John McAfee feeling better, fights to stay in Guatemala

Antivirus-software pioneer John McAfee, who is facing deportation from Guatemala to Belize in connection with a fatal shooting, is feeling better after suffering chest pains earlier this week and is using legal channels to try to stay in the country.

McAfee, whose request for political asylum has already been rejected by the Guatemalan government, filed an appeal of the asylum decision and filed petitions to stay in the country indefinitely, his attorney told the media.

Attorney Telesforo Guerra told reporters outside the detention center where McAfee has been held since his arrest Wednesday that the software pioneer turned fugitive is … Read more

John McAfee's lawyer says client 'never had a heart attack'

Antivirus-software pioneer John McAfee is suffering from stress and hypertension but did not suffer a heart attack as originally reported, his lawyer told the media today.

"He never had a heart attack. Nothing like that," Telesforo Guerra said in Guatemala City, according to Reuters. "I'm not a doctor. I'm just telling you what the doctors told me. He was suffering from stress, hypertension, and tachycardia [an abnormally rapid heartbeat]."

McAfee, who was arrested yesterday after several weeks on the run from police in Belize, was rushed to a hospital earlier today after complaining of … Read more

Guatemala denies asylum for McAfee

The Guatemalan government has denied the asylum request of tech entrepreneur-turned fugitive John McAfee, the Associated Press reported today, which means police in Belize expect the eccentric millionaire to be flown back to Belize soon.

Update, 12:30 p.m. PT: ABC News is reporting that McAfee, who complained about chest pains earlier, had a possible heart attack while at the detention center. Two ambulances were seen outside the center, and medics are attending to him after he was reportedly found unresponsive on the floor of his cell.

Update, 1:45 p.m. PT: McAfee's lawyer tells Reuters that … Read more

McAfee posts from Guatemalan detention, asks for help

Being in jail wasn't going to stop Antivirus pioneer John McAfee from updating his blog. The former tech entrepreneur continued to write about his experience even after being arrested by police in Guatemala.

McAfee, 67, was on the run from Belize, where police sought him for questioning in relation to the murder of his neighbor. McAfee is the founder of the well-known security company that bears his name. His bizarre accounts of his journey, which he shared with his 20-year-old girlfriend and journalists from VICE Magazine (see video of his capture below), ha captivated the media.

Even behind bars, … Read more

Fugitive John McAfee arrested by police in Guatemala

John McAfee, the antivirus software pioneer sought by police in connection with a murder in Belize, was arrested today by Guatemalan police for entering the country illegally.

McAfee was arrested with the help of Interpol agents at a hotel in an upscale Guatemala City neighborhood, Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said, according to the Associated Press. Guatemala will seek to have him expelled from the country, Bonilla said, according to Reuters, although there is no international arrest warrant for McAfee, and it was not immediately clear to which country he would be deported.

The 67-year-old founder of the company that … Read more

John McAfee hires former Guatemalan attorney general, wants to meet with Belize

In another twist to John McAfee's wild story of life on the run, the antivirus-software pioneer has hired the former attorney general of Guatamala -- who also happens to be his girlfriend's uncle -- to help him as he tries to set up a meeting with the prime minister of Belize on "neutral ground."

McAfee posted this latest update to his blog today, adding another chapter to the tale of the tech entrepreneur turned fugitive. McAfee was one of the pioneers in creating antivirus software and is the founder of the company that bears his name … Read more

McAfee nabbed? His blog says maybe, following CNN interview

The bizarre real-life potboiler concerning on-the-lam software millionaire John McAfee continued today, as -- following a cloak-and-dagger CNN interview with the fugitive -- McAfee's own blog posted an item saying he may have been captured at the Belize-Mexico border.

The item, pictured above and reported earlier by news agency AFP, says little more than that and calls the report of the capture "unconfirmed." We'll update this post -- or link to a new, separate story -- when we know more. (Editor's note: See bottom of story for updates.)

Earlier, CNN managed to track McAfee down … Read more

McAfee begins writing blog while hiding from police in Belize

John McAfee, the antivirus software pioneer sought in connection with a murder in Belize, has apparently begun writing a blog that chronicles his efforts to hide from the police.

The 67-year-old founder of the company that bears his name has been eluding the police for the past week, after the shooting death of his neighbor, whose body was discovered a week ago. Gregory Faull, a contractor and restaurant owner, had complained about McAfee's dogs as well as the technologist's armed security guards.

McAfee has told the media that he's being wrongfully persecuted by officials in Belize and … Read more

McAfee says he could die in Belize jail

John McAfee, founder of the antivirus company that bears his name, says he's being wrongfully persecuted by officials in Belize and that he fears for his life.

McAfee told Wired in a taped interview that he's trying to elude police. Police began searching for McAfee after one of his neighbors was found dead Sunday morning with a bullet wound to the head. Gregory Faull, a contractor and restaurant owner had complained about McAfee's dogs as well as the technologist's armed security guards.

Authorities in Belize say they just to want to question McAfee in connection with … Read more

Update expected today on McAfee search, murder probe

As police in Belize continue to investigate the murder of American businessman Gregory Viant Faull, they have been thwarted in their attempts to question John McAfee, one of the fathers of antivirus software.

Faull, 52, and McAfee were neighbors on Ambergrise Caye, one of the islands off the shore of Belize. Daniel Guerrero, the mayor of San Pedro, the village where they lived, told CNET that police still haven't located McAfee but that he expects authorities to provide a status report on the murder investigation, as well as the search for McAfee, sometime later today.

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