Resize and watermark images with EasyPhotoImager

Bitbuster's EasyPhotoImager can resize, convert, and add watermarks to images, singly or in batches, and create thumbnails. While it offers no Help file, it's relatively easy to use, with all its settings on the front page. If you've used image-editing tools before, we doubt you'll have any trouble figuring it out. But true beginners may want to look for something simpler or with more support. EasyPhotoImager is compatible with Windows XP to 8. Recent updates include drag-and-drop capability, real-time preview, improved image resizing, and Windows Explorer-style folder navigation.

EasyPhotoImager's user interface opens on the Settings … Read more

Rename files using A Better Finder Rename for Mac

Larger hard drives have led to mass amounts of saved and hard-to-catalogue files. A Better Finder Rename for Mac can help rename your files into whatever cataloging system you wish. This is definitely useful when going through old files, but it's also useful to keep new files searchable.

A Better Finder Rename for Mac allows for quick renaming of files using a wide selection of customizable options. The program uses an easy drag-and-drop feature to select files. The user selects which criteria to apply for the suggested new names and then is given the option to modify the names … Read more

Tip: Use OS X services to reveal or open file paths

Apple's Spotlight offers a quick way to find user files and resources like applications or system preferences. However, it does not locate items in the system folder or in hidden folders, though at times you might need to access them. This limitation may be especially cumbersome to deal with if you are troubleshooting a problem in OS X or helping someone do so, meaning you may need to ask them to locate a specific hidden file and remove it or modify its contents.

For some system resources you can simply navigate through the Finder; however, in its default view … Read more

Add expiration dates for shared Google Drive folders

It's easy to forget you've shared a folder from Google Drive with someone. There are visual indicators that show a folder is shared, but if you're busy working, or don't spend a lot of time logged into Google Drive, you may not notice them.

When you come across a situation where you want to limit the amount of time that your folder remains shared, there's a script that can help you add an expiration date to the sharing status. The way it works is by creating a duplicate of what you originally shared (minus the … Read more

Access your Photo Stream without iPhoto on OS X

Regardless of your feelings for iPhoto on OS X, having to launch and wait for it to load your photo library only to access a screenshot or a single photo in your Photo Stream can be annoying. The good news is, after following the steps laid out below, you'll be able to access your Photo Stream at any time, without even having iPhoto running. The process comes courtesy of a post by Ben Ward (which originated from a Mac OSX Hints thread) earlier this year. It looks more complicated than it really is, but as always, proceed at your … Read more

How to set up quick-access folders in OS X

Often when saving and managing files you may need to quickly access certain folders. In OS X, in general, user folders are located within your home directory, and the standard way of accessing them is to open a new Finder window and navigate to the desired location. However, there are some perhaps quicker alternatives. Not only does the Finder offer some shortcuts for getting to favorite folders, but there are some additional ways in OS X such as accessing recent items and using hot keys coupled with custom services to quickly open directories.

Finder default location In prior versions of … Read more

Hide files, folders, and USB drives with Wise Folder Hider

WiseCleaner's Wise Folder Hider is a free tool that can secure your data by hiding important files or folders on your disk drive or portable drive, and protecting them with a password. And Wise Folder Hider lets you go a step further by requiring a double password for special items; nothing less than the legendary "double secret password."

We clicked Wise Folder Hider's desktop icon and created a password to start using the program. Wise Folder Hider's user interface is simple but attractive, with three items in the toolbar: Hide File, Hide Folder, and Hide … Read more

Lock down your secret documents

What's the biggest threat to your data? Is it snooping, or device theft, or hacking, or simple carelessness? How about all of the above? Suppose you could lock down your files, folders, drives, and devices with password protection; encrypt critically important data on the fly; store it on your smartphone or thumbdrive; and back it all up to a secure online storage locker that automatically syncs data and lets you access it on mobile devices? We'll tell you now that we're referring to one utility, Folder Lock, before we continue enumerating its features, which also include stealth … Read more

I Folder Locker offers users higher file security

I Folder Locker is a software application that adds security to your files and folders by locking them with password protection. Only the user who knows the password will be able to unlock and access the locked items.

There isn't much to this application, but what is there is something very useful and easy to use. You simply open the application, choose a folder or file to lock and then set up a password. To unlock the folder or file you go through a similar process but enter the already given password as the final step. Locking your files … Read more

Options for changing folders in the OS X Terminal

The OS X Terminal is a very useful and powerful tool for troubleshooting Mac systems, and in doing so, one of the more common steps in getting a task done is to change directories to target files in it. The contemporary method of doing this is to use the "cd" (change directory) command and then specify a filesystem path; however, this can be a bit frustrating to deal with, especially if you are relatively new to the Terminal and are not too familiar with text-based filesystem browsing.

Given that Apple provides a fairly easy to use filesystem browser … Read more