Buzz Out Loud 1427: Why Yahoo can't have nice things (podcast)

We're back in the bunker, everyone, talking the Japan crisis and its effect on tech supply chains. Plus, bid on the SXSW iPad 2, or if you don't have that kind of cheddar, buy Street Fightr and Sonic for iPhone and the proceeds go to charity. Obama's IP czar wants to make unauthorized streaming a felony, and Netflix throws down in a big way for original content. Plus, Microsoft hits it out of the park with IE9. I know, right? Who'da thunk? --Molly

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preGame 44: Nintendo 3DS in-studio; Yakuza 4; Homefront

A very special afternoon delivery from Nintendo just makes it on today's show. Live today in the studio is the brand-new Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system, the first of its kind to display a 3D image without the need for special glasses.

It may not be available in stores until March 27, but the Nintendo 3DS has already arrived at CNET's New York offices and makes its debut on today's preGame. We'll show off the console from every angle and demo a few titles including the bundled AR Games and Mii Maker as well as Super … Read more

How do they game? Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Fusion graphics, overview

Both Intel and AMD, the two main companies that make the vast majority of computer processors, have new platforms for 2011. AMD's Fusion and Intel's second-generation Core i-series (formerly code-named Sandy Bridge) share a common goal: to package improved integrated graphics on the chipset that work much better than the previous generation, making it possible to play better games and stream more HD content without the need for a dedicated video card.

For most people, computers with integrated graphics are the default, because they cost less. Unless you're a serious tech enthusiast, you don't want to … Read more

Will streaming make or break Netflix earnings?

After a couple of months of getting pummeled in the press by doubters at the studios and Time Warner, Netflix will have a chance today to silence its critics.

Netflix is scheduled to report the video service's fourth-quarter earnings after the close of trading. It's a safe bet that many in Hollywood will be watching to see whether Netflix's popularity with consumers has continued to soar.

In October, the company said it expected to add 2.7 million subscribers for the quarter that ended December 31, an unprecedented number for the video-rental service. Netflix predicted it would … Read more

3DS games likely to be priced at $40

At least that's the impression we're getting from the Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition product page at Capcom's online shop. Listed at $39.99, that's about an average of $5-$10 more than what we're used to paying for traditional DS games.

There was no official game MSRP announcement at yesterday's 3DS event in New York, but we did hear mumblings of the $40 price point from more than one game rep in attendance.

Thanks to William C. and Jake B. who sent this in to preGame.

The 404 740: Where your mom hates The 404 (podcast)

Apologies for skipping yesterday's show, but Jeff and Wilson were at a Nintendo event where the company revealed big news: the Nintendo 3DS will be available on March 27 for $250.

Nintendo also showed off 10 games for the 3DS that will be for sale at the release, all developed specifically for a 3D environment, like Steel Diver, Kid Icarus Uprising, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and Super Street Fighter IV 3D.

CNET's Scott Stein's impression of the device involved taking issue with the 3D effect breaking as you engage the accelerometer and tilt the unit, but we'll have a more thorough examination for you when it finally launches on March 27.

In more video game news, a clever viral ad for Dead Space 2, banking on the idea that gamers love what their mothers hate, shows a group of mothers reacting to the intense gameplay. The outer space horror game will be available on January 25.

Good news for select Google Voice users: the search giant is offering the ability to port your phone number to Google Voice. Prior to this new feature, you had to memorize a unique number to give out to friends and family, but now you can pay $20 to give your number over to Google; then all you have to do is sign up for a new contract and you'll never have to send out the classic "hey this is my new number" message again.

CNET's Jessica Dolcourt also adds this tip: "Just keep in mind that jumping ship on any current mobile contract will incur your carrier's wrath in the form of early termination fees. Therefore, port wisely, young Googlers." Thanks Jessica!

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Hands-on with 10 3DS games and features

If you were following along with our live blog this morning, you know the big news: the Nintendo 3DS is coming March 27 for $250. But what about the games? A dozen or so titles were ready for some hands-on action this afternoon, and we got a chance to play the majority of them. Nintendo also showed us some of the built-in software that'll be on every 3DS, including the Mii Maker and AR Games.

The following titles will see launch-day or launch-window releases, between March 27 and E3 2011, according to Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime.

Mii Maker Miis are coming to the 3DS, and the Mii Maker app is preinstalled to allow for their creation. Better yet, the front-facing camera can be used in tandem to help make the process a bit more accurate. When we tried it out, the resulting Mii was a bit insulting, but after a few minor tweaks it actually did resemble our photo. Creating Miis from scratch is just like the Wii experience we're all used to.

AR Games AR Games (augmented reality games) will use a Nintendo playing card to manipulate the world through the 3DS' cameras. We had some time with a simple target-shooting game, and the effect is pretty impressive. Even better, the game requires the player to move around the virtual play space as well, adding a whole new dimension to the experience.

Steel Diver Once a tech demo, Steel Diver is getting the full game treatment at launch on the 3DS. Players control a submarine by using touch sliders that control height and acceleration. Torpedos can also be fired at oncoming obstacles, but the section of the game we played focused more on avoiding colliding with the ocean floor.

Kid Icarus Uprising After about 10 minutes with Kid Icarus Uprising--the very game Nintendo debuted the 3DS with at E3 2010--we're anticipating that the control scheme might be this title's biggest hurdle. We played two parts, one that felt like an on-rails shooter, the other a sort of modified third-person action segment.… Read more

The dungeon awaits

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is a fantasy dungeon-crawler RPG with turn-based combat, grid-based movement, and charming art and sound.

The first in a planned Rimelands series, Hammer of Thor puts you in the role of Rose Cristo, the heroine of a Norse-themed, fairy-filled, post-apocalyptic steampunk storyline. Using experience points and a system of branching skill trees, you can advance Rose's abilities down three different "paths": Barbarian, Assassin, and Shaman, corresponding to melee, ranged, and magical combat. Each path has its own "talents"--active skills and passive boosts that make you deadlier. The game gives you … Read more

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner: TIE Fighter combat meets augmented reality

Think "Star Wars" games have been done to death? I guarantee you've never seen anything like Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner. It's like the PC classic "TIE Fighter" mixed with the ingenious UFO on Tape mixed with the Layar Reality Browser.

Confused? This video might help:

Millennium Falcon AR Test from Josh Shabtai on Vimeo.

As you can see, the game overlays itself on whatever appears in your iPhone camera lens. Point it at the night sky and, presto, you're blasting TIE fighters in outer space. Point it at the dog and, um, … Read more

The 404 644: Where we play Angry Birds while waiting for BioShock Infinite (podcast )

Brace yourself for a lot of video game news on today's episode of The 404 Podcast as we discuss Wilson's obsession with throwing pigs at cats, Street Fighter experts offering lessons for $50 an hour, Rage running on an Apple iPhone, and BioShock Infinite!

Fresh off the success of this year's BioShock 2, the creators of the original game just announced a complete reimagining of the franchise in the form of BioShock Infinite. The original BioShock enjoyed countless game of the year awards, thanks to its creative storytelling. Ken Levine, creative director at Irrational Games, tells us … Read more