Use CloudShot to send screenshots to Dropbox

Since I started writing content for the How To blog, screenshots have become a staple of my work. Usually their purpose is to show the reader how to perform an action in a more precise way than words can express.

As you may imagine, I have tried a lot of different ways to take and save screenshots. The most basic method, PrtScr (Print Screen), still requires pasting the copied image into an editor and then saving it. While this is great because it is built-in, it makes the process more complex than necessary. Even though none of the screenshot utilities … Read more

Back up new iOS contacts to Dropbox, Google Drive

If This Then That recently launched its iPhone app, bringing with it the ability to interact and use data from your iPhone with a myriad of services.

IFTTT for iPhone allows you to setup your iPhone's Contacts app as a channel. Once set up, you can then have the app perform various functions, all of which are triggered when you add a new contact to your device. One such function is to append your new contact's information to a plain text file on Dropbox, or as another row in a Google Drive spreadsheet. Currently there's no way … Read more

Dropbox buys mobile-app maker Endorse

Dropbox has acquired Endorse, maker of a mobile app that offered cash-back deals to shoppers when they bought products from particular brands. Financial details of the buyout were not disclosed.

Endorse shut down on June 19, telling its users that they had until the end of that month to redeem whatever points balances they had in their accounts and move their "Endorse cash" to their bank accounts.

Founded in 2010, Endorse had raised $4.25 million from SV Angel and Accel Partners and had partnered with brands like Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, and Pepsico, which were interested … Read more

Dropbox features show up in Yahoo Mail, Asana, and more

At its developer conference this week in San Francisco, cloud storage giant Dropbox announced a few new developer tools, called Drop-Ins, that create a link between Dropbox and any app or online service.

The first Drop-Ins are called Saver and Chooser. True to their names, Chooser lets you choose and import your Dropbox files into other apps, and Saver helps you save files directly to Dropbox without downloading them to your hard drive or device.

The news means different things to different people. For iPhone owners who use Dropbox on their phones, this is great news. Previously, there was no … Read more

Review: Back up your data and access it from anywhere with Dropbox for Android

As a free universal cloud service, Dropbox for Android allows the user to automatically upload images, videos, or other data to a remote location for secure storage. This application is universally compatible with all computers, phones, and tablets, which means that users can choose Dropbox as their service regardless of the device they use. All the devices are able to connect to this cloud storage service, save to the same virtual library, and access data at any time.

For users new to this service, Dropbox includes a short setup and registration process. The user interface is very intuitive and it … Read more

Is Dropbox cloud storage too expensive?

As Dropbox hosted its first developer conference on Tuesday, conjuring up images of a future without hard drives and announcing its plans for cloud domination, some users still aren't happy.

Despite people being more or less satisfied with the actual service, many users complain about Dropbox's pricing. It's just too expensive, they say.

CNET performed a cost comparison with Dropbox and some of its main competitors to find out if the cloud storage and synching service is pricier than what else is out there.

CNET looked at similar plans for Google Drive, Microsoft's SkyDrive, Apple's … Read more

Dropbox aims to replace the hard drive altogether

SAN FRANCISCO -- Aiming to replace the hard drive altogether, Dropbox is making moves to expand operating as just a simple cloud storage app to a fully-fledged platform of services.

Introduced at the cloud storage provider's first developer conference on Tuesday morning, the Dropbox Platform was touted by the company's CEO and founder Drew Houston as "a new foundation to solve the problems of sync so you don't have to."

He outlined this includes keeping structured data in sync, working offline, handling conflicts, and working across operating systems.

"Sync is the new save. We'… Read more

Quickly fix Dropbox permissions errors in OS X

Dropbox is one of the more popular cloud-based syncing and storage tools, and offers Mac users a convenient way to transfer files from one system to another, or share files with colleagues. Dropbox can sometimes give you errors, saying that it cannot transfer something because it does not have permission to access some of the files being copied.

If this happens, then it could be because of an improper permissions setup with the Dropbox configuration files in your account, or with the files currently being copied.

If a permissions error such as this occurs, then the first thing that might … Read more

Get the new Dropbox for PC and Mac right now

Dropbox is almost finished wrapping up its work on version 2.1.x (the version you're probably using if you haven't upgraded). Releasing an experimental build allows it to get feedback from early adopters. This new build lets you automatically save screenshots, move files to Dropbox in an easier way, import from iPhoto, and get faster upload and download speeds.

Ready to check out the new version? To download a copy of Dropbox 2.3.12, find the link that matches your OS and install. What's excellent about this method of distribution is that you won't … Read more

Facebook file-transfer app Pipe goes wide Wednesday

Pipe, a peer-to-peer file-sharing app for Facebook along the lines of Dropbox, is set to launch for the public at large Wednesday, creating a simple way for people on the massive social network to share big files that, thus far, Facebook itself hasn't provided.

The Pipe app allows users to simply drag and drop a file for a friend to receive it directly.

"We've worked really hard to make Pipe this simple," Simon Hossell, founder and chief executive of Pipe, said in a statement. "We've made the technology invisible."

The company took its … Read more