AMD reclaims the high-end 3D card belt

The reviews are in for AMD's new high-end 3D card--the embargoed, but not exactly secret 2GB Radeon HD 4870 X2--and the official results are as enthusiastic as the previews. By all accounts, the $550 Radeon HD 4870 X2 is the fastest desktop 3D board on the market, outpacing Nvidia's flagship GeForce GTX 280 card on most tests.

According to the results on PC Perspective, Hot Hardware, ExtremeTech, and Anandtech, AMD's new card comes up faster than both a single $450 GeForce GTX 280 as well as two $250 GeForce GTX 260's. Nvidia may steal a win … Read more

AMD/ATI show off new laptop graphics

Several new developments in the laptops graphics department from ATI and parent company AMD were announced at this year's Computex show in Taiwan.

To compete with Nvidia's just-announced GeForce 9M series of laptop GPUs, AMD now has the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series. The company says, "The new ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series offers notebook manufacturers the ability to deliver fast graphics performance, energy-efficient 55nm graphics processor technology, amazing video playback, and, for the first time ever, ATI CrossFireX technology for a mobile graphics solution."

You can already get two Nvidia GPUs in select … Read more

AMD: We're first with GDDR5 memory

AMD announced today that its next-generation ATI Radeon graphics cards will be the first commercial implementation of GDDR5 memory. According to the company, the new memory will allow for faster, smaller, and cheaper graphics cards:

"The higher data rates supported by GDDR5--up to 5x that of GDDR3 and 4x that of GDDR4--enable more bandwidth over a narrower memory interface, which can translate into superior performance delivered from smaller, more cost-effective chips."

The benefits of GDDR5 memory also include increased accuracy in calculations by way of new error detection mechanisms and more power-efficient graphics cards, according to AMD.

This … Read more

Preview: Upcoming graphics chips from ATI, Nvidia

AMD-ATI and Nvidia are preparing for the next graphics chip showdown. And there is already a good deal of information (and rumor) on the two chips due in June.

The names of the two upcoming product families have been widely reported: The ATI line is branded as the Radeon HD 4800, while the Nvidia is dubbed the GeForce GTX 200.

Advanced Micro Devices is expected to launch the HD 4850 (price estimates of graphics boards range between $189 and $219) and then follow with the 4870 (estimates range between $199 and $279). In the fourth quarter, AMD plans to add … Read more

ATI releases new laptop graphics

While AMD has been quiet on the CPU front at this year's show (unless you count the introduction of a logo as news), its graphics division has something of substance with the new ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3000 series. This new laptop graphics lineup comprises two models, the HD 3400 and the HD 3600, and is optimized for AMD's next-generation mobile platform (codename Puma) due out next quarter. The new GPUs support DirectX 10.1 and PCI Express 2.0, and can display Blu-ray and HD DVD movies at full 1080p resolution. They also come equipped with ATI'… Read more

AMD hopes for desktop PC boost with Spider

The first major fruits of Advanced Micro Devices' acquisition of ATI Technologies are ready for the public just as the market for those products is going through some profound changes.

Spider will be AMD's first "platform" product when it makes its expected debut Monday. It is designed for desktop PCs, and the entire Spider package comes with a new processor, AMD's quad-core Phenom chip, the new 7-series chipsets, and new graphics chips.

The two Phenom processors launching Monday are essentially desktop versions of AMD's Barcelona quad-core processors. They're designed for the upper half of … Read more

ATI's new 3D cards intensify the midrange fight

Both ATI's and Nvidia's first round of $125 to $200 DirectX 10-cards delivered underwhelming performance at best. They couldn't handle games from last year, let alone crank through newer titles like Crysis and PC Gears of War. But with Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GT and ATI's new Radeon HD 3850 and 3870 cards (announced today) mainstream gamers can finally get a piece of that modern game action for less than the price of a full-fledged game console.

The new ATI cards are unique in that they offer support for a few new hardware and software features. … Read more

Live from Hot Chips 19: Session 3, Multicore II

This is the fourth in a series of posts from the Hot Chips conference at Stanford. The previous installments looked at IBM's Power 6 efforts, Vernor Vinge's keynote address, and Nvidia. Other CNET coverage may be found here. This is sort of an experiment for me; I usually prefer to have time to review my work before I publish it. If you see anything wrong, please leave a comment!

The first talk in session 3 is from Advanced Micro Devices, describing the ATI Radeon HD 2900. (I checked, and AMD does still use the ATI brand name for some of its products; this is one of them.)

This is another chip I described briefly in one of my Siggraph 2007 pieces (here). The 2900 has 320 cores (which AMD calls "stream… Read more

Asus claims first Radeon X2300 laptop

Asus may be best known for making laptops that are sold under other brand names (we're looking at you, MacBook), but the Taiwan-based company is also frequently the first out of the gate with new technology. For a good example, check out the SideShow-enabled laptop we saw recently at CES.

Asus today announced the first notebook to feature graphics from ATI's new ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 chip. The Asus A8Jr isn't terribly remarkable otherwise, but since ATI isn't saying much of anything about the X2300 just yet, informational nuggets such as the following (from the Asus … Read more