Norton now on tablets--and in your wallet

While some app makers are taking a unified approach to Android, Norton has decided to split its security apps into a phone version and a tablet version.

Norton Tablet Security debuted today as Symantec also released a minor update to Norton Mobile Security, its smartphone version.

Norton Tablet Security is an updated version of Symantec's Android app, Norton Mobile Security. The Tablet Security version comes with an interface optimized for Android tablets. This means that instead of presenting its features in a narrow column, its interface is in a widescreen format.

Like its smartphone counterpart, Tablet Security offers anti-malware … Read more

How to scan Facebook for suspicious links and users

Over the last year there have been many malware attacks on Facebook users. These suspicious links and apps will infect the user's timeline, messages, and even their friends' "walls." Norton offers a tool to help combat these threats, and it's very quick and easy to set up on your Facebook account. Here's how:

Step 1: Open Norton Safe Web for Facebook in your Web browser. If you're not already logged in to Facebook, you'll need to do that now.

Step 2: Authorize permission for the Norton app to scan your account.… Read more

Symantec fixes Norton update that blocked Facebook

The latest antivirus detection file update of Norton Antivirus blocked access to Facebook after mistaking it for a phishing site, Symantec told CNET today.

The problem was fixed yesterday within hours of it being noticed, according to a statement from Symantec, which acquired Norton and its antivirus software a decade ago. "The issue occurred due to content within the site being falsely identified as a phishing risk," the company said.

"We are aware that some Norton customers encountered a security warning page when attempting to access the Facebook Web site," Symantec said in a statement. "… Read more

Identity, remote management light up Norton 360 beta

The first beta for Norton 360 version 6 arrived today, and it's notable for elevating the latest Norton Internet Security features to the 360 product line. Norton 360 v6 beta (download) is free to use, although the beta license is set to expire two weeks after installation.

The Norton Management feature connects your local installation of Norton to a Web-based account interface. You can use it to remotely install Norton programs, such as the Online.Family tool for child protection, purchase or renew licenses, tweak security settings, and affect repairs without having to be physically in front of the … Read more

Norton 2012 extends Insight to downloads

Symantec's Norton updates for 2012 launched today with the expected slate of performance improvements and interesting ancillary features and with a hint of a much stronger connection between the company's desktop and mobile offerings. The robust Norton Internet Security 2012 (download) and slimmer Norton AntiVirus 2012 (download) introduce several new features and reasonable but not amazing performance bumps.

There's now a link at the bottom of the main interface to Norton's mobile version. Next to it is a link for Norton Management, a new tool which opens in your default Web browser that allows you to … Read more

Chrome support comes to free Norton betas (video)

With around two months left before they debut, the beta versions of Norton Internet Security 2012 (download) and Norton AntiVirus 2012 (download) provide a solid glimpse of how Symantec wants to protect you in the coming year, including significant updates to its detection engines. See what else is new in this First Look video.

Most interesting of these under-the-hood improvements is the ability to scan downloads not just for viruses and malware, but also to determine if the file will adversely affect your computer's stability. Other new features include long-awaited Google Chrome support, online backup, and an Android app … Read more

Norton 2012 betas tweak already well-regarded suite

New Norton betas include the ability to rate a download's stability based on the file behavior on the computers of other Norton users and full Google Chrome support, setting the tone for the premium security suite updates due later this year.

Released today by Symantec, Norton Internet Security 2012 beta (download) and Norton AntiVirus 2012 beta (download) also include a new start-up manager that debuted earlier this year in Norton 360, changes to Symantec's SONAR technology, and a new autofix feature for curing installation woes quickly.

The changes are not ground-breaking, but do appear to be able to … Read more

Symantec goes all-in with Norton 360 v5

The bottom line: Norton 360 version 5 maintains the Norton brand's recent strong performance record and introduces some useful new features, bringing recent improvements to Norton Internet Security 2011 to the more expensive 360 while also improving the program's feature set. Symantec believes Norton is the premiere security product around, so don't be surprised at Norton 360's price tag.

Review: Editors' note: Portions of this review are based on CNET's review for Norton Internet Security 2011.

Over the past few years, Symantec has completed a course reversal for its Norton consumer Internet security suites. The … Read more

New Norton CyberCrime Index rates your risk

A new free tool from the makers of Norton attempts to quantify the real-time state of cybersecurity. It makes its debut today alongside the latest version of Symantec's all-in-one consumer security suite, Norton 360.

The Norton CyberCrime Index lies somewhere between a weather report and the United States' threat level advisory system, and Norton 360 version 5 launches with a direct link to it.

The CyberCrime Index uses a statistical model based on information from Symantec's Global Intelligence Network, ID Analytics, and DataLossDB. At the top level, the CyberCrime Index takes this data and creates a number evaluating … Read more

Are Notion Ink's Adam tablets finally shipping?

Notion Ink's Adam tablet is starting to ship to U.S. and European customers, the company announced in a blog post yesterday.

According to Notion Ink, its tablet has received U.S. Federal Communications Commission approval and a CE marking from the European Union, thus paving the way for shipments. A search of the FCC's Web site reveals that the Adam has indeed gained clearance. In addition, the company said in its posting that those who have February ship dates will likely receive their tablets at the end of January.

But before anyone who has the device on … Read more