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Office² HD 4.0 adds PowerPoint support, mostly

Office², the app that lets you view and edit Microsoft Office Documents, has just today announced support for PowerPoint Presentations with version 4.0, making it a good way to take your Microsoft work with you on your iPad, but it has one major limitation.

It's no secret that when Apple's first iPad hit stores, working people wondered if they could get rid of their laptops and use the touch screen for business and productivity purposes. Apple offered up solid, but abbreviated versions of their own iWork suite (with some Microsoft compatibility), but many users' companies relied … Read more

JotNot for iPhone takes on mobile scanning

We first learned about the free JotNot Scanner for iPhone (and the 99-cent JotNot Scanner Pro) from a lawyer who uses the app daily to scan and send documents to colleagues. We immediately saw the app's potential for also sending along easy-to-read receipts, photos of whiteboards, and scans of other documents--whether for work or for daily life. Since the JotNot family of apps strips away photographic artifacts like shadows and other noise, it tends to focus on the text for clear comprehension. Other tools help keep scans looking straight and clean.

Chocolate bathroom? Translation tools for travel

We had only been in Buenos Aires for a few hours last month when my wife and I realized that our Spanish-English dictionary and Latin America phrasebook were still sitting on a bookshelf back at home. "Not cool," my wife said simply.

So I made a trip to El Ateneo, one of the biggest and certainly most beautiful bookstores south of the Panama Canal and picked up the only paperback dictionary in the house--a thick, clunky volume with a neon orange cover meant for speakers of Mexican Spanish, which is quite different from the Argentine dialect.

After a few times stopping in the middle of a crowd to pull out the big, glowing book, I became worried that I might inadvertently start directing traffic; I quickly retired the dead-tree translation method and started looking for a less conspicuous, digital solution. I found three top contenders, each with their own pros and cons. Here's the rundown. … Read more

Xobni Gadget Store offers add-ons for your add-on

Xobni, the popular and highly rated plugin for Microsoft Outlook has today announced the Xobni Gadget Platform and Store, which offers apps that add on to your add-on. With close to 20 big-name partners, including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Translate, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and so on, Xobni hopes to boost your productivity by souping up your Outlook inbox to yet another level.

To give you an idea of some of the platform's possibilities, the Evernote gadget puts the popular note-taking service's functionality into the Xobni sidebar. With it, you can view and take personal notes on a contact right from … Read more

Evernote gets major Android update

As an avid Evernote user, I've really enjoyed watching both the service and its Android application evolve. That's why I was pleased today when I learned that the latest update would add security options, a new widget, and shared notebooks.

Likely to be the most welcome feature is the new ability to collaborate on notebooks using an Android phone or tablet. Mobile users now can search shared notebooks from other Evernote customers directly from their device, with full editing and sync capabilities. The person sharing the notebook must be a Premium subscriber to use the editing feature, but … Read more

Microsoft opens up Office 365 as public beta

Microsoft has opened the tap on its cloud-based Office 365 and is now offering the service as a public beta for anyone to try out.

Available in 38 countries and in 17 languages, the new beta follows several months of limited testing among a couple thousand businesses that were able to kick the tires on the service. After the public beta, Office 365 will officially launch later this year.

Unveiled last October, Office 365 is Microsoft's attempt to offer businesses a cloud-based alternative to some of its traditional desktop and server products. The service combines Office Web Apps with … Read more

Microsoft fixes IE, SMB bugs in big Patch Tuesday

Microsoft today urged customers to apply fixes for holes in Internet Explorer, including one being exploited in attacks, and for vulnerabilities in Windows Server Message Block (SMB) client and server software as part of a whopping Patch Tuesday.

The company released 17 bulletins resolving 64 vulnerabilities, nine of them rated "critical" and eight rated "important." However, 30 of the vulnerabilities are addressed by one bulletin, a kernel update that is rated "important," that was discovered by one researcher.

First priority is MS11-018, a cumulative security update for IE that is rated critical for IE6, … Read more

Microsoft to release Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 next Wednesday

Bumping up security, stability, and adding a few new features, Microsoft's Mac Team announced on their blog today that the first major update for Office for Mac 2011, dubbed Service Pack 1, will be available for download next Wednesday. The major new feature will enable syncing from Microsoft's Outlook to Apple's Sync Services.

Calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks will all be available for syncing to any Apple device, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods. One limitation to be aware of, according to the announcement on the Microsoft Mac Team blog:

"MobileMe will no longer sync with MacOS … Read more

Adobe fixes critical Flash Player bug affecting Reader

Adobe today released a fix for a critical vulnerability in Flash Player that affects Adobe Reader and Acrobat and which reportedly has been exploited in attacks via Flash files embedded in Excel files distributed via e-mail.

The vulnerability, reported last week, could allow an attacker to crash a system or take control of it. Adobe is not aware of attacks targeting Adobe Reader and Acrobat, the company said, also noting that Adobe Reader X Protected Mode, a sandboxing technique, prevents an exploit of this type from executing.

The bug has been identified in Adobe Flash Player … Read more

IE9 arrives, but not for XP

Microsoft has taken the training wheels off of Internet Explorer 9, debuting a full-featured browser that has proven to be the fastest, most standards-compliant IE version yet. There's a catch, though: IE 9's not for Windows XP. You'll need Windows 7 or Vista if you want this browser.

And if you're a Microsoft Outlook user prone to rash e-mailing, you might want to check out ToneCheck from Lymbix. This e-mail sentiment analysis app monitors your e-mail's composing window for potential errors of tone, just as spell-check scans for errors of spelling or grammar.

Finally, for … Read more