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Automate some tasks with Automatic Mouse and Keyboard

Repeating the same tasks every day on your computer can eat up a lot of time. But an app that helps you automate some of those things could provide welcome relief. Automatic Mouse and Keyboard has lots of options to do just that, but the resulting recordings don't always perform as expected.

The initial interface includes multiple icons bordering the top and left. Automatic Mouse and Keyboard opens with three example recordings displayed, but the first one we tried, which was supposed to draw a triangle in MS Paint, didn't work, and we simply got an error message … Read more

Crave Ep. 115: First look at the feature-packed iKazoo

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On this week's Crave, we take a first look a gadget that truly blows, an optical game controller that looks like a kazoo. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gives us some more cooking tips from space. And Hotello is a hotel room in a box. Sounds uncomfortable, no? All that and more on this week's episode. … Read more

Logitech thanks science for new 'G' PC gaming accessories

Logitech has rebranded its gaming group division with six mice and keyboards, along with two new headsets that make up the company's latest "Logitech G" lineup. Using infrared technology and a bit of science to determine optimal hand position, the new G100s and G400s optical mice are both clues to the company's commitment to innovation, with a new sensor technology called Delta Zero that promises to improve accuracy at any speed.

The G100s, G400s, G500s, and G700s gaming mice are all equipped with a "hydrophobic" coating that repels palm perspiration to keep your hand … Read more

Control your computer with Remote Mouse

Anyone who does most of their work on a laptop knows the pain of not having a mouse. Since your smartphone is always nearby, it only makes sense to turn it into a mouse. Remote Mouse will let you do just that, but there are definitely some hiccups. It's better than any other free mouse app you can find, though.

Though it calls itself a mouse app, the app is really more of a trackpad. Moving your smartphone like you would a mouse does nothing. In order to set it up, you need to download a desktop app. Sadly, … Read more

Access your PC remotely with easy-to-use JumiMouse

No matter how powerful smartphones and tablets become, most people have a desktop computer at home on which they perform the vast majority of their work. Word processing, number crunching, and file editing are all easier and faster with a large screen, a keyboard, and a mouse. But that cumbersome desktop can't go on the road with you, so apps like JumiMouse for iPhone are powerful tools, allowing you to instantly access your desktop remotely. Designed for a smaller screen, JumiMouse is intuitive and easy to use, only slowed by the slightly confusing installation process. Once you have installed … Read more

Control your scrolling and switch between sets of mouse settings with Mouse Speed Switcher

If you frequently switch between using a mouse and the touch pad on your laptop, or use more input devices in general, this software may come as a blessing. If touch pad gestures aren't quite working for you, Mouse Speed Switcher can help. It lets you control up to 10 mice or track pads in one program.

This program's namesake feature isn't the most exciting add-on it offers. While it can change how fast your mouse reacts to clicks, that feature can be found in your Windows Control Panel. So, unless you're using more input devices … Read more

Magic Cube projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface

Smartphone and tablet users who want a full-size keyboard without carrying one around may want to check out a device called the Magic Cube.

Demoed by manufacturer Celluon at CES this week, the Magic Cube displays a full keyboard and a multitouch mouse on just about any flat surface. The virtual keyboard and mouse appear as red, illuminated projections on the surface. An optical sensor detects the position of your fingers to determine which keys you're pressing and how you're moving the mouse.… Read more

Mauz goes all 'Minority Report' as a mouse replacement

LAS VEGAS--We tech writers are constantly comparing real products to what we've seen in sci-fi movies. I'm still waiting for my Hoverboard, but at least we're inching a little closer to some "Minority Report"-style computer interfaces with the Mauz, a device that turns your iPhone into a mouse with special skills.

Mauz is like a combination of the Wii remote, the Kinect, and a desktop mouse. It involves a small device that plugs into your iPhone and an app that makes the magic happen.… Read more

Possible IE bug would let hackers track mouse moves

Microsoft is investigating a possible flaw in its Internet Explorer Web browser that allegedly enables attackers to track users' mouse cursor anywhere on the screen, even if the browser window isn't in use.

The alleged flaw, which security firm says it discovered a few months ago, compromises the security of virtual keyboards and virtual keypads in all supported versions of the browser since IE6, the security firm reports.

"As long as the page with the exploitative advertiser's ad stays open -- even if you push the page to a background tab or, indeed, even if … Read more