Google Reader has expired, but your data lives until July 15

By now you probably already know that Google Reader has crossed over into the digital netherworld, joining many of its ill-fated Mountain View kin who were doomed never to exit beta.

When these sad departures occur, the ritual of going through the deceased's basement begins, and in the case of Google Reader it turns out that the place was full of lots of digital detritus belonging to you and me, and hundreds of thousands (if not millions -- we never really found out how popular Google Reader was in definite terms) of users.… Read more

Reeder app adds Feedly support after Google Reader's demise

Users of the RSS iOS app Reeder can now add feeds from Feedly following the demise of Google Reader.

Released on Tuesday, version 3.2 of Reeder for iOS no longer supports Google Reader since the search giant's RSS service has kicked the bucket. But the new support for Feedly should be able to fill the gap.

Feedly has been hard at work trying to make itself a home for RSS users. The company recently upgraded its site to offer a new interface and end its dependence on Google's RSS feeds.

Feedly has also made it easy for … Read more

The 404 1,295: Where we telegraph it in (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Ants aren't the only ones destroying electronics: Bored pets are, too.

- Snapcat: A photo app for cat selfies.

- Stop the presses: Today is the last day to send a telegram in India.

- RIP Google Reader: Today it is kaput.

- What happens when a guy logs in under his wife's gamer tag? Understanding sexism in gaming.

- Computer and printer prices to rise in EU because you can print copywritten stuff.… Read more

How to export Feedly subscriptions to OPML

We rely on cloud services more and more every day, trusting service providers with our data. But as Google Reader users know all too well, it's sometimes necessary to take that data elsewhere. Many Google Reader users have migrated to Feedly, and the subscription data that once lived on Google's servers now resides on Feedly's. Feedly just recently added the ability to export your feeds to an OPML file, so if Feedly shuts its doors like Google Reader did, you can use it to import your feeds to another reader. Here's how:

Step 1: From the … Read more

How to export your Google Reader data

If you're still hanging on to Google Reader, it's time to let it go. After Monday, Google Reader will no longer be available. People with only a few subscriptions will be able to migrate to another service without much hassle, but those with more than just a few will want the option to bulk-import the subscription data. Even if you don't move the data to a new service right away, it'll be nice to have for future reference.

To export your Google Reader data, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Reader settings, then click … Read more

AOL Reader is a solid offering for RSS fans, but there's not much new here (hands-on)

The new AOL Reader is now in beta and open to the public, and while it may not be a perfect replacement for Google Reader, it has a nice layout and a strong tool set for quickly scanning and organizing your RSS feeds. At this time, AOL Reader is Web browser-only (with plans for app-based versions in the works), but it can detect your mobile devices and give you a mobile-friendly experience.

To sign up, you can connect via Twitter, Facebook, Google, or your old AOL account (does anyone still have one of these?). Once logged in, AOL Reader prompts … Read more

Feedly upgrades site to prep for Google Reader's demise

Feedly has completed its next wave of Web site upgrades designed to serve as a spiffy, new welcome mat for users of Google Reader, which is shutting down.

Existing users of the Feedly news aggregator and those migrating from Google Reader will now find a refreshed site compatible with all major browsers, Feedly said in a blog post Wednesday. The overhauled site adds support for Internet Explorer and Opera and boasts a new interface that doesn't require plug-ins or browser extensions.

In line with its new cloud, Feedly is no longer shackled to Google. Previously, the site depended on Google Reader's servers for its back-end technology. … Read more

Feedly starts weaning itself from Google Reader servers

Less than three weeks before Google Reader shuts down, a top alternative called Feedly has begun switching the foundation of its RSS-reading service off Google's technology and onto its own servers.

Feedly released a new iOS app Tuesday that is "Now powered by the Feedly cloud," according to the app description. "Let's all wish a happy retirement to Google Reader."

Feedly got its start as a new interface to Google Reader, a service that lets people subscribe to Web site updates using the RSS and Atom technologies. But in March Google announced it's axing Google Reader on July 1, … Read more

Coming to Feedly reader: Speed, search, Windows 8 support

Feedly, the feed reader whose developers are trying to pick up where Google Reader left off, announced Monday that the service will get faster, work on Windows 8, and function without a browser extension.

The Web service, also available as an app for iOS and Android, lets people read Web sites via their RSS and Atom feeds. It's a technology that's popular among those with voracious information appetites, but it hasn't made it to the mainstream. In March Google announced that it's killing its Google Reader site on July 1.

Google's table scraps are a … Read more

Google Reader: Get your feeds and data out alive

Google Reader will soon be closing its virtual doors. In a move that shocked the Web, Google's SVP Urs Hölzle announced on March 13 that, despite the RSS service's "loyal following," the company would "retire" Google Reader on July 1. More than any of the other 69 products that Google has killed over the past two years, Google Reader's demise has shaken a longtime community that depends heavily on the service.

Foofaraw and conspiracy theories (about why Reader was killed) aside, if you use the service and want to save any … Read more