wearing San Franciscan Brian Tong on the show, things get more giggly than a New Kids on the Block reunion concert. B-Tong and the boys discuss their favorite ninja turtles, a number of fast food related stories and their resentment of Twitter.

Dan the Mantern here. It was a pleasure to sit back and watch the magic happen on today's show. The Tongster brought so much good karma to The 404, a bold decision has made. Uniting West Coast and East, combining Wilson's good looks, Justin's singing voice, Brian's hair and DJ Jeff Mackalar's fresh beats it's Tang Tong Yu - the boy band sensation. Look for their new album, The Love ConNEcTion, this fall, in the Wal-Mart bargain bin underneath a VHS copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. Cowabunga dude!!!

EPISODE 182 Download today's podcast Read more

Hold on, I need to reboot my sous chef

Is it just me, or does it seem like technology is taking over as master of the house?

Technological advances like the ones you see on this blog are making cooking, eating, and entertaining easier and more convenient, but in the case of some inventions, like the KitchenAttendant, we're no longer faced with the responsibility of thinking about what we should eat.

Remember the Intelliscanner Kitchen Companion remote, a handheld scanner that keeps track of your pantry and helps you print out grocery lists? Meet a device that puts the runt remote to shame. The KitchenAttendant is a countertop … Read more

SuperCook short on actual cooking, long on usefulness

Got some stuff sitting in your pantry that's been there a little too long? The expiration date is just around the corner, and you want to cook something new that doesn't require going to the store? Lucky for you there's SuperCook, a service that lets you figure out things to eat based on what you've got. Unlike some other services that do this, SuperCook separates the wheat from the chaff (poor choice of phrases I know) by showing you the recipes you can make with what's in your kitchen, and those that require a few … Read more

Amazon invites celebrities into its kitchen announced on Monday a new celebrity chef section of its Web site. The Celebrity Chef Blog will feature recipes and tips from celebrities including Dinner Impossible's Robert Irvine, Helen Chen, and Mollie Katzen, as well as gift suggestions from a handful of Amazon's section editors.

The blogs will have places for reader comments, too, so if Irvine's recipe for oyster stuffing isn't all he said it would be, you can let him know about it.

It's not the first time Amazon has used original content to spice up its product offerings. It launched … Read more