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How to update the software on the GoPro Hero 3

Using a GoPro to capture your first bungee jump, a skydiving experience, or a 5K race is a fun way to document your experience. With the latest of the GoPro line, the Hero 3, there's a free software update that brings the ability to remotely control your camera using the iOS or Android version of the GoPro app.

Get started with the software update by syncing all photos and videos off of your memory card. Or if you're using a memory card you haven't used with your GoPro yet, take a photo with your GoPro to format … Read more

Take better selfies with CamMe

The smartphone self portrait -- the selfie -- is a part of today's modern world, whether you are using it for a social-media profile picture, want to show your friends yourself in an interesting location or having a particularly good time, or are simply experiencing a vain moment without a friend nearby to snap a shot of you.

Most selfies require you to hold out your phone as far as you can reach to snap the shot. If you'd like to lose the outstretched arm and snap your selfies with an iPhone, I encourage you to try out … Read more

Get creative with Corel Paint It and Painter Lite for only $39.99, a 65% savings

From the weekend Picassos to the accomplished digital Michelangelos, Corel can get you inspired to make some gorgeous digital art with its Paint It and Painter Lite software.

Paint It gives you the ability to add personal touches to any photos. More than a basic filter, Paint It lets you control the creative process with a variety of tools including multiple painting styles, brushes, and realistic effects. Restore details, brighten colors, and add your own special signature. The result is a hand-painted portrait ready for the art gallery. (We can't guarantee this, but it will surely impress your friends … Read more

Apply vintage viewfinder effects with Viewmatic

The makers of the popular Wood Camera app are out with a new iPhone camera app called Viewmatic. It lets you apply vintage viewfinder overlays to your photos, among various filters and effects.

The app costs 99 cents, which provides 10 viewfinder overlays and 10 filters, which Viewmatic calls lenses. You can double down on the number of viewfinders and lenses at your disposal via in-app purchases.

Oddly, for an app that mimics viewfinders, Viewmatic does not let you snap a shot. Instead, you can add photos from your Camera Roll or paste one that you may have copied to … Read more

Easily remove the background from photos with Clipping Magic

Sure, you could mess with Photoshop and its Background Eraser Tool to remove a background from a photo, but what if you don't own a copy of pricey Photoshop? I do own a copy of it but have never mastered it and don't like to use it. I don't even like waiting for it to load. For the Photoshop-less and Photoshop-averse, Web app Clipping Magic is worth a gander.

After navigating your way to Clipping Magic, you can simply drag and drop an image on the site or select a photo via the Choose File button. With … Read more

Locate and eradicate duplicate photos on your Mac

Digital photography is a blessing and a curse. OK, it's more of a blessing than curse. Freed from the cost of purchasing and developing film, digital photographers can take multiple shots of the same scene in an attempt to capture the perfect shot. Unless you dutifully manage your photo library and cull the extra shots from each photo shoot, your library quickly becomes difficult to navigate and your hard drive cluttered. PhotoSweeper for Mac identifies duplicate and similar photos and lets you dump the ones you don't need in the trash. The app costs $9.99 in the … Read more

Make Sony NEX-7 videos more natural

I'm a big fan of Sony's Alpha NEX-7 and NEX-5n mirrorless cameras. They're practically more lens than camera, but both deliver exceptional image quality and advanced features for their small size.

For the past month I've been casually shooting photos and videos on the NEX-7 and scouring the Web for advice on getting the most from this camera. One tip that really changed the way I shoot video is Camera Dojo's advice on matching shutter speed with your camera's frame rate.

In the above video, I'll walk you through the steps to optimize … Read more

Print your photographs in 3D

Step aside, home photo printer! The age of the 3D printer is just beginning. But then what are you supposed to do with all those digital photos sitting on your hard drive?

Well, thanks to Amanda Ghassaei of Instructables -- who showed us how to make a 3D-printed record -- you can try printing them in 3D. Using an Objet500 Connex 3D printer that prints at 600dpi, along with ModelBuilder library and the Processing open-source programming language, Ghassaei converted her photographs into a printable topography.

How do they work?… Read more

Edit like a pro with Zoner Photo Studio 15, now 60 percent off

Update May 9, 2013: This offer has been extended, thanks to the folks over at Zoner!

The full-featured image-editing suite Zoner Photo Studio 15 has a bit of something for everyone, from budding amateurs to eager enthusiasts to professional photographers. Whether you need to retouch a few snapshots or batch edit huge photo collections, ZPS has you covered. Need to organize your entire image gallery? Try Zoner Photo Studio's built-in Manager feature. You can create beautiful panoramas, have fun with high-dynamic range (HDR) imaging, or even develop eye-popping 3D images.

Zoner Photo Studio is easy to pick up without … Read more

Take creative photos with the HTC One

One of my favorite features on the HTC One is its camera. Beyond the picture quality, which is great, HTC really went the extra mile to pack in a bunch of cool software extras.

Two of these extras that really caught my eye are called Sequence Shot and Zoe, and you can see them in action in the above video.

Using the Sequence Shot feature allows you to composite multiple images into one picture. The trick to this one is to hold still and fire off a bunch of snapshots by holding down the camera button. This will create a … Read more