Google doodle hails the world's first Facebooker: Rembrandt

Google's doodlers don't just celebrate birthdays of a rounded significance -- such as 50 or 100.

If they feel like celebrating someone's 407th birthday, that's what they're going to do.

Monday, therefore, the hosannas were doodled for a 407-year-old man who wasn't merely a deeply talented artist, but also an early pioneer of the Facebook model.

Rembrandt van Rijn was, to many, one of the world's great painters. But what became fascinating to many scholars, as they began to study more of his work, was how many times he painted himself.

There are … Read more

Review: DoodleToo Lite presents a fun, live drawing platform idea

DoodleToo Lite is designed to connect users in a single chat-style interface to draw with each other on one canvas. The idea is brilliant, but the execution doesn't fully realize the concept at work, resulting in often frustrating combat over canvas space, limited chat options, frequent disconnections, and other issues that hinder what you can actually do here.

After installing DoodleToo Lite, you can load the app and start drawing immediately in the guest lobby where there are almost always at least five or six other users drawing something. Since these are just random users, you can expect the … Read more

Google celebrates Roswell UFO anniversary with Doodle game

Was it an aircraft, weather balloon, or flying saucer piloted by aliens that was spotted crashed near Roswell, N.M., exactly 66 years ago?

It appears Google may be placing its bets on the flying saucer. In a tongue-in-cheek Doodle commemorating the anniversary of Roswell's UFO incident, the Web giant has created a game that involves an alien spaceship wreck.

In 1947, a local claimed to have found the remains of a crashed UFO in field near Roswell. Subsequently, a handful of people also said they witnessed a flying disc hurtling through the night sky in the same area. … Read more

Google's July 4th doodle celebrates dogs, not controversy

July Fourth is the day we celebrate being a true American.

Some will choose to barbecue animals and watch fireworks. Others will hack into their neighbors' wi-fi, just to see who they've been e-mailing lately.

However you choose to spend the Fourth, you have to take one little look at Google's Independence Day doodle.… Read more

Google Doodle celebrates Franz Kafka with a cockroach

Google's latest Doodle is a bit buggy, but not in the usual way.

Displaying a giant hard-working cockroach walking through the door, the Doodle pays tribute to famed German-language author Franz Kafka, who was born on July 3, 1883. The bug refers to one of Kafka's most unusual works, namely "The Metamorphosis," the tale of a traveling salesman who was one day turned into a big bug, typically thought to be a cockroach.

As an English translation of the book puts it: "One morning, when Gregor Samsa awoke from his troubled dreams, he found himself … Read more

Google's Father's Day doodle celebrates dads' multiple roles

Sunday is the day when fathers are celebrated for what they are: bankers.

Well, and stoics, gardeners, philosophers, carpenters, tap dancers, soccer coaches, barbecuers -- and, of course, miserable, grouchy men.

For all these reasons and many more, Google would like you to celebrate the man whose chemicals helped bring you into the world.

In another touching little doodle, you click Google's second "o" and you see in the "l" a compendium of different dads' roles and personalities, as if it's just one day in a dad's life.

Naturally, Google would like to … Read more

Google doodle throws wild rumpus for Maurice Sendak

Let the wild rumpus start!

Beloved children's author and illustrator Maurice Sendak gets the Google doodle treatment today on what would have been his 85th birthday.

Sendak has been a childhood touchstone for generations, rising to widespread acclaim with his 1963 book "Where the Wild Things Are" and continuing to produce work until his death in May 2012.

The doodle following a turning-wheel storyline that starts by taking boyish hero Max through the land of the Wild Things and courses through other familiar settings sprung from Sendak's imagination. The flying boy from "In the Night … Read more

Girl's winning Google Doodle shows her dad home from war

A picture depicting a girl's reunion with her father returning from war has won the top award in a Google Doodle contest.

On display Thursday at Google's home page, "Coming Home" is a simple but powerful piece of art that portrays a young girl holding an American flag and running to reunite with her father. The returning soldier appears. They exchange a glance. And finally they fall into a deep embrace as they treasure their moment together again.

Created by 12th grader Sabrina Brady of Sparta, Wisc., "Coming Home" faced great competition in being crowned the 2013 U.S. Doodle 4 Google national winner. Google received more than 130,000 submissions for the contest, which garnered millions of votes. But in the end, Sabrina's drawing clearly moved the voters.… Read more

Google Doodle honors jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald

Jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald would've been 96 years old on Thursday, prompting Google to commemorate the date with its latest doodle.

Known as the "First Lady of Song" and the "Queen of Jazz," Fitzgerald was born on April 25, 1917, and grew up to become one of the world's most celebrated jazz singers, typically ranked as one of the top three female jazz singers of all time along with Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan. "Lady Ella" sang professionally for more than 50 years, selling more than 40 million albums and winning 13 Grammy awards.… Read more

Google's Earth Day doodle reflects planet's complexity

Google is marking Earth Day 2013 on Monday with what might be its busiest animated doodle yet. In fact, its level of involvement led Google to create a checklist to ensure you don't miss anything.

Highlighting the Earth's complexity on the 43rd Earth Day, the doodle offers a snapshot of the four seasons our fragile planet experiences, as well as some of its flora and fauna.

"Today we are celebrating Earth Day with an interactive doodle that captures a slice of nature's subtle wonders," doodler Leon Hong wrote. "We hope you enjoy discovering animals, … Read more