Android 1.5 update for T-Mobile G1 delayed one week

If you're a T-Mobile G1 owner who has been patiently waiting for your Android 1.5 update, we hate to be the ones to tell you that you're going to be waiting just a bit longer.

T-Mobile USA announced on Monday that it's still finalizing the build to "ensure optimal functionality and smooth delivery" so it has delayed pushing out the over-the-air update by one week. The carrier said it expects all G1 owners to have the Cupcake update by early June.

You can check out T-Mobile's official statement here.

(Source: Phonescoop)

CNET looking for Android blogger

Are you a Google Android fan? Did you rush out and buy the T-Mobile G1 the moment it came out? And are you eagerly awaiting the next Android device? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may have something for you.

CNET is looking for a freelance blogger for a new Android-focused site. You'll be responsible for updating the blog regularly with news, developments, analysis, tips, and troubleshooting related to the Google Android Mobile operating system.

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T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile G1 v2 details surface

While the Android 1.5 Cupcake update is on its way to T-Mobile G1 owners, the bigger question on some people's minds is when we're going to see a new Android device here in the United States. The HTC Magic, which was first introduced at GSMA 2009, has launched in several European countries, and Canada will get its Android devices in June, so how far behind could we be?

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Google's plans for Android's YouTube

As part of a series of blog posts, Google has released more information this week about some of the goodies we can expect out of version 1.5 of the Android operating system, which has been going by the code name Cupcake, and which wireless carrier T-Mobile is expected to push out to U.S. customers at the end of next week. High on the list of upgrades is the ability to record videos and upload them to Google-owned YouTube.

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Cupcake party: Android 1.5 update coming to T-Mobile G1 owners next week

Finally, the moment all T-Mobile G1 owners have been waiting for! T-Mobile announced on Wednesday that it will start rolling out the official Android 1.5 (aka "Cupcake") update to G1 users starting at the end of next week. The update will be delivered over the air in random batches over the next several weeks, and T-Mobile expects to reach all G1 customers by the end of May.

Android 1.5 will bring a number of user interface improvements, better performance, as well as new features, such as an onscreen full QWERTY keyboard, video recording and playback, and … Read more

T-Mobile has sold 1 million G1 Android phones

T-Mobile USA has sold 1 million G1 Android phones, six months after launching the product.

T-Mobile corporate parent Deutsche Telekom revealed the number as part of its earnings announcement earlier this week, as spotted by Telephony Unfiltered. The G1 was released in October and accounts for about two-thirds of all the 3G phones running on T-Mobile's network.

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T-Mobile G1 gets Microsoft Office, Exchange support via DataViz

DataViz announced on Thursday that it is now offering Documents to Go Standard Edition version 1.0 and a beta version of RoadSync through the Android Market. The two applications will give T-Mobile G1 and HTC Magic owners the capability, for the first time, to work with Microsoft Office documents and get support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

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Google bans tethering app from Android Market?

Google has reportedly pulled a tethering application from the Android Marketplace to mollify its first wireless carrier partner.

Android, which Google says "brings Internet-style innovation and openness to mobile phones," will apparently not support applications that violate the terms of service of its carrier partners, namely T-Mobile in this particular case. Seth, a developer who worked on an application called "Wi-Fi Tether for Root Users," said Tuesday that the application was pulled after Google pointed out that T-Mobile, the only wireless carrier shipping an Android phone, doesn't allow tethering.

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T-Mobile's G1 Android to get new features

T-Mobile will push out a major firmware update to users of the G1 Android handset in April, the mobile operator has said.

The update will introduce features such as virtual keyboards and stereo Bluetooth support, as well as an upgrade of the underlying Linux kernel. A number of bugs in the Android operating system will also be fixed. The browser enhancements include upgrades to the latest version of the Webkit core and the addition of cut-and-paste. The browser is also getting support for the new Squirrelfish Javascript engine.

The contents of the update come from Cupcake, a read-only mirror of … Read more

TSMC deal offers glimpse of Intel future

Intel is making a bid to become a force in smartphones. This will test its ability to compete in arguably the most important chip market outside of PCs.

The deal struck this week with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. will put the Intel architecture into the same factories that churn out chips for companies like Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, which use an alternative architecture called ARM--the choice for many small devices, cell phones, and most smartphones, including the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Storm, and Google-based Android phones.

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