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Android, iOS spark 20 million new users for BBM

BlackBerry's messaging platform had a strong first week on Android and iOS.

The company announced on Tuesday that 20 million new users have signed up for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), bringing its total monthly active users to more than 80 million. According to BlackBerry, it defines monthly active users by those who "send or receive any data through the BBM service within a given 30-day period."

It's important to note that while BlackBerry's announcement was tied to last week's launch of BBM on Android and iOS, the company didn't say that those 20 million … Read more

How to receive DMs from any of your followers on Twitter

Last week, Twitter slowly started rolling out a new feature that allows users to receive a direct-message from anyone following them on Twitter. The current setting only allows users to send a direct-message to those who follow them, leaving a potential recipient without the option to send a DM back.

The new feature isn't on by default, as it requires you to specifically enable it via Twitter's Web site.

You'll need to visit your account settings to see if there's a new Messages option under the Content section. If the option isn't present in your … Read more

Apple reasserts claim it doesn't want to spy on your iMessages

Apple has said time and again in the wake of the NSA snooping scandal that it cannot read user iMessages. But new research has shown that it's theoretically possible.

Security firm QuarksLab on Thursday issued a white paper describing a method by which a hacker or Apple itself could access iMessages. The white paper states that Apple could intercept messages between sender and recipient and make them believe that their communication is secure. In order to do so, however, Apple would need to disrupt the encryption between communications and effectively change how iMessages works.

Back in June, Apple issued a statement on its siteRead more

Apple can read your iMessages, security firm says

In June, Apple said that communication over iMessage is protected by "end-to-end encryption," and so secure that even the company itself "cannot decrypt that data." But on Thursday, security researchers disputed that claim.

At the Hack in the Box conference in Kuala Lumpur, Quarkslab -- a Paris-based security firm -- presented findings that said people at Apple would in fact be able to decrypt messages, either because of a government request or on an employee's own accord, according to multiple reports.

"Apple's claim that they can't read end-to-end encrypted iMessage[s] is … Read more

Twitter said to be eyeing dedicated direct-messaging app

Twitter is in the process of revamping its handling of direct messages.

The company is currently deciding whether it should bring its direct-messaging platform to a standalone service or if it should surface it to make it more prominent in its existing offering, All Things Digital is reporting on Thursday, citing multiple people who claim to have knowledge of Twitter's plans.

Twitter has been quietly making changes to its direct messages over the last several months. Earlier this year, Twitter started testing a feature that would let users send direct messages as long as they followed the recipient. That … Read more

New Nike FuelBand boasts better tracking

CNET Update will Fuel you:

In this episode of Update:

- See if Nike's new FuelBand SE fitness tracker can motivate you to workout more with its updated tracking technology, colors and new app. But sorry Android, there's only an iOS app.

- Learn how to change your Twitter settings to receive direct messages from anyone.

- Don't be surprised if Amazon releases an HTC smartphone next year, according to this Financial Times report.

- Get ready for new iPads and Macs at Apple's news event on October 22. If rumors are true, the latest iPads … Read more

Twitter could soon open the direct-message floodgates

It might soon be easier for Twitter users to send direct messages.

Marketing professional Jim Connolly on Tuesday showed off an image of what he says is a new Twitter feature that will allow people to send direct messages to anyone they follow. The feature does not appear to be widely available and its default setting is off, but it could mark a dramatic shift in communication on the social network.

Twitter's Direct Messages feature is locked down quite heavily. In order to send someone a direct message, the recipient must be following the sender. If the feature Connolly … Read more

Yahoo Mail gets a welcome face-lift for iOS 7

Yahoo Mail for iOS received a face-lift for iOS 7 in the latest version, and with new themes and conversation views, it's a must have for anyone whose primary e-mail account is with Yahoo.

Improved look and layout Following the new simplified design schemes of the main Yahoo app and Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Mail now has a new look to fit with iOS 7. But in Yahoo Mail, you have the ability to change the theme by selecting a premade background. Most of the themes are photos and patterns that show up in the background, and your inbox takes … Read more

An iMessage prank every iPhone owner needs to know about

One of the advantages that iMessage has over text messaging is that an indicator is displayed when the other person in the conversation is typing a message. This simple animation gives you a heads-up of an incoming message; I often find myself staring at the dancing dots until the message eventually comes through.

That same feature can also be the center of a prank. Yesterday I spotted a tweet from @Panzer linking to a GIF-based iMessage prank. I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked on the link, but I was not disappointed.

What you'll need to … Read more

Google's Hangouts for Android could get text-message support

It looks like Google's Hangouts app could soon absorb new communications abilities with integration of text and picture messaging, according to screenshots and a report that surfaced Monday.

Hangouts originally debuted as a video chat tool for Google+, but Google built into it the instant-messaging ability that formerly shipped in the Google Talk app for Android. Now it's possible that SMS and MMS services also could be built in, according to a report at Android Police.

Google has promised SMS integration into Hangouts, so the biggest question about the feature was when and how it would arrive.

The … Read more