Dad says Facebook photo of son with gun brought cops to house

I am sure there are several 11-year-old boys who are terribly proficient at handling a gun.

But, given that I wouldn't trust an 11-year-old boy with a popsicle, I would just as well not be anywhere near them.

This, however, doesn't appear to have been the policy of the authorities in New Jersey. They were allegedly alarmed by a Facebook photo of Josh Moore, aged 11, holding a .22 rifle, and they allegedly wanted to get very near him.

The photo had been posted by his father, Shawn, to Facebook. It showed Josh, in his camouflage outfit and … Read more

Microsoft to U.S. expats in U.K.: Don't bring your guns

Having worked on several continents, I know how difficult it can be to adjust to different cultures.

In Poland, for example, men kiss men at work. In the United States, on the other hand, they sue for that kind of thing.

So you have to feel for any American who is suddenly asked very nicely by his employer to leave the deep safety of the nation and venture to, say, the United Kingdom.

They're different there. They're tight-lipped and generally superior.

Kinder employers, therefore, create little handbooks to prepare unwitting expats for a new world.

The Sun got hold of a bookRead more

YouTube yanks video of 3D-printed rifle magazine

A video showing a gun magazine created by a 3D printer was pulled off YouTube today, only to reappear later in the afternoon.

The removal notice for the popular clip, which was posted by a Texas group known as Defense Distributed, said the video was removed "as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content."

"Yes, YouTube removed this video because permissive liberals flagged it as inappropriate," the group said in a Tumblr post. "Please steal this and put it everywhere before it is again taken down."

Talking Points … Read more

Facebook photo of a gun and his 1-year-old gets man arrested

Babies and guns go together like salmon and WD-40. Still, in the inevitable quest to amuse, excite, fascinate or merely catch the eye of those who saunter around Facebook's dark corners, sometimes people feel the need to post odd things.

Domonic Gaines thought it might be (perhaps) fun to post a picture of him holding his 1-year-old daughter while also holding a gun.

The desired effect is unknown. But the slightly less desirable result was that he was arrested for child endangerment.

As Fox 19 in Cincinnati reports, Gaines, a 22-year-old from Colerain Township, Ohio, is currently being held … Read more

Google Map of handgun owners posted online isn't exactly accurate

Is there anything more difficult than an emotional reaction on an emotive topic?

So many marriages have dissipated in such circumstances. Facts become cudgels and recollections have all the accuracy of a plasticine Lugar.

When the Journal News, a local New York newspaper, thought it might be a good idea to post a Google map depicting all the local handgun owners and their addresses, voices and arms were raised.

One imagines that the editors of the Journal News had both good intentions -- it was very soon after the Newtown massacre -- and some inkling that this posting might raise … Read more

NYPD unveils radiation scanner to catch people with illegal guns

As the U.S. gun control debate continues in full force, several authorities are looking for ways to catch people illegally possessing firearms.

The New York Police Department announced today that it will soon adopt portable scanning technology that lets police officers see from a distance whether someone is carrying a concealed weapon, according to the New York Daily News.

The scanner is a device small enough to fit in a police van or set up on a street corner that reads terahertz radiation, which is energy emitted by both humans and inanimate objects. When aimed at a person, it'… Read more

VP Biden to Hangout, talk gun control on Google+

President Obama's "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit drew more than 5 million views, and now Vice President Joe Biden is going to try his hand at a different newfangled social-media real-time electronic telegraph technology.

In an event dubbed a "Fireside Hangout," the vice president will be hanging out in Google+ starting at 10:45 a.m. PT tomorrow to discuss the recently released White House policy recommendations on reducing gun violence in the wake of a downright awful 2012 that was plagued by a number of mass shootings in the United States. … Read more

Ralph Nader: Video game firms are 'electronic child molesters'

Not one to keep his opinion to himself, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader has come down hard on video games. In fact, he has gone as far as to call the companies that make them "electronic child molesters."

In an interview with Politico yesterday, Nader blasted President Obama's gun control package that was unveiled last week. The two-time Green Party presidential candidate said that the president's plan needs to go further in regulating video game creators that add violence to their games.

"Television program violence? Unbelievable. Video game violence? Unprecedented," Nader told Politico. "… Read more

Groupon puts all gun-related promotions and deals on hold

Groupon has suspended all of its gun-related promotions, a move that has led some gun-rights advocates to call for a boycott of the daily deals site.

"All scheduled and current gun-related deals featured on Groupon North America, including shooting ranges, conceal-and-carry and clay shooting, have been placed on hiatus while we review internal standards that shape the deal inventory we feature," Groupon spokeswoman Julie Mossler told AOL Daily Finance in a story published Sunday. "The category is under review following recent consumer and merchant feedback."

Although the move is presumably in reaction to last month's … Read more

A connection between video games and real-world violence?

During a press conference earlier today unveiling his proposals for new gun-control regulations, President Obama said he will ask Congress for $10 million to fund a study by the Centers for Disease Control on the impact of video games and "media images."

It's a reasonable enough request. Gaming industry groups have said they'd welcome serious scientific research into the issue, though it's entirely unclear what the results of that research will lead to. And after what happened in Newtown, Conn., everyone -- from video game makers to movie producers to local news outlets to gun … Read more