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Want salt with that? Sodium meter checks soups, sauces

Most of us consume way too much sodium, either sprinkling it on fries or gobbling it unawares via prepared and processed foods.

We'd all like to cut down to avoid high blood pressure and heart disease, but apart from reading nutritional information labels, it's hard to determine how much sodium a dish contains.

Well, the mighty gadget-spawning samurai at Japan's Thanko have unsheathed the Handy Salt Meter for hot liquid foods. … Read more

Hamilton Beach SaladXpress makes a quick and easy salad

It's hard to find fault with salad. You put a bunch of stuff of your own choosing into a bowl and mix it up. It may be difficult to find issue with that, but then there are the details to consider; little things that matter like how the veggies are cut. Pieces of one ingredient that are too big may drown out the others before a drop of dressing drizzles into the bowl.

However one decides to design one's salad, first there must be prep work. With multiple "cutting cones" capable of producing multiple cuts, the … Read more

Concept gadget would cook better than a microwave

Once upon a time, microwave ovens were only a concept. Now, freezers everywhere can be stocked with frozen food as easily as taking a trip to the local market. But it still requires a trip to the store. Sure, frozen foods can be ordered and delivered, but since frozen foods are frozen there lacks a certain urgency of need; they can be stockpiled for months on end. But what about freshly-made convenience food?

There exists a gap between microwaveable meals and restaurant delivery. While some might say, "yes, that is called 'cooking,'" others might ask "how many … Read more

The 404 1,288: Where we put our toys on ice (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Tostilocos: Tijuana street food hits the mainstream.

- Sixteen San Diego Comic-Con exclusives that have the Internet talking.

- Microsoft pulls a 180, reverses Xbox One always-on DRM and used games policy.

- Microsoft on Xbox One reversal: Dude, E3 held us up.

- "Sound City" is a documentary directed by Dave Grohl about the fabled eponymous recording studio in Van Nuys, Calif.

Episode 1,288


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Internet access is more important than sleep or food?

Believe or not, the plurality of men in the U.K. rank Internet access as valuable as sex and even more important than food and shelter.

That's right, 42 percent of male respondents in a new survey by broadband provider TP-Link throw food, shelter, and sleep to the wind, while saluting Internet access as one of life's most cherished needs. In fact, 50 percent of people say they dedicate more time to the Internet than sleep.

"As our recent research shows, in the current increasingly digital world, quick and easy connectivity is one of the main concerns … Read more

Bubble waffles now part of this nutritious breakfast

Waffle evolution has had a long and twisty course. First, there was the waffle iron; somebody poured batter in it and all was well. Eventually somebody took a freshly cooked waffle and rolled it up, inventing the ice cream cone. After that, not much happened until one enterprising fellow ruined his wife's waffle maker and changed athletic footwear forever. Now, there is a new course set for the home kitchen with upside-down, inside-out waffles.

The CucinaPro Bubble Waffler (around $45) offers a fun take on traditional breakfast waffles. Modeled after the street food, eggettes, or even their cousin, ebleskivers,Read more

Suspected ID thief exposed by food porn on Instagram

Those who steal your identity digitally are not nice people.

On the other hand, they are still people. Which often means that -- somewhere -- they have online enthusiasms which still take them over and reveal their own identities to the outside world.

IRS investigators say that a predilection for food porn created a digital footprint for a suspect whom they were trying to trace.

As Florida's Sun-Sentinel reports, the investigators were in pursuit of a man who was said to have 700,000 stolen IDs available for sale.

It seems that he was quite good at keeping his … Read more

The 404 1264: Where we try and stay Glassy (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Public's first reaction to Google Glass summed up by SNL.

- Can you really make money online by playing competitive games?

- Busting online piracy group has led to increase -- in piracy.… Read more

Use Evernote Food 2.0 to save recipes, find new restaurants

The original version of Evernote Food (download for Android or iOS) had one menu item: My Meals. As of the latest version, My Meals doesn't have to be lonely anymore; new sections Explore Recipes, My Cookbook, and Restaurants have been added. Let's explore the new features.

Explore Recipes lets you browse through a huge selection (thousands, according to Evernote) of recipes from all over the Web. You'll find recipes from places you'll likely recognize, such as or Clean Eating.

My Cookbook will show you any recipes you've saved through the app, along with … Read more

Hamilton Beach food processor stacks and snaps for use

A kitchen appliance or gadget that does anything and everything is only useful if it actually gets used. Sure, the device in question may chop, slice, and dice with the best of them, but if for one reason or another it is uncomfortable to the user, then it will end up not being used. Through no fault of its own, the kitchen tool gets shunned and ignored, doomed to live out an unproductive life tucked away in the back of the cupboard. It doesn't have to be this way.

The food processor is a tried-and-true addition to any kitchen … Read more