HP completes tender offer for ArcSight

HP announced today that it has completed its tender offer of ArcSight and expects to integrate its new acquisition with an HP subsidiary in the next several days.

Around 33.1 million shares, or 92.1 percent of ArcSight's outstanding shares, were tendered to HP, giving it full ownership of the security and compliance management company. HP paid a total of $1.5 billion, or $43.50 per share, to acquire ArcSight, which makes products to help businesses monitor their networks and data centers for security threats.

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HP to acquire ArcSight for $1.5 billion

Hewlett-Packard said Monday that it will acquire ArcSight, a security and compliance management company, for $43.50 per share, or a total of $1.5 billion.

The technology giant said that ArcSight's "superior technology" is complementary to HP's own existing security portfolio of hardware, software, and services. ArcSight's products allow customers to monitor their networks, data centers, and applications for security threats and other types of unusual activity.

"From a security perspective, the perimeter of today's enterprise is porous, putting enormous pressure on clients' risk and compliance systems," Bill Veghte, HP's … Read more

WSJ: HP goes shopping (again), buys ArcSight

Hewlett-Packard will reportedly buy security software company ArcSight for $1.5 billion.

According to The Wall Street Journal, HP will pay a decent premium for ArcSight, but nothing 3Par-like. ArcSight's market cap was $1.2 billion at market close Friday.

In some respects, HP is playing catch-up when it comes to security software. IBM took ISS off the market and also bought Guardium, which is similar to ArcSight. EMC owns RSA. And Intel is in the process of buying McAfee.

Read more of "HP goes shopping (again), to buy ArcSight, says WSJ" at ZDNet's Between the … Read more

Review: Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Given the leaks trickling out all summer, we weren't too surprised to hear from Microsoft about its new convertible, touch-sensitive mouse a few weeks ago. And indeed, the Arc Touch Mouse looks and behaves pretty much as expected. The convertible design lets you pack the mouse flat in your laptop bag. The touch capability is limited to a scrolling strip that runs down the middle.

You can read our full review of the Arc Touch Mouse here. Mostly it's a novelty product for those willing to spend around $70, but the touch strip has some interesting features (haptic … Read more

The 404 654: Where Jeff is elbow deep in Poutine (podcast)

Mark Licea fills in for Jeff, who's on vacation in Montreal reenacting "The Hangover," so get ready for a hate-free show. On today's episode of The 404, we're chatting about the new Netflix app for the Apple iPhone, Sumo wrestlers using iPads, "character amnesia" hitting China, and the first of many expired movie reviews from yours truly in a new segment we're calling Yu Ain't Seen That?! First film to scratch off the bucket list: "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

It's been a long time coming, but you … Read more

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse leaked in Germany?

Ever-handy with Google Translate, Engadget has a story from German tech site regarding a seemingly likely leak of a new Microsoft Arc Touch mouse. Winfuture cites German retailer Notebooksbilliger as the originating source by way of a premature listing on its site, although Engadget and others have been tracking rumors of the mouse for the past few months.

The product shots, which Winfuture seems to have grabbed from Notesbookbilliger before the retailer removed the listing, indicate a core design not entirely unlike Microsoft's original Arc mouse. Rather than folding into itself like the original, the new model … Read more

preGAME 03: X10 Showcase

This week on preGAME, hosts Jeff Bakalar and Mark Licea take a look back at all of the big announcements from last week's Microsoft X10 conference in San Francisco. Today's show is chock-full of debut trailers, announcements, and first look game play video of some of 2010's most anticipated Xbox 360-centric games.

But before we get into the big announcements, we'll chat about the death of local multiplayer. Long gone are the days of local four-player split screen action like Goldeneye 64. Now more than ever, game developers are overlooking the game play element that defined the "party game." Why is this upsetting trend so popular? And why do game developers choose to leave it out?

All this plus the week's headlines and releases on preGAME!

Want to be a part of our live taping? Make sure you head to every Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern. If you missed any of the stories we talk about on today's preGAME, make sure to check out our links below.

Xbox Live coming to Windows Phone 7 Street Fighter IV coming to iPhone LA Noire screenshots finally surface Sony will show off motion controller at GDC Jeff's X10 wrap-up post on CraveRead more

Microsoft adds keyboard to Arc input family

Microsoft's Arc Mouse is finally getting a keyboard companion. Announced Thursday, the Arc Keyboard will go on sale February 21 as a $60 Best Buy exclusive. Microsoft envisions the keyboard as a home-friendly input device that you'll carry around to your couch or kitchen to use with your laptop. Whether or not you like the idea of a full-size keyboard in your living room, we can't say the Arc Keyboard looks unappealing.

Based on the product shots (official info page here), the Arc Keyboard has a graceful, inviting profile. It comes with a tiny USB microtransceiver that … Read more

Mediocre movie maker

FoxArc Movie Editor allows users to create video presentations using still images, videos, and audio files. Although the program works, we found it to be somewhat inflexible and not as powerful as we had hoped.

The program's interface is sleek and fairly intuitive; users import the files they want to use, arrange them on the timeline, and then add special effects as desired. However, unlike similar programs we've seen, FoxArc Movie Editor does not support drag-and-drop placement of files. That means that rearranging files on the timeline is a matter of right-clicking them and then moving them one … Read more

The 404 436: Where we're different by choice

We're very proud and excited to welcome Beck's Beer back as our official show sponsor for the month of October, as you can see by the advertisement over yonder. You know what that means, right? All month long we'll be bringing back the Semi-Weekly Audio Draft Pick, sponsored by Beck's Beer in conjunction with That's a lot to say, so if you can think of a better title for the segment (maybe even a funny acronym involving beer), shoot us a line at the404(at)cnet[dot]com. Just like in July, we'll be introducing you to some of our favorite musicians and playing their music on the show every Tuesday and Friday for the next month, so be excited, and if you have any suggestions, well, tweet us.

OMGWTFBBQ! The Robsham Theater Arts Center from Boston College is putting on a musical comedy inspired by songs by our buddy Jonathan Coulton! If you didn't hear his live performance the last time he was on The 404, go check it out and get ready for some musical theater. Luke Jorgenson, the associate theater professor at BC, was "taken by Coulton's satire of office life and technology," which inspired him to produce the script. We're very psyched for Jonathan. Congrats, buddy!

Next up in the news, we've got a few iffy Sony PS3 ads to show you guys. The first one is a picture of a stereotypical gamer giving a blood transfusion to someone that looks a lot like Erwin Rommel, aka "The Desert Fox" and a German General in World War II. The other one features the same gamer, but this time he's giving his heart to Joan of Arc. Like, literally giving his heart in a celebratory transplant. Yikes, Sony--what message are you guys trying to convey here?

Next, we play a brief PSA video to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a subject that is very dear to our hearts. The video is played in jest, and of course we have to make a few jokes about the steamy subject matter, but Breast Cancer itself is very real, so all month we'll be supporting the cause.

Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!

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